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13 Things All 20-somethings Lost In Life Will Relate To

Tired of hearing the term “quarter-life crisis” and listening to the same age-old ‘sage advice’ from your parents and friends? Welcome to the 20-somethings club! If you are a 20-something and just like me with no f*cking clue about where your life is going, then you will certainly get this!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

1. You know who you are, but you don’t really know who you are! As confusing as it may sound, it is even more confusing to feel the same. There are times when you will know what you want and who you are as an individual, but the next moment, you will find yourself contradicting your beliefs.

2. You don’t know your calling. You see people finding their passion and working towards it, but you can’t stop over-analyzing everything to find that one thing you can do for your whole life.

3. You can’t stop laughing while reading your CV, because it consists of more adjectives than factual content.

4. You feel neutral about most of the things in the world, not knowing how to react. Often, you simply end up smiling because you have no idea how to react to a situation!

5. You like to go with the flow. There are times when people ask you to take control of your life, but you don’t like that idea a lot. You like how things are going and don’t expect them to change.

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6. Because change freaks you out! Everything in your life is changing – people are leaving, new things are coming way too soon, you are getting introduced to money and other responsibilities, your favourite series are ending, and so much more!

7. Money becomes your one good friend. As you start earning, you realize the importance of money. You find yourself in a constant battle between saving and spending your money.

8. You realize that you are no longer a teenager and that you are aging. Instead of waiting for perfect moments to come, you start creating them. With time, you figure out that you don’t have the same amount of strength that you used to have before.

9. There are times when you start to question almost every move of yours. You have no idea where you might land in a few years and the thought scares you!

10. But then you go out with your friends and have the best time of your life, without a single moment of stress.

11. You start valuing people in your life, knowing that unlike things, people can’t be replaced. Since by this time, you have already lost at least someone in your life, you start giving your time to people rather than things.

12. You start questioning yourself if you are really fit for a regular job or not. How will you pay the bills? How will you move to a different city? Will your friends be around to help you? Will your entire life change just like that? These questions haunt you to sleep every night.

13. You like to do so many things all at once, but you have no idea from where to commence. You want to travel the world and break free, but you know that it can’t be done without money. You find yourself questioning the choices you have made in the past and that only scares you to death because almost every day you are asked to make crucial decisions. But then you see the people around you, whom you love the most and you realize that everything is going to be alright. You have made some right decisions in your life and you are going to be just fine in the future as well.

Give yourself some time because things are going to be just fine, my friend!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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13 Things All 20-somethings Lost In Life Will Relate To
If you're a 20-something and feel lost in life, you will certainly relate to this...
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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