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15 Things A Single Girl Secretly Wants But Won’t Admit Openly

A single woman covets independence. However, this does not mean that she doesn’t want certain things from men, although she would not discuss it. She is determined to keep these things hidden because it is not conducive to the image that she presents to the world.      

A single girl may be restrained and composed when it comes to her feelings, and sometimes it may be very difficult to figure out what she is actually looking for. Most of the things she wants are directly or indirectly connected to the fact that the role of the ‘significant other’ in her life is still vacant. Fear not, for here they are – what girls want, but don’t admit:

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1. She wants to feel special

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This is a form of love as well as affirmation that is missing in the life of a single woman. Although she is strong and independent, it doesn’t hurt to have someone who makes her feel like she is special and important to them. Although this sort of affirmation is not needed, it gives a wonderful sense of security and boosts self-esteem.

2. She wants someone who will surprise her occasionally

man giving flowers to a woman

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Surprise birthday parties that friends put together are nice and make her feel special… but that happens only once a year. It feels nice to have someone who would surprise her occasionally, whether it is with a dinner, a simple bunch of her favorite flowers, or even a random, funny picture when she is at work, just so that the monotony of her life gets a break.

3. She wants someone to sing her songs

Watching her other friends in relationships might be irritating, but she can’t help but envy them sometimes. Getting serenaded all the time is probably not what she wants, but an occasional song now and then, sung exclusively for her, can make her day.

4. She wants to feel needed exclusively by someone

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Girls have a lot of friends, and there is always family. But everyone belongs to someone else – unless you are single, that is. A bachelorette secretly wants to be someone’s ‘person,’ whether it is her best friend or a better half, just so that she can feel the same. Because it completely contradicts her independent image, she will try hard to keep this information secret.

5. She wants someone she can share her stories with at the end of the day

couple talking in bed

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No matter how excited she is about her singlehood, a girl does want to share her stories and anecdotes with someone at the end of the day – someone she can laugh and have debates with. Communication is a vital part of life, and not having someone she can talk to can leave a gaping void, although you will never find her admitting it.

6. She wants someone she can cook for

cooking lessons

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She might be dangerously passionate about cooking, or belong to the instant and microwaveable food club. Either way, it always feels nice to have someone to cook for, and have them appreciate her hard work and cooking skills. It is not that girls need validation from someone about their cooking, but sharing a homemade meal with someone is a very special feeling.  

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7. She wants happy, uncomplicated relationships with her friends


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Most of the time, single girls live in fear of being linked up with every man who crosses their path, no matter how close a friend he is, after which things just get embarrassing and awkward. Even though a girl can’t really protest if someone randomly tells her that she looks cute with another random person, she sure wishes she could disappear right then.

8. She wants her committed friend to break up

This is a probably a very mean and selfish thing for her to think, and a single girl would never admit to wishing for it. But there are several reasons why she would think this way. It is quite irritating to be a third-wheel for her best friend and her boyfriend at all times. Moreover, the friend always has to divide her time between good friends and her boyfriend, and usually the latter gets prioritized.  

9. She wants people to stop asking her why she’s single

woman thinking

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She is single simply because she wants to be, or just because she hasn’t come across her “Mr. Right” yet. It gets really, really annoying when she is constantly asked why she is single and ‘alone.’ Just to avoid answering these questions again and again, she has a plethora of answers ready to ward off such inquisitive people. After all, asking personal and probing questions like this can be a serious blow to her self-esteem and self-confidence.

10. She wants people to stop thinking she is a sad and lonely creature

There is this widely prevalent misconception that single women are single because they are lacking something, or because no one likes them, as a result of which they must be super sad and lonely creatures. Although her ego will prevent a single woman from revealing her distaste at such obnoxious theories, single women are single only because they want to be, nothing more or less.

11. She wants an excuse to dress up

woman dressed in black

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Although a single woman might argue that she dresses up for herself, in reality, she would love it if she had someone to dress up for. When she is single, very rarely does the impetus to dress up arise, and having someone she can dazzle with her appearance always feels nice. This is just one of the things on what girls want.

12. She, too, wants a perfect wedding

wedding ceremony

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For some reason, people tend to equate singlehood with some form of celibacy where she is not even allowed to think of spending her life with someone else. Just because she is single now does not mean that she plans to be single for the rest of her life. Most of the time, even the most vehemently single of girls might have a wedding Pinterest board with her dream wedding scenarios spread out. However, this is something you won’t get her to admit to easily.

13. She wants someone she can cuddle with at night

couple in bed

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And no, a life-sized soft toy does not count. Having a real person to spoon with is a comfortable feeling that no one would possibly deny. Even though a single girl is perfectly comfortable with sleeping alone, she also sometimes wants to have someone she can sleep with at night and wake up with.

14. She wants someone to hold doors open for her

man helping a woman to a chair

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A single woman is usually very proud of being self-sufficient, but even she gets slightly irked when there is no one to hold the door open for her. I mean, honestly, chivalry has nothing to do with your relationship status, does it? And it is not just holding doors open, but all-encompassing chivalry.

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15. She wants someone she can talk to about the things she wants

couple spending time together

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The list of things that a single woman wants cannot be confined to these 15 points. The list is endless, and she wants someone she can talk about her dreams and desires with. The whole point of this is that she doesn’t want all these things to be secret, and she would love it if there were someone she could share her deepest secrets and most embarrassing desires with.

Just because most of the points hint at the fact that single girls hate being single and would love to get into a relationship, it is not the case. Single women are single because they know that if they force themselves into a relationship, they would not be able to do justice to it. That being said, there are certain things that they secretly desire that you might never find out otherwise, because rest assured, they do not wear their hearts on their sleeves! And that is all you need to know about what girls want.

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What Girls Want Secretly But Don't Admit
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