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9 easy ways to support your partner during her period

There’s a joke circling around the Internet, and this is how it goes – ‘Feed a cold. Starve a fever. Give PMS anything it wants.’

Anyone who’s been in a close relationship with a woman will have some idea about this. A woman’s period is a monthly occurrence that’s a sign of a healthy body, but most men might agree that their mental health is at risk!! It is not easy for a man to empathize with a woman during her period, since he has never had any firsthand experience of the same and never will. And women know that, so fake words of support are just that – fake and will rub your woman the wrong way.

What happens to a woman when she’s menstruating? Besides the bleeding and the resultant mess, a woman also has to deal with bloating in the abdomen, breast tenderness, headache, fatigue, cramps and acne, along with emotional symptoms like stress, anxiety, mood swings, and heightened emotional sensitivity. These can appear in varying degrees in women, and some might not display the same symptoms every month. This unpredictability in a woman’s hormones can drive her man to the edge, since he ends up dealing with his woman’s irritability without being able to help.

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Well, now you needn’t worry about it. Without sounding like a fake, there are ways you can support your partner when she’s on her period. Here are some easy ways to get into her good books.

1. Be informed

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If you didn’t pay attention in biology class and aren’t really sure about what is happening in your partner’s body, then getting informed about it is the first step. A woman’s period is a part of the human reproductive cycle, which makes it your problem too. The more you know about it, the more you’ll be able to understand your partner’s seemingly illogical demands.

2.  Avoid triggers

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Most men dread a woman’s mood during her period. Her heightened sensitivity may make her burst into tears at the smallest thing or make her unreasonably angry. What you can do is to avoid controversial topics and discussions during those few days. And try to take a little extra care of things that tend to irritate her, like leaving the toilet seat up, for instance.

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3. Keep emergency supplies

No, we’re not talking about feminine hygiene products, your partner will probably take care of them herself. Get her things that’ll make her extra comfortable – medication for cramps, a hot water bottle or an extra pillow – whatever you think will make your partner feel better.

4. Get her comfort food

man bringing a woman breakfast in bed

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Most women crave chocolate at this time, so it makes sense to keep some handy. But if she’s not too fond of chocolate, make sure you have access to her comfort food, whether it’s macaroni and cheese or ice cream. If you can’t make it at home, get takeaway – your partner will appreciate the trouble you’re taking for her sake.

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5. Plan carefully

You might be dying to catch the latest flick at the cinema, but your partner is in no mood to go out. Insisting that you go in such a scenario will only backfire and is insensitive to her discomfort. In order to avoid disappointment yourself, avoid making elaborate plans during her period, so cancelling them isn’t a big deal.

6. Give her a back rub

man rubbing a woman's back

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Many women claim that a nice back rub feels very good when they’re having menstrual cramps. Get a sweet smelling and relaxing essential oil like lavender, and use it to give your partner a gentle back rub. Focus on the lower back, since this is where the pain is likely to be.

7. Help with errands

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Housework is the last thing on the mind of a woman having a period, when all she wants to do is lie down. Don’t wait for her to ask – take over some household chores as well as outside errands like buying the groceries. She’ll have her rest, the work will get done, and you’ll score some major brownie points!

8. Don’t joke

Some men have a tendency to belittle a woman’s discomfort and pain during her periods. Some might try to make the situation seem less serious than it is by cracking inane jokes about it. Whatever your reason may be, PMS jokes are highly unlikely to induce any laughs in your partner.

9. Consider her health

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Keep an eye out for your partner’s health – if she’s complaining of too much bleeding or pain than she usually does, there’s probably something wrong and it’s best to visit the gynecologist. Help her stay healthy, but you don’t have to force her on to the treadmill when she doesn’t feel like it. Along with comfort food, give her something healthy that she’ll enjoy, like a banana. Then take her for a light stroll outside, walking hand in hand. Research shows that regular activity can ease the symptoms of PMS.

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Now that you’ve read all this, you’re probably feeling like an expert on dealing with menstruation. But it’s best to keep that little bit of trivia to yourself; no woman likes an insufferable know-it-all! Understand your partner’s mood and leave her alone if that’s what she wants, but let her know that you are available in case she needs anything.

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9 easy ways to support your partner during her period
Men either joke about a woman having PMS or know nothing about the biological process. Here are 9 simple ways to support your partner during menstruation.
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Fabida Abdulla

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