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Life Happens At 25: And This Artist Captures The Oh-s And The Woes Just Right!

People always think of 16, 19, 20, and oh yes, the big 30 as milestones in life. But I guess, quarter-life crisis kicks just as hard. You are suddenly all grown up, have earned that coveted Master’s degree, landed a decent job, and now, your parents will start of thinking of filling in the rest of the gaps in your journey to settle-dom! But just like everybody else inspired by a certain Kapoor lad, aisi gheesi peeti zindagi thodi jeena chahata/chahati hoon main, is your new-age 25 mantra, right?

And you aren’t alone- artist and poet Samantha Jayne who happens to hold an Instagram account in the name of Quarter Life Poetry actually gives you the straight-in-your-face, spunky yet stingy truth about being 25!

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In a series of spunky illustrations that capture everything life holds in tow for a 25-year old- right from one’s obsession with food to ex-issues, crappy lectures from parents and even the so-called ‘happening’ lives of friends as evinced by Facebook feed to the lesser but important woes brought on by shopping, shaving and well, the most pressing of’em all- finding one’s passion!

So, if you are 25 and have a taste for some sassy quips, bring out the wine and let’s all whine- coz these slices of life at 25 are so GOOD, so GOOD- you are just going to laugh along and keep laughing until you cry! Why? Why? Coz ‘tis all true.

Check out the awesome illustrations:


Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Featured image source: Instagram

Article Name
Life Happens At 25: And This Artist Captures The Oh-s And The Woes Just Right!
Life at 25... is THIS - according to artist Samantha Jayne!
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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