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It’s 2019, Are You Still Wondering What Women Want In Love?

Thinking about how to get that girl? What’s that one grand gesture which will make her mine? Does a ‘6 din aur ladki in’ work? Well, the fact that it sounds so ridiculous should be hint enough to know that it doesn’t! She does not require you to go and get her, Jude. She does not want a dramatic fight between you and the villain(!), or an absurd proclamation of your never-changing love for her!

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You may disagree with me but girls don’t pipe dream about their heroes traipsing straight out of a Mills & Boons novel! We don’t want a man who is infatuated with us, or one who claims to bring the moon to our feet! Just imagine the havoc this would wreck on the climate! 😉

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So what does a girl want? Nothing, but a love that is true; a love that is very human, filled with imperfections and flaws, and yet a love of the truest kind!

Talking like a woman, am I?! 😀

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What girls want is for their man to love them in a quiet, simple and unexceptional way; a way that may never go down in the tales because it would seem ordinary to those who weave fantasies.

What girls want is to swing their legs over their man’s when together on a couch, without worrying about not having shaved them. They want to feel at home when with you, comfy, warm and loved. They want to tell you stories from their childhood, a fantastic land where no one was allowed to set foot until now. They want to tell you about their stupid fears and strange impulses. They want to tell you about the times when they did things on a whim because they know who will not judge. They want you to tell them your stories too, and let them in on your secrets.

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What girls want is to have silly inside jokes with you, things that make the two of you roll on the floor laughing, but would sound inane and unfunny to others.

What girls want is someone who is a partner, a mate. They want someone who will take care of them, and by that we mean a guy who stands by her and supports her, but also challenges her to bring out the best in her; someone who is encouraging, and yet does not shy away from criticizing her, for he believes she knows better. Girls want men who treat them like equals, because they are!

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You are not expected to be the solution to all her problems. But you can at least offer to be a brief oasis at the end of a sultry day at work. You can be her sounding board, her best friend. You can tell her that you are there for her and that she is not alone.

Most men are courteous, compassionate, loving and progressive, and that is what your woman wants from you: To be one of those men. Because there are a number of jerks out there too, who need to subjugate a woman to feel powerful; who need to feel like a man by behaving like a beast.

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If they are not physically abusive, there words will be enough. They will always find a way of being dismissive and patronizing. They will control their women by putting them in a box, in which they are expected to behave a certain way and take up a certain role!

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Girls want to go on dates with a man who does not suffocate them by hanging a cloud of expectations over their heads. They want to feel a deep connection, and forge a deep bond. They want to let their guards down around you, and be vulnerable. A girl wants you to treat her like another person, a person who you truly love.

Flowers are great. Vacations sound fun. Jewelry? Who wouldn’t love them! But what a girl is desperately looking for is a man to build her life with. She wants to be loved by you, and be able to love you right back!

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Do You Want To Know What Girls Want? Certainly NOT Everything...
What girls want is for their man to love them and to love them, right back!
Ruth Russell

Ruth Russell

‘To be or not to be’ if that’s the question, I would always want to be who I am – a lover, who binges on ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ every Christmas; that is, if she decides not to wallow in bed with ‘Wuthering Heights’! The other thing that I absolutely love is weddings! Well, who doesn’t like being in a room full of love stories, eh?!