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SCORE Dating App Is More An Online Dating Game

Whoever said, ‘Love just happens,’ hasn’t been through the tedious job of going through numerous profiles that dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, or Happn cough up for a user’s approval. They seem so superficial, forcing you to focus on a person’s outward appearance rather than their personality. No wonder singles think they’re better off being single rather than go online looking for love. Online dating is kind of a double-edged sword. It feels like it’s catering to the whims and fancies of users, at the same time, users go in with a preconceived checklist of their ‘soul mate,’ both of which are doomed from the start.

score dating app logo

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Anyway, morose thoughts about love aside, a new dating/matchmaking app called SCORE, wishes to change this by making anonymity an integral part of the user experience. SCORE dating app brings a fresh perspective to online dating with its gaming component, which plays an important part in finding love. Imagine an onion with multiple layers. Just like you need to peel off the layers to get inside an onion, users on SCORE dating app too need to ‘Score’ well with their matches to become privy to their likes, dislikes, profile info, and pictures. No swiping right here.

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Co-founder Casey Cordes explained,

“We’re more of a dating game than a dating app. People lie to make themselves look better. We’re not trying to connect people, we are showing different personalities.”

score dating app home page

SCORE dating app home page

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There are no random pictures of strangers that pop up in your ‘daily matches,’ asking you to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ with just one look at the window dressing aka pictures. You need to take a short personality quiz on SCORE dating app to determine if two people have similar interests.

Here’s how it works.

score dating app page showing a user's blurred picture and chosen username

SCORE dating app page showing a user’s blurred picture and chosen username

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You sign up using your Facebook account, upload three photographs, fill in a basic profile, and voila! You’re all set to start scoring. Since SCORE is a location-based dating app, it coughs up a long list of partners to Score with, where interests also come into play. You can score anonymously, by using a username to keep your actual name hidden. Plus, the pictures you uploaded are blurred out as well, at least initially. Your basic info, interests, and likes are public, of course. You can browse through the profiles till you find an interesting one to start scoring with.

score dating app page showing the crazy categories

SCORE dating app page showing the crazy categories

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Once you click the Lets Score tab, you’re faced with about 20 unique categories of interests, including dreams and desires, feelings, life philosophy, travel preferences, must-have possessions, and even single answer type questions. You can either select the category you’d like to know more about your matched pair, or choose the random mode.

score dating app page showing one of the questions from the fun questionnaire

SCORE dating app page showing one of the questions from the fun questionnaire

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The questions are intriguing and are designed to bring out the uniqueness of a user, rather than make them seem like one answer fits all. Once you’re through with the questionnaire, it is then sent to the other person as a request. After they’re done with it as well, SCORE matches both your responses to come up with a Score. If you both are found to be a good match, the app opens up a whole new set of features. You can now check out the revealed photographs and other parts of their profile. You can even take repeated tests with matched users, which is a way to get to know them more.

score dating app page showing a user's score

SCORE dating app page showing a user’s score

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SCORE dating app is best suited for those who prefer not to reveal too much about themselves on dating apps from the get go. So if you’re fed up with the likes of Tinder, then you should definitely give SCORE a shot.

Happy dating!

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SCORE Dating App Is An Online Dating Game
SCORE dating app is unlike regular dating apps, but brings a fresh perspective to online dating. Check out how it works here.
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