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9 Home Remedies For Sensitive Teeth That Actually Work

Who hasn’t complained of sensitive teeth? Unless you have spent your entire life brushing and flossing twice a day, then you have most likely faced a number of tooth-related problems, including sensitive teeth. Lucky for you, today we are discussing the home remedies for sensitive teeth, which are completely natural, and are designed to save you a trip to the dentists’.

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You know you have sensitive teeth when you are unable to eat hot or cold food without wincing, because a sharp pain rips through your teeth, and your oral nerves get all tingly. This is because the outer most layer of the tooth, which is the enamel, becomes weak and the nerves inside become more susceptible to feel these extreme temperatures and react.

Even though the most common reason why your teeth become sensitive is poor oral hygiene, you also might develop sensitive teeth because of an old dental filling, some kind of disease that might have developed in your teeth, receding gums, other gum problems, etc.

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Even though this a problematic condition to deal with, it is nonetheless non-serious, which means it is curable. Yes, you really can chew on a Popsicle without feeling like someone is sticking needles in your mouth. Here are the natural home remedies for sensitive teeth which can solve your problem in no time!

1. Coconut oil 

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Coconut oil has been used for a really long time to cure all teeth related problem, although it has become a part of popular medicine only recently. Coconut oil has amazing anti-bacterial properties which can get rid of the bacteria which might be causing your condition. Coconut oil also gets rid of any swelling, gum diseases, bad breath and other oral problems, and restores strength and health to your mouth and teeth.

Practicing oil pulling with coconut oil as regularly as brushing your teeth helps with your condition. Oil pulling is nothing but rinsing your mouth with oil. Take a tablespoon of pure coconut oil and swish it around your mouth. Wash off the residue oil with warm water.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is also a highly recommended home remedy for tooth sensitivity. Baking soda is mostly used to get rid of plaque buildup in your mouth. It can help you get rid of any stains that might have appeared on your teeth, so that your teeth also become whiter. All these help in restoring health to your teeth, and thereby decreasing the chances and potency of tooth sensitivity.

Baking soda is widely available, is easy to use and is also highly effective. Here is now you can use baking soda to get rid of tooth sensitivity.

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with just enough water to make a thick paste. Take your toothbrush and brush this paste all over your teeth. Doing this every day will reduce the severity of your condition within a week!

3. Salt and pepper

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Salt and pepper are ingredients found in every single kitchen in the world, making it one of the easiest home remedies that you can use to get rid of tooth sensitivity. Salt and pepper have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and are analgesic in nature as well. Salt and pepper both help in getting rid of bacteria buildup. Together they can help make your teeth stronger and more resistant to problems like decay and sensitivity.

Like baking soda, mix a tablespoon of salt and pepper each with just enough water to make a paste like consistency. Apply this paste to your teeth every day before you brush your teeth and you will see a marked difference.

4. Chewing gum

You might be taken aback by this remedy. Chewing gum is said to make teeth bad, so why would you purposely use it as a remedy for a tooth condition? The thing is, certain varieties of chewing gum are bad for your teeth. You can use a sugar-free variety of chewing gum to strengthen your teeth, because it almost acts as an oral exercise.

When you chew gum, your teeth are made use of, and your mouth releases more saliva, which contains compounds which can strengthen your teeth. All this together helps in getting rid of problems like sensitivity. However, you have to make sure that you are consuming a flavorless, sugar free chewing gum.

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5. Cloves


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Cloves have been used for several tooth-related issues since time immemorial. They are a part of ancient Indian and Chinese medicinal practices, because of their widespread healing properties. Cloves are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, which not only gets rid of your sensitivity, but also strengthen your teeth, prevents decay and makes them more resistant to diseases and infections.

You can either chew on a couple of cloves every day before or after you brush your teeth. However, if you think chewing on raw cloves is too intense for you, then you can also apply clove oil directly to your teeth with a Q-tip. This will calm down the frayed nerve-ends inside your teeth, which is literally the root of your problems.

6.Guava leaves

Ayurveda and other ancient forms of medicine also recommend the use of guava leaves as a natural remedy to problems like tooth sensitivity. Guava leaves have flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory and analgesic in nature. Both of these qualities helps the leaves to get rid of tooth sensitivity, an restore health and strength and resistance to your teeth. Guava leaves can also kill the bacteria which is ruining your teeth from within, and causing other oral problems like bad breath and plaque.

The best way to consume guava leaves is by chewing on fresh and clean leaves for a couple of minutes, after which you can throw them out and wash your mouth with warm water. You can also boil a couple of chopped leaves in water, and once the water has cooled down slightly, add a pinch of rock salt and gargle with it and use it like a mouthwash. Both of these methods help you get rid of tooth sensitivity within a couple of weeks of regular use.

7. Garlic

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Garlic is used extensively in the treatment of oral problems, especially tooth aches. Garlic also contains flavonoids and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you recover from your condition soon. It contains a compound called allicin, which kills the bacteria in your mouth, which is ruining the enamel and other parts of your teeth, leaving the nerves exposed to sensitivity.

To use garlic, crush a couple of cloves of the root with a pestle and mortar. Mix this with pure garlic powder, a little rock salt and olive oil and apply this paste to your teeth. Leave it on for at least a couple of minutes, after which you can wash your teeth and rinse your mouth.

8. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has a number of healing properties, which is why it is recommended that you should have a couple of aloe vera leaves on hand at all times. This is because this plant can cure several physical problems, and also help with your tooth sensitivity. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory in nature and has the ability to prevent the action of free radicals, which are responsible for the breakdown of the tooth enamel.

Take an aloe vera leaf and slice it down the middle. Scoop out the clear gel from inside and dissolve it in a glass of water. You can also blend the gel with water to get a smoother and more even mixture. Rinse your mouth with this mixture at least two times a day to get effective relief from your tooth sensitivity problem.

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9. Onion

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Onions are one of the best ways to prevent any kind of oral infection from plaguing your mouth. Even though tooth sensitivity isn’t an infection, it is one of the most common symptoms of any kind of mouthy disease such as plaque, tooth decay, cavity, etc. Onions contain flavonoids which not only reduce pain and inflammation, but are also antibacterial in nature. This cures your problem on a deep, biological level, and helps you recover from tooth sensitivity fast.

You can wash your mouth with pure onion juice, but fair warning- it will give you a major case of onion breath, so it is recommended that you don’t do this before a date. However, for a less severe, but as effective remedy with onions, you can cut a piece of onion and place it on your teeth or rub it on them, after which you can wash it off with warm water or aloe vera water.

Sensitive teeth can be a right nuisance if you are a victim of this condition. It can prevent you from enjoying your food, or enjoying in general, because of the sudden pains and aches in your mouth that are likely to disturb you. With these natural home remedies for sensitive teeth, you don’t have to worry about tooth aches and pains ever again!

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