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I Promise To Love You, But A Lot More Too

I haven’t been in many relationships, and I’m okay with that. Well, sometimes I am. But other times, I wish I had more experience. Maybe because of this inexperience, I have a lot of expectations from a relationship. However, I’ve come to realize that such expectations are unfair to the person I’m dating, since he has no clue as to how many items there are on my mental checklist.

I know what I want in love and life. I know how much I give in a relationship. I know I fight for what I love. I go after the things that make me feel alive with a passion that scares me sometimes. I always stick up for my family and friends, even if they have let me down, over and over again. And I would do the same for my partner as well.

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So if I fall for that special someone, whoever that might be, if I say those three words when said in that particular order means so much, I promise I’ll always be honest, even if it might hurt you, or me, or us. Whether the truth sets you free or is harsh and might seem unloving, I’ll be honest. And I’ll expect nothing less from you.

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I promise I’ll fight for us, for you, even when the going gets tough, even when you or I or we might feel like giving up, even when we need to take a break from our argument so that we can come back with a clear head. I promise you, I’ll never give up.

I promise I’ll keep our argument to the matter at hand, and never bring up past hurts or mistakes and shove them in your face. I promise I’ll never make you feel guilty or at fault with something you had no control over.

I promise to love you by not keeping secrets from you, despite having kept them close to my heart all my life. I’ll share them all with you.

I promise I’ll tell you when something is bothering me or when I’m upset. I won’t play mind games with you by telling you one thing and feeling another altogether. I promise I won’t be passive aggressive or ignore you as a way of punishing you. I promise to be as transparent as I could possibly be. I will talk to you about what it is that has got my panties in a twist!

I promise to respect you as an individual who has his own ideals, beliefs, and tenets in life, just like me. I promise I’ll trust you, even when circumstances or situations make it hard to do so, until I have heard you out.

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I promise I’ll try to understand you as much as I can, even when I have no clue as to where your thoughts and ideas are coming from.

I promise not to judge you or your past or your plans for the future, just as you won’t mine.

I promise to bare my soul to you, while also knowing what to tell my girlfriends and how much to filter that. I promise to honor the bond we share by not airing our dirty linen in public.

I promise to try and get past my insecurities, so that we can have a healthy, stable, and loving relationship. I promise I’ll not let the green-eyed monster take over my senses when you talk to a beautiful woman or go out with your cute friend who’s been in your life longer than our relationship.

I promise to not bring up my past negative experiences into our relationship, and not scratch old wounds until they bleed. And I promise to not open yours either.

I promise to try new things with you, because without new things to explore about each other, our interests die a slow and painful death. I promise to be open-minded when you suggest a new thing for us to try, even if it’s so far out of my comfort zone that the zone has actually blurred.

I promise to be the support you need, in whatever you do, because I have faith in you. I promise to let you make your own mistakes and learn from them, rather than tell you what to do, because you’re your own person. I promise I’ll be your own cheerleader, who is always on your side, no matter what – just like you are on mine.

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I promise to hug you when I know you’re upset or feeling blue, even though you wouldn’t admit it – to yourself or to me. I promise to try and make you feel better, much like you would for me.

I promise to help you chase your own dreams, for they are as important as they are mine. I promise to cheer you on, give you a pep talk or two when you feel like giving up, and make you realize how much those dreams and their fulfillment mean to you.

I promise to chase my dreams even when the going gets tough, even when the odds seem stacked against me, even on days when I feel most like giving up and questioning ‘what’s the point of all this?’

I promise to not let reality beat my optimism down when the going gets tough and reality is ready to rain on my parade. I promise to not live in a fantasy world where you and I are perfect, but live in reality where you and I are two flawed, imperfect individuals who have created something that is perfect – for us.

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I promise to love you and cherish every minute of every day of every month of every year spent with you, knowing you a little more, loving you a lot more.

I promise to believe in you, me, and the beautiful us that we build, together.

And last but not least, I promise to love you, always, on the days you make me feel as if I’m the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, on the days when we’re too tired to even kiss each other properly, on the days when you’re at your wit’s end trying to deal with my craziness, on the days when all we can do is just be, and even on the days when you make me so mad that I’d yell, I hate you, but in my heart of hearts know that I love you.

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I Promise To Love You, But A Lot More Too
I promise to love you, cherish you, trust you, despite reality raining on my parade...
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