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Hair Color Trends 2019 Are Here, How Many Have You Tried?

The seasons have changed, the leaves have turned their colors, and now it is time for you to do so as well! This year has some exciting trends that you can try out, and help you get a new look for the new season.

When you think of changing your hair color, there are so many different ideas which may pop into your head. Some of these ideas may be bold while some mark a subtle change. If you cannot decide which type of look you should go for, then let us help you out! We have curated a list of the hair trends that have become popular so far.

The hair color trends 2019!

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 If you are keen on fashion and keep your eyes peeled for the red carpet looks, then some of the following hair color trends 2019 may be quite familiar to you. More often than not, models on the runway and celebrities on the red carpet set the trends that the rest follow for the most part of the year. Their fashion hits, as well as misses, are captured for all the world to see and find out what to do and what not to do. It is a great way to see what changes work with what type of hair and skin tone because these celebrities are not afraid to ty even the most dramatic looks.

We looked to some runway fashion shows, and some red carpet appearances, and drew our inspirations form some unforgettable looks. So, without further ado, here are the hair trends of 2019 that you can dip your toes into!

  1. Solid Brunette

While last year everyone seemed to be getting into balayage, this year is more about embracing your natural roots. Several actresses have embraced their brunette hair, and have switched back from their blonde dye to go for an all-natural look (even Niall Horan’s done it in the past year!) such as Charlize Theron, who made quite the splash during the Oscars of 2019 when she graced the red carpet with her chocolate locks, Emilia Clark and even Natalie Portman. Warm hues are becoming quite popular, and the chances are that you will see more of them in the red carpet, whether it is due to actors going back to their natural roots, or having a uniform hue that model Taylor Hill sports. The fad of having highlights is slowly dying down, and it will be more common to see a uniform color of the hair with single and double process colors that help in enhancing the beauty of the uniform hue.

  1. Baby Blonde

2019 will mark a departure from the stark white blonde hair color to a baby blonde as sported by Mile Cyrus. White blonde hair or ashy and cool toned hair require a lot of maintenance which some people just do not have the time for. However, if you do not want to say goodbye to your blonde hair altogether, you can give the baby blonde color a try It is a warmer blonde which has strawberry undertones but does not appear orange, rather it appears golden if you want to give yourself a glow up there is no better way to d it. It helps your hair appear highlighted, without you needing to spend extra effort in actually highlight in your hair. Warm-blonde has not ashy tines. Hence, it reflects light and helps your hair appear shiny, smooth and sleek. Try on this hair color if you want something that is low maintenance and makes you look like you have spent a lot of time partying under the sun! The hair color trends 2019 are more about embracing the warmer colors during the summer.

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  1. Silver

Silver hair color was a big trend towards the end of 2018, and it looks like it will carry over its popularity into 2019 as well. There are so many silver hair color ideas to choose from, and you can experiment with it in many ways. Silver hair with dark roots creates a contrast effect which proves to be quite striking, just take a look at Winne Harlow, whose platinum hair with dark roots create a stunning effect. You can go all out by making sure every inch of your hair is silver for an ethereal look, or even opt for silver hair color with charcoal hues. Overall, you can embrace brighter and bolder colors to stand out as an ultimate hair icon in 2019.

  1. White-Blonde Highlights

Help your blonde hair get a fresh look with the help of baby-blonde highlights. They help your blonde hair appear brighter and sun-kissed. For thin hair, baby-lights are more popular. That is, thin highlights throughout the hair so that they blend in the with the rest. It helps you to revamp your look without much of a drastic change, So if you are looking for a change, but do not want to delve too deep into trying on new looks, this may be the perfect fit for you! Model Karlie Kloss has embraced this style, and her blonde hair now appears even brighter, and effortless amps up her appearance. White-blonde bab-lights are even suited for those with dirty blonde hair. With baby-lights, the highlighted hair is able to blend in more, and not stand out in stark contrast, and hence you get a brighter and confident appearance. However, with blonde hair, it is important to make sure that you take some steps to maintain your hair. You need to not only provide it with more nourishment so that your hair does not become rough and dry, but also so that you are able to maintain the beautiful color.

  1. Pony Lights

A lot of the hair trends 2019 embrace the natural roots, and more of a uniform color. Instead of an ombre pony lights are now gaining more popularity. Pony Lights help in brightening up the neck and face area. They help you nail that “beachy” look, but aren’t quite as dramatic. Actress Chrissy Teigen looks stunning with her Pony Lights; it is easy to see how Pony Lights create an effect that is almost halo-like! Pony lights can be versatile and depending on whether you want a dramatic look or more of a natural look, you can opt for a suitable color of your choice. Jennifer Lopez has nailed the natural look, with pony lights that are just a few shades lighter than her natural hair roots. This hair color is suited for any type of hair as well as texture and looks stunning on curls as well, look at Beyoncé, for example, who curls appear brighter with the help of pony lights. It is important, however, for you to ensure that you take steps to maintain the beauty of the color. Prevent your hair color from turning brassy with the help of nourishing hair products such as the Moroccan Hair Oil spray that Chrissy Teigen prefers to help maintain the freshness of her hair!

  1. Copper Penny

Copper highlights are brightening for the skin and flattering for brunettes. With lighter highlights around the face, it can really highlight your complexion, and the copper or golden highlights on your hair will help your complexion glow. The penny highlights appear even more gorgeous on curly hair, and they glimmer under the lights to help highlight its glossiness.

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  1. Bold Pink

It is time to move on from the pastels into the realm of bold pinks. Bright colors are the best for the summer, as well as springtime. Model Simona Kust embraced the bold pink hair color during the fashion show for Yves Saint Laurent 2019 fall show held in Paris. She stole the limelight with her bold hair color, and all eyes were definitely on her brightly colored hair strands. Feel like a bright pink is too bold for you? Then you can go for a muted pink color. The hair color resembles a strawberry daiquiri and suits almost everyone. This hair color is a great way for you to experiment with different colors as it washes out easily, without affecting the blonde hair color beneath.

As is obvious from the list, the hair trends in 2019 are more about embracing a natural look, rather than creating a look that is bold in an unexpected way. Hair color trends of 2019 are about making your hair brighter, and elevating your appearance by highlighting different parts of your face.

Even the bold pinks and oranges will not look out of place during the summer, but would rather be a way to accentuate the bright colors that become a staple part of your wardrobe during the summer, as well as the freshness of springtime.

With bold and bright colors, however, it is vital to maintain the color, to prevent it from turning into an unflattering shape. But, if you are not a fan of hairstyles that are high maintenance, you still have a lot of options to choose from and yet look trendy!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

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Hair Color Trends 2019 Are Here, How Many Have You Tried?
If you are keen on fashion and keep your eyes peeled for the red carpet looks, then some of the following hair color trends 2019 may be quite familiar to you.
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