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Is This Cute Or Is This Cute: The Most Adorable Wedding Ceremony Fail Ever!

Andrew Engstrom and Melissa Warren might have been dreaming of this day for years- they might even have prepped for it and given themselves a quick rehearsal in front of the mirror (along with some peppy motivational stuff too, I am guessing)- but that couldn’t stop the groom Andrew Engstrom from making an epic wedding ceremony fail- as he repeated his wedding vows after the priest to take his beloved Melissa Warren as his lawfully… err… wait… ‘waffle-y’ wedded wife.

Quick to realize this, he also adds a playful ‘pancake-y,’ and the bride, true to her zesty sense of humor does a cute in-the-mouth reaction post which she keeps drowning in a series of hysterical rounds of laughter!

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Coz every once in a while, in the middle of a fairy tale, God hands out some LOVE-ly laughter and thus begin joyful happily ever afters!

To watch her bursting out laughing each time the groom attempts to make good after that and even qualify it with his ‘fear’ of being in this place for years- is absolutely ADORABLE! Yes, that needed capitals!

We burst out laughing with Melissa too, but you know what we don’t blame Andrew- we are all in love with waffles and pancakes and shall take them as our better halves in a minute!

Okay, okay- you can watch the cute couple here:


What did you think- are they the cutest or what? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured image source: Youtube

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Watch The Most Adorable Wedding Ceremony Fail Ever!
Is this the cutest wedding ceremony ever or what?
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Sejal Parikh

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