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5 easy tips to finally get yourself to ask that guy out on a date

We understand that it might be a bit weird and largely intimidating for a girl to ask a guy out. Girls are generally sensitive and emotional. They often find it difficult to muster the courage on how to ask a guy out on a date or they might not be able to handle rejection. It is this fear of rejection that prevents them from going up and expressing their feelings in front of that special someone. But girls, you should understand that this is the 21st century where people talk about feminism and boldness. It is just not acceptable for you to wear this kind of attitude in this age. And trust us, boys find it incredibly attractive if a girl asks them out. It is quirky, it is sexy, and it is just not the norm, so it is really cool.

asking a guy out on a date

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So, it is high time that you quit your inhibitions, bid adieu to your unwarranted fears, and go ahead and make the first move. It is not that difficult you see, you just need to have firm faith in yourself and your ability, and realize that your entire life does not revolve around a boy, and it does not matter even if the answer is a no. You are a great individual, and the fear of rejection should not prevent you from expressing your feelings. After all, it is better to speak up and let go, than to regret not expressing your feelings, your entire life. Through this article, we would help you with some steps that would make you express your emotions in front of him with ease and comfort.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

First of all, as we have mentioned above, prepare yourself for it beforehand. Ask yourself ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ The worst thing that can happen here is that you would get a no for an answer. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for it, so that if he rejects your advances, you should handle it well, and not let it break your confidence.

2. Find the right place to ask the question

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Find the right place and the right setting to ask him out. It is important because most people are not comfortable in a crowded place, where anyone can listen to your private conversation, and at the same time a completely deserted place freaks them out. Take them to a semi private place, where there are people around, but it is not crowded like a party, and there you can ask him the question. Make sure that you both do not have your friends around, because it becomes really uncomfortable to deal with such things in front of friends. He might get embarrassed or intimidated and might not give an honest answer. Such things are better done privately. Also, don’t act like a stalker and freak him out. Yes, we understand that the question you mean to ask is important, but don’t just keep standing at his porch till he comes back home, because it might just look to him that you were stalking him, and you might come across as a crazy, obsessive person.

3. Plan an impromptu date in advance

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Before asking a guy out, plan a date in advance. This way, you can probably invite him to something, and express your feelings towards him there. You can probably take him to his favorite restaurant, or a club just to chill out over drinks. You can also take him to a movie, where both of you can spend some quality time together, after which it would be easy for you to ask him out. The key point here is to make him feel comfortable in your company, so that later when you throw that question at him, you get a concrete answer and not awkward glances.

4. Double date might be a good idea too

Another easy way to ask him that crucial question would be to invite him on a double date with another couple. This way, you would make your intentions clear without having to tell him anything. This would help you ease your inhibitions and apprehensions.

5. Exude confidence

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Once you are done with all the preparations, now is the most difficult part – the actual asking part. Remember, guys tend to be attracted towards a smart, confident girl, and not someone who cannot express herself boldly and clearly. So while you are asking him out, exude confidence, as this will let him know that you’re not some wilting flower who would be crushed if he said no and that your happiness is not dependent on his answer. Having confidence when you ask him out will frame both you and the date in an attractive, appealing way, and will make the guy more inclined to trust you and to say yes.  Some tips that would help you look confident are:

  • Make an extra effort to look stylish and confident that day. You can wear your most appealing outfit or maybe don a totally different hairdo. But whatever you do, make sure that it is appealing, stylish, and confident.
  • Control your body language. However uneasy you might be feeling inside, you need to stand up straight and maintain eye contact while you are having a conversation with him. Also don’t forget to smile the entire time you are doing this. It would make him feel comfortable in your presence.
  • Speak clearly and boldly, don’t mumble words. When you are asking him out, make sure that you are crisp, precise, and clear. Don’t mumble or stammer else it will completely turn him off. You need to have the aura of a woman who is confident of her decisions and not someone who is whimsical, and does not know how to express herself.

See, asking a guy out is not as intimidating as it seems. You just need to relax, ease yourself a bit and prepare everything before you go ahead and ask him the question. It is important that you are relaxed during the entire process, and don’t overdo it because then it would look as if you are a person desperate for his presence in your life. And remember, whatever his answer might be, accept it with grace. All the best!

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How to ask a guy out on a date
You don't have to wait for the guy to make the first move. You can ask him out on a date too. Here are a few handy tips to ask a guy out on a date.
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