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7 interesting reasons why women fall for older men

In the year 2003, a team of Zoologists led by Stephen Proulx conducted a study and found out that an aging man with a Porsche is more likely to attract females than a young guy with a similar car. He drew this baffling conclusion after a detailed study and based on other such facts. So why do women fall for an older man? Well, according to Dr. Proulx, if men ostentatiously flaunt at an older age, there is certainly something in the genes which will attract younger women to older men. He also added that while girls adore a man with a past, they are more likely to prefer one with a present to settle down with. Men, here’s the answer to the age old question that you have been asking yourself as well as your buddies over hundreds of beers and drunken parties – “What does she like so much in him?”

1. It’s science, silly!

padma lakshmi and salman rushdie

Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie

Image source: Google, copyright-free under Creative Commons License

Speaking from an anthropological point of view, women are subconsciously known to choose men who are older as they remind them of their fathers. Also, another scientific fact is that men are known to achieve emotional and mental maturity at a relatively older age compared to women. Both the above reasons prove that women tend to feel much more comfortable and secure with an older partner.

2. Older men have something that younger ones really don’t – experience

Older men tend to have a lot more experience in almost all fields of life which attracts females to them. Their life stories and experiences make them really good conversationalists. Their experience in intimacy makes them better between the sheets, and their personal successes and failures will make them more patient, dedicated and caring towards the relationship.

soon yi previn and woody allen

Soon yi Previn and Woody Allen

Image source: Google, copyright-free under Creative Commons License

Also, older men have understood the art of sex and lovemaking and will be awesome at it. Their past sexual experiences and escapades have taught them all that they need to know on how to please a woman. Moreover, they don’t tend to lose their self-control, if you know what we mean 😛

3. He’s well established and stable

Ever noticed the fact that the quintessential Sugar Daddy is often old enough to be the lady’s dad or even granddad? Sure you have! But did you notice that he is also the CEO or Chairman of a huge firm? Did you notice that he’s already racked up an impressive bank balance, a slew of super-fast luxury automobiles and an abode that is anything but ‘humble,’ that you have yet to work towards? Well, you may not have, but many ladies out there certainly have.

hugh hefner and crystal harris

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Image source: Google, copyright-free under Creative Commons License

Since he’s older, he’s bound to have a good professional career to his credit, bringing in financial stability. Since time immemorial, women have been known to prefer stability in life and this is what attracts them to men who are older than themselves. Moreover, well established older men will also be rich in most cases, and now who does not like having some extra dough in hand!

Another important aspect of established men is that they have their own homes. Younger men on the other hand are often found to be living with parents, which can be a pain for some women to handle.

4. He understands the concept of personal space and time

Women are known to value their personal space and won’t even allow their partners to be a part of certain activities and/or thoughts. There are certain things that they would like to keep to themselves. Some younger men are unable to understand this concept, which might lead to arguments and fights often. At the end of it all, women are often left with tears while men are scratching their heads trying to figure out what went wrong.

5. Chivalry and manners

donald trump and melania knauss

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss

Image source: Google, copyright-free under Creative Commons License

You will often find older men holding the door for their lady love, pulling the chair for them at a plush restaurant and giving the attention that is due a woman. They also tend to be very well-mannered and pay a high level of attention to personal etiquette, grooming and hygiene, making them the preferred choice for most women out there.

6. He’s not looking to win but to be happy

amal alamuddin and george clooney

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney

Image source: Google, copyright-free under Creative Commons License

Older men tend to value the relationship more than their egos and value what the woman brings to the relationship. As such, whenever there is an argument between him and his object of affection, they tend to compromise rather than let the argument turn ugly. They are generally more than happy to lend a patient ear to their lady love. Women are known to fall hook, line and sinker for this one little thing in men!

7. He does not try to change her

bruce willis and emma hemming

Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming

Image source: Google, copyright-free under Creative Commons License

“Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they won’t. So, each is inevitably disappointed.”

I am sure most of you have heard this one too many times. Sorry guys, but an older man wins here too. He really is happy with the way she is and is not looking to change anything in her. So he does not care if she has some issues with her boss or sometimes cannot take care of simple tasks. He does not even care about the way she dresses because he loves her and that is almost all that matters to him. On the contrary, older men tend to be more appreciative about what the woman in their life does.

You read why a younger woman falls for an older man. Now tell us if you agree with these facts in the comments below!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free under Creative Commons License

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7 interesting reasons why women fall for older men
The reason younger women fall for older men has baffled many a men over the years. Here's an attempt at decoding the reasons behind it.
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