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The Interior Color Trends 2019 Are Here For You To Splurge On!

Ask any interior expert what’s the most important part of décor, and you would get the same answer – a room’s color palette. After all, with the right colors, we can redefine an entire space effortlessly. Therefore, every shade should be picked after a thoughtful process. You should consider the lighting in the room, its application, the floor plan, and numerous other things while picking a palette. Apart from that, you can also know the interior color trends 2019 to know what’s in and what’s out.

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This year, it is all about more natural and earthy shades that are neither too modern nor extremely low-key. If you are also planning to pick new colors for your space, then read on and get to know the latest trends in the industry.

  1. Pewter

We are going to start with something neutral yet attractive that you pick for almost any room. Pewter is the kind of gray-beige mixed shade that will impart an everlasting appeal to your space. It would be a perfect alternative to white or beige walls, as they appear too dull in the long run. At the same time, dark gray would be too bold of a choice. Therefore, why not pick something in between that would look gorgeous in every season.

  1. Muted Pastels

Pastel shades are making a major comeback this season in the form of a more subtle “muted” tone. You can pick a muted pastel shade of purple, lavender, green, yellow, or even blue. One of the best things about these pastel shades is that they are gender neutral and will go flawlessly in living spaces and even bedrooms. Though, you can also paint a kitchen or bathroom wall with a muted pastel shade as well.

  1. Hunter Green

While dark green has dominated the interior trends in the late 90s, it was gradually replaced by blues and pastels. This year, we are witnessing a drastic shift as more people are picking the shades of green for their home. Though, instead of dark or bright green, a gray-toned green shade (hunter green) is stealing the show. The shade is also known as “night watch” and is mostly recommended for places that already have good natural light. A little sunshine would go well with the color and make it look warmer than it already is.

  1. Dusty Terracotta

If you are looking for interior color trends 2019 related to furniture or accessories, then you should try this one. While it is not recommended to pick this subtle shade for walls, you should consider getting a couch, rug, curtains, or just pillows in terracotta. It would impart a more natural and earthy appeal to your home for sure. With just a little accent of dusty terracotta, you can make your space more vibrant.

  1. Tinted Gray

There was a time when charcoal gray was dominating the interior trends due to its neutral appeal. Although, it still has its charm, people like to add a tone of different shade with a base of gray. You can give a tone of maroon, blue, or green to the usual gray base and give it a deeper layer. In this way, the shade would have a character and a layered toned that will definitely be noticed by everyone else.

  1. Pale Yellow

If you don’t want to go with a darker tone like hunter green or tinted gray, then consider exploring this shade. Pale yellow isn’t too bright like sunny yellow and neither is it on the darker shade like mustard. Therefore, it will give your room a more vibrant appeal while making it look bigger at the same time. The shade would look great with wood and metal accents as well, letting you impart a more personal appeal to the space.

  1. Lavender

Lavender has always been one of the first choices of interior experts for years and 2019 is no such exception. Though, it has gradually shifted from a purple tone to a more dusty shade of lavender. Mostly, lavender is recommended for kitchen, dining, or living area since they are more open. If you want, you can get lavender accessories or furniture as well to make your home’s décor more welcoming.

  1. Hazelnut

The undertone creamy shade of hazelnut is extremely inviting and has been in the trends for a while now. One of the best things about the shade is that it can go flawlessly with numerous other tones as well. Therefore, if you want, you can get darker, lighter, or even contrasting furniture without any hassle. It would be the perfect canvas for all kinds of other shades that you can easily explore.

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  1. Denim Blue

There is just something really exciting and nostalgic about denim blue that makes it our pick. The color has always been an obvious choice for a kid’s bedroom, but it is gradually evolving to be a more mature shade. You can consider it for your kitchen or any other open space. Denim blue is all about positivity and its addition to your space will certainly change its vibe for the good.

  1. Mushroom

If you think that hazelnut or beige are being too mainstream, then explore this understated shade a little. Mushroom ideally falls in the brown side of the palette, but has more gray than beige. This makes the shade ideal for couches, coffee tables, curtains, and other pieces of furniture. If you want, you can even paint one wall in mushroom and the other ones in beige to give your space a more mature and layered look.

  1. Coral Blends

Coral shades are known for their energizing and fun appeal, making them one of the most vibrant choices from the entire palette. If you are planning to paint your kid’s room, then you should certainly explore shades like coral green, pink, or orange. You can also mix and match things a little by including a more vanilla shade like beige or pastel green with it. If you want, you can get some coral blended accessories as well and make your space pop out.

  1. Woodland

This is one of the more natural and grounded shades that you would love to include in your home. Woodland is literally the shade of the roots and the barks, having a textured layer to it. It is a bit similar to mushroom gray with a tone of fern and green as well. The shade will go well with other neutral tones and accessories as well.

  1. Pale Pink

Over the last few years, different shades of pink have been dominating the interior trends. While 2017 was about dusty pink and the last year was more focused on millennial pink, 2019 saw pale pink in the trends. This is a lighter shade of pink, with a whole lot of white. If you are planning to go for a monochromatic look, then you should certainly consider pale pink. Not only will it be a perfect canvas for other things, it will also be soothing to your eyes as well.

  1. Hale Navy

Hale navy is a treat for all those people who are in love with saturated shades. It lies on one of the darker ends of the navy and is mostly picked for more personal spaces like bedrooms. If you want a wall to stand out, then you can consider painting it in hale navy. This will also let you design the whole room in lighter shades like denim blue or cream as well.

  1. Pool Aqua

Pool aqua is literally the opposite of navy and is mostly picked due to its young and vibrant appeal. Although instead of painting a whole wall in aqua, you can simply give its accent to your place. For instance, you can get a chair or a piece of art in the pool aqua shade. Some people even paint a layer of aqua on a wall to make it stand out.

  1. Citrus

Just like aqua, citrus shades can also elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of a room seamlessly. From a flower vase to a wall clock, there are so many décor items that you can consider getting in a citrus shade. The palette mostly includes citrus yellow, orange, and green that you can further explore.

  1. Berry Red

This is one of the major interior color trends 2019 that you should not miss out on. Instead of going with a more vibrant shade of red, you can make this bolder choice. Some people even mix metallic accents with berry red as they go perfectly together. The shade is not only understated, but will give a more rustic appeal to your space too.

  1. Almost White

We were saving one of the most popular color trends of the year for the last. Needless to say, it is a timeless shade that truly never goes out of style. This year, a more mature shade of white is in the trend – which is known as “almost white”. You can just mix a slight tint of your favorite shade while keeping a white base. Mostly, cream and pastel shades are recommended due to their subtle touch.

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I’m sure that after getting to know about the latest color trends of 2019, you would be able to pick your preferred options. Feel free to experiment a little to further customize these shades. Also, consider your own preferences and the kind of appeal you wish to impart to the room while picking a shade. It can be the easiest and the most exciting part of decorating a space that you would certainly enjoy.

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The Interior Color Trends 2019 Are Here For You To Splurge On!
In today's post, find out about the interior color trends 2019 to know what’s in and what’s out to decorate your home better and brighter!
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