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Don’t Miss Out On These Home Interior Trends 2019

Your home is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your life. Not only does it reflect your personality, it also makes your soul calm. There is a reason why most of us make an extra effort to give our home the best appeal. If you also have the same thing in mind, then you should get to know about the latest home interior trends 2019 as well. By getting to know about the latest trends, you can make sure your space stands out from the rest. Without much ado, let’s get to know what’s in and what’s not related to home décor in 2019.

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  1. More natural and earthy elements

In the last few years, the use of more organic and natural elements in décor has increased and 2019 is no such exception. This year has seen a massive increase in the use of natural items that impart a more earthy appeal to our home. From the use of natural fabrics to organic accessories, the sky is the limit here. The best thing about the trend is that not only it looks good, but it also encourages us to make more environmentally-friendly choices.

  1. Include metal accents

While the last year was more about wooden décor, 2019 has seen a vital shift towards metal accents. You can either pick a piece with metal accents or include an entire metal work in your place as well. Instead of going with an obvious rose gold, pick a more rustic shade. These days, most of the people look for copper toned metal pieces that give our space a more mature look.

  1. Go floral!

Floral patterns are making a comeback this year and you should certainly make the most of this wave. If you want, you can include a floral backdrop on your favorite wall or pick some floral wallpaper as well. Apart from that, you can buy bed sheets or curtains with an accent of floral design. There is also no harm in buying a vase and including real (or artificial) flowers in your décor. Trust me – it will certainly light up the room!

  1. Expand your color palette

If you want to make bolder choices with the color palette of your home, then 2019 would be the right time. It is all about mixing different shades together and not sticking to the usual tones. Think outside the two-toned palette that has been done and dusted a while back. Feel free to include three or even four shades in a single room. Get contrasting furniture or buy a colorful signature piece that would steal the show.

  1. More brass in the bath

For a long time, bathroom décor was all about stainless steel, which gradually shifted to nickel recently. Though, if you want to make the most of the home interior trends 2019, then consider including brass accents in your bath. For instance, you can go with brass accessories and fixing in your bath and let them stay uncovered. Just be sure that you get brass items from a reputed place so that it would retain its natural luster for the years to come.

  1. Tonal reds and millennial pinks

Say goodbye to the same old blue and gray shades that dominated the home interior trends the last year. This year, it is all about fierce shades like brick red or millennial pink. Even if you don’t like to paint an entire wall red, you can consider including at least something red in your home. It can be a cozy red couch or millennial pink curtains. You can also consider mixing different shades of red together as well.

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  1. Symmetric patterns

This year, you are going to see a lot of patterns in décor stores. The trend started with all kinds of wallpapers that featured a symmetric pattern. It gradually picked up into tons of other accessories and even furniture as well. If you are not a fan of floral patterns, then this would be a lifesaver for you in 2019.

  1. Bucket sinks

Vintage trends are making a massive comeback this year – and one of them is huge bucket sinks. If you have the space and the budget for it, then consider getting a bucket sink for your home as well. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, they have an amazing utility too. They will remind you of your childhood and would certainly be noticed by your guests.

  1. Antique lighting

This is another vintage trend that has been around for a while and is only going to rise in 2019 too. Even if you have modern décor in your home, you can include vintage lighting to mix it up a little. From metal to wooden designs, there are all kinds of options out there that you can pick. You can go to antique houses, auctions, flea market, and even garage sales to buy vintage pieces and later repurpose them into something else.

  1. It’s all about matte!

The matte finish never goes out of style and 2019 has only proved it right. It doesn’t matter if you plan to paint your bedroom wall or would like to get a new cabinet, consider going with a matte finish. Although gloss finish has its own charm, it can sometimes be overwhelming or all over the place. Therefore, you can go with a matte finish as it will make the décor look understated and timeless for sure. A lot of designers are coming up with contrasting furniture in a matte finish that you can also consider buying.

  1. Black and white

This timeless combination never really left the trends, but 2019 has certainly been a generous year for it. Instead of coloring their walls or wardrobes with these contrasting shades, designers are more focused on furniture and accessories. For instance, you can consider getting black couches and white carpets (or vice versa) this year. This will give your space a more refined and mature look that can be sustained for a long time.

  1. Canopy beds

When we say canopy beds, we don’t mean those antique beds that are way too cumbersome and requires a whole lot of maintenance. The latest designs have brought a more modern twist to canopy beds. Most of the clients these days look for minimalist canopy beds made of wood or metal. In this way, they can accessorize the bed the way they like without any trouble. Needless to say, it will elevate the overall visual appeal of your bedroom instantly.

  1. Bolder wallpaper (and art)

If you want to get your décor noticed this year, then make sure that you make bolder choices. Some of the latest home interior trends 2019 are about signature wallpapers. Instead of going with simple wallpaper that usually goes unnoticed in a room, pick more dramatic choices. Agate, mineral design, and 3D wallpapers are also trending these days that you can explore.

At the same time, consider adding more signature pieces of art to your home. You can make your own art or buy some amazing pieces at an affordable price. You can explore online stores and the local shops to look for the kind of art that would speak to your home and its décor.

  1. Contrasting countertops

Kitchen countertops are too often ignored by us while designing our space. Don’t make the rookie mistake and get some striking countertops this season. We recommend getting contrasting countertops that would automatically stand out. For instance, if you are going with white or lighter kitchen cabinets, then consider getting a black countertop. This will make sure that your kitchen won’t look dull and would be noticed by everyone.

  1. High ceilings

High and double high ceilings can make even a dull space look more interesting. After all, there are so many things that we can do with high ceilings. You can consider installing wooden partitions or even paint the ceiling in a different color. If you want, you can also install false or dropped ceiling as well to give your space more character.

  1. Mixed furniture

This might be the last suggestion on our list, but it is certainly the most prominent décor trend of 2019. Instead of going with a uniform looking or standard furniture, consider mixing things a little. You can get different kinds of couches or chairs together to make your living space lively. This will also help you save a lot while redesigning your décor. Though, while doing so, be sure that you won’t make the space congested or tacky.

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After getting to know about the latest home interior trends, you would certainly be able to give a new life to your space. From bath to kitchen and bedroom to living space, we have come up with suggestions for every room in your home. Go ahead and feel free to explore these latest trends in detail. Also, if you know about any new trend in home décor, then share it with our readers as well in the comments below.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Don't Miss Out On These Home Interior Trends 2019
If you also have the same thing in mind, then you should get to know about the latest home interior trends 2019 as well.
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