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8 Natural Treatments To Heal Chigger Bites So That You Can Go To Woods Without Fear!

What are chiggers?

Chiggers or berry bugs are red mites that are a part of the arachnid family. They are tiny and red, and are also known as harvest mites. Here are 8 home remedies for chiggers that will help you treat yourself, if and when, bitten by chiggers.

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Usually, these berry bugs are found in fields that are grassy. They inhabit areas that are moist, for example, the fields near lakes or those near streams. Berry bugs have tiny claws which they use to cling on tightly to the skins of people as well as animals.

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With naked eyes, it is almost impossible to spot these bites coz they are really tiny. You need to use a magnifying glass to see these pesky creatures and to avoid getting bitten.

Symptoms of chigger bites

Chiggers are difficult to spot, and it is only after you have been bitten by them do you realize there are on your skin. The symptoms associated with chigger bites will help you gather their presence. But the problem is, these symptoms only appear after a few hours.

The most common symptoms linked to chigger bites are,

  • Severe itching
  • Rashes
  • Blisters
  • Swelling
  • Red bulges on your skin

Chigger bites are not very harmful, but they are undoubtedly uncomfortable. The bites will disrupt your sleep and ruin the health of the skin around the affected area.

The riskiest areas when it comes to chigger bites are the waist line, the skin around the ankles and the skin folds.

Chigger bites, generally, take 2 to 3 weeks to heal, but you can quicken the process with the help of these natural treatments that we are about to discuss with you. Apart from trying these remedies, you also need to stop scratching the area, as it might aggravate the inflammation and swelling.

If despite trying these treatments the itching does not stop, or if you develop an infection because of the scratching, then you must consult the doctor immediately.

Home remedies for chiggers

Here are the 8 best natural remedies that you can try to heal chigger bites.

1. Hot Shower

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The first remedy you should try to get instant relief is standing under a hot shower. Once you realize that you have been bitten by chiggers, that is, once you start noticing the symptoms associated with chigger bites, then you need to go for a hot shower.

Hot showers are effective against chigger bites because they cause the chiggers on the skin to fall off. This will, automatically lower the chances of your skin developing an infection or reactions from these chigger bites.

While you shower yourself, use an antiseptic soap that is mild on the skin. Use the soap to gently rub on the affected areas. Now rinse out and pat yourself dry using a soft and clean towel. Make sure not to rub as that might ruin the skin situation.

You can now apply some olive oil on your skin to moisturize it.

Make sure not to shower yourself in very hot water. It should be comfortably warm. Also, wash the infested clothes with hot water to get rid of the chiggers on them.

2. Vicks vaporub

The next remedy on our list of natural treatments for chigger bites is Vicks vaporub.

You will find a jar of this vaporub in any medicine store. It contains menthol which cools the skin, thus soothing the itchy sensation. It numbs the itch receptors of our skin, lowering our urge to scratch. This automatically lessens our chances of developing blisters.

For this remedy all you need to do is add a pinch of salt to some Vicks vaporub and mix them. Now apply the mix on the skin that is affected.

You should repeat the treatment in case of inflammation or swelling.

3. Cold Compresses

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Cold compress is another great natural way of getting relief from chigger bites. It also helps against the signs associated with chigger bites, such as inflammation, itchiness and swelling.

For this remedy, you will need some ice cubes and wrap these in a clean piece of thin cloth. Use this wrap to compress the skin affected by the bites. Do this for about 10 minutes and then take a break. You should repeat the process whenever you feel an itchy sensation.

Do not apply the ice directly on your skin as it can cause frost bites.

You can also soak the affected skin in cool water. This will give you instant relief from the pain.

4. Baking Soda

The next remedy on our list is baking soda. It reduces rashes and alleviates itchiness. A natural acid, baking soda balances the pH levels of the skin, thus lowering the itchy sensation.

Baking soda is also beneficial when it comes to avoiding the risk of a skin infection.

While drawing yourself a bath, add a cup of baking soda to the water. Now soak yourself in this water for about 15 to 20 minutes. You should then pat yourself dry with a clean and soft towel.

This treatment should be done once every day until the itching subsides.

DO NOT use baking soda on open wounds.

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5. Oatmeal


Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License

Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin that is inflamed or irritated. The itch caused by the bites are instantly relieved by oatmeal and it also heals other symptoms that are generally associated with chigger bites.

Use colloidal oatmeal for this remedy as it is ground into fine powder.

To your bath water add a cup of colloidal oatmeal. Now stir properly until the oatmeal gas distributed evenly. Soak yourself in this water for 20 to 30 minutes. Pat yourself dry.

Depending on how severe the bites are, repeat this treatment three to four times a day.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Next remedy on our list is apple cider vinegar, an antiseptic, anti-itching natural product that heals chigger bites in no time.

To your bath water, add 2 full cups of raw apple cider vinegar. Now soak yourself in it for 15 to 20 minutes. At your skin dry. Repeat the treatment once a day. You should apply a moisturizer immediately after patting your skin dry to prevent dryness of skin.

7. Aloe Vera

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The seventh remedy on our list of home remedies to heal chigger bites is aloe vera. Aloe vera soothes the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces swelling and inflammation, which are common symptoms associated with chigger bites.

Aloe vera contains vitamin E, which keeps the skin moisturized, thus averting itchiness.

For this treatment, first extract aloe vera gel from a leaf of aloe vera. Apply the gel onto the affected skin and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now wash out with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry. DO NOT rub the skin.

You should do this treatment twice a day or even thrice if the itching is severe.

Alternatively, you can add some drops of essential peppermint oil and pure olive oil to a half a cup of aloe vera gel. Mix the constituents and apply on to the affected skin. Leave the mask on for about half an hour and then wash with lukewarm water. You should repeat this treatment thrice a day for the desired results.

8. Indian Lilac

Last up on this list is Indian lilac or neem which help against discomfort caused by chigger bites. Neem is anti-inflammatory which stops the itchiness and the irritation that the skin feels after being bitten by chiggers. It also prevents chances of an infection.

In 3 cups of water add a handful of neem leaves and let it boil for 15 minutes on simmer. Strain this neem solution, and once it is cool, wash the affected skin with it.

You can even get yourself a neem-based lotion and apply on the affected skin. For instant relief.

Additional Tips

  • The prime time for chigger bites is in the summers and the autumn season. So be extra careful during this time and take precautions if you need to visit the woods.
  • If you are going for a hike any time soon, you should avoid brushing your skin against foliage.
  • When in the woods, always cover yourself fully. Wear long sleeve tops and long bottoms.
  • Apply Odomos or any other mosquito repellEnt on your skin every time before leaving the house.
  • If you are bitten by chiggers, then regardless of the urge to scratch DO NOT, as it can cause infection.

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That’s a wrap on home remedies for chiggers.

Did you find the post useful? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any queries regarding a specific condition and the home remedies that can be used to treat it, then please leave those questions in the comments. Our experts will get back to you immediately.

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See you again tomorrow!

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Here are 8 home remedies for chiggers that will help you treat yourself if and when bitten by chiggers.
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