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Sweet Romantic Gestures to Keep The Spark Alive in a Relationship

Romance never dies; it just gets sidelined in the hectic bustle of everyday drudgery. Bringing it back into a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hire a helicopter and shower rose petals from the skies. A sweet little gesture, a light kiss on the cheek, small compliments, doing the dishes, and a back rub, all these mean a lot more in a relationship than any expensive gift.

Here are some of those romantic gestures that will keep the romance and spark alive in your relationship:

  1. Write a message on a piece of paper or a mirror, take a selfie with it and send it to him. If you are at work, put a picture of her on your desktop wallpaper and then take a selfie with it. With these selfies, you would not even need to spell out “thinking-of-you”, because the message is definitely delivered.
  2. Take a break from typing a text message to her; use the voice message service instead. Even if you want to ask about dinner or tell her that you are stuck in a meeting, add a small “I miss you”.  Your treat will be waiting for you at home!
  3. Writing love notes can never get old or boring. What you can do to add a little more fun is leave them at unexpected places, like inside a sock or the coffee can, a place that they will surely find the note early in the morning. love note
  4. While on the way back home, bring a bar of chocolate or a rose, and keep it hidden. Once your partner is asleep, leave it on the side of their pillow. Now that’s a nice way to wake up for sure.
  5. Choose a song that makes you think about him the most. Whenever you get a chance, assign the song as his ringtone for when you call. He will be surprised and you will hear his appreciation in his voice.
  6. Once you are done with your dinner and you both are in pajamas, make some hot chocolate and pour it in a flask. Go on a long drive, park your car or bike at a secluded place, and enjoy your impromptu date – counting stars with some hot chocolate.
  7. If you or your partner had a very tiring day at work, sit down with childhood photographs of yours and exchange some really embarrassing yet funny stories from your past.
  8. Touch. As much as you can. A pat on the back, a rub on the shoulder, a short hug, or a kiss – all these may seem very small, but the warmth of the love felt is immense. a couple kissing
  9. Gift something without an occasion. Or better yet, drape yourself in wrapping paper with a bow on top, and surprise your partner. It will be an interesting present to unwrap. a gift
  10. If your partner is watching a movie or a game that you don’t like, don’t leave the room. Give him/her a foot massage. That way you both get to spend some time together, that might have been spent alone.
  11. On a weekend, give technology a break. Switch off your Wi-Fi, cell phone and your television. Spend the entire time doing activities together, like cooking an exotic dish, cleaning up the house or redecorating a room. Warning: you might end up covered in food or paint, depending on the activity you choose.
  12. Write a poem. It may sound clichéd and archaic. You don’t even have to rhyme it. The thought behind the gesture is what counts!
  13. If you are going out of town for a few days, write a letter beforehand and post it. So that when you are away your partner receives the letter, and well, falls in love with you all over again.
  14. Romance always does not mean flowers and chocolates. Make her sit on your lap, and wrap a blanket around while you are either listening to some music or watching a regular show on the television.
  15. Wake your partner up with a kiss on the forehead and a tight hug. Nothing says love, respect and care like these two. And it gives you a better boost in the morning than a cup of coffee. man kissing a woman's forehead
  16. On a hectic day at work, send a nice hot pizza for your partner. Be ready for a cheesy night though!
  17. Make sure that you talk – everyday. Maybe not about each other, but things that happened throughout the day. Whatever happens, always communicate.
  18. Have a late dinner at a restaurant near your home and walk back home, hand in hand. couple walking hand in hand
  19. Arrange a candlelight dinner at home. Reminisce about the early days of your relationship, how you met, what you liked about each other. And see where that leads.
  20. Take a day off from work and ask your partner to do the same. Give yourself a surprise holiday and spend some quality time, watching movies, ordering takeout. Or just stay in bed.

You can try any one of these or mix them together to come up with your own way of showing your love. As long as you both can still bring a smile on each other’s faces and be happy, your relationship will be healthy and long lasting. Enjoy the romance!

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Surobhi Banerjee

Surobhi Banerjee

I was introduced to the magical world of books by my parents. Foundation was laid on by Enid Blyton and I grew up surrounded by Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf and many other classic authors. Although I graduated in Tax Laws, writing has always been a passion. And I am the few lucky ones who have been successful in making their passion a career. Apart from reading and writing, I love food, cooking as well as eating. I spend my weekends looking for new places to enjoy delectable delicacies. I also like to take up some DIY projects now and then. I live by the mantra, “everything can be solved by a notebook, a pen and a cup of tea.” Twitter: @suebansbook