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If You’re A Girl Who Cares Too Much, Then Read This

I have always been one of those who love with their entire hearts. I pour myself into every relationship, into the people I meet, into the family that loves me, into the friends I’ve made along the way, and the men I have loved. Whatever I do, I pour myself wholly and completely into it.

And if you’re like me, then don’t let the world and its inhabitants make you harsh or cynical. They don’t know how much happiness it gives you when you put your all into anything you do. They don’t know the power of forgiveness. They don’t know that love doesn’t make you weak, but actually buoys you and gives you strength.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

At the core of you, you’re a good person, and you know that being good in a world that is too jaded and cynical is like putting a target on your forehead. But you know the power of love, and when the same love doesn’t work out, you don’t have regrets. Because you know that for something new to begin, the old has to be torn down. Because you know that every relationship has added something to your personality, every kiss and every caress has changed you, and every heartbreak has made you cherish what you have all the more.

That doesn’t mean you’re always happy and smiling like a clown. No. It means the world hasn’t been successful in cowing you down. You have not become guarded with your love and affection. You know that even though it hurts too much, it’ll all be worth it in the end. That once you’ve crossed through to the other side, you’ll be a whole new person because of the hurt and pain.

Of course life hasn’t been easy on you. When has it ever been? You’ve had your share of loss and hurt and loneliness, but you’re not afraid to love again, because that’s who you are. You care, probably too much. About things, people, feelings, the ones you’ve loved, the ones you’ve lost, the relationships that have shaped you. But you never, ever regret them.

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And it’s okay to care that much.

Your heart is one giant piece of mush that holds all the love you feel. You are too much.

And it’s okay to be too much. And it’s okay to care too much. And it’s okay to love too much.

And it’s okay to give your all into all aspects of your life, even love. It’s okay to keep believing, keep falling, and keep getting up. It’s okay to love too much. It’s okay to forgive those who have hurt you because forgiveness sets you free.

Never, ever think that you’re weak because you care too much, love too much, believe too much. Never, ever think that because you care too much, it’s okay for somebody to hurt you. No. It’s NEVER okay for someone to hurt you. Don’t ever sell yourself short or let yourself be taken advantage of. Don’t ever give yourself away with nothing in return.

No, you’re not weak, but as strong as they come.

So whatever you do, don’t ever change. Don’t ever stop loving and caring with that big, beautiful muscle that beats within your chest. Don’t ever think nobody would want you, because when the right person comes along, you’ll be more than enough. You won’t be too much. You will be just perfect.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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I Care Too Much, But That's Okay
I care too much, I love too much, and I put my all into everything, and it's okay.
Emily Walker

Emily Walker

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