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The Most Effective Home Remedies For Abortion In Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy can alter one’s life course. Whether it does so for better or worse depends on whether the pregnancy was planned for and if the involved parties intend to keep the child. If the to-be parents aren’t ready for parenthood and wish to induce a miscarriage, there is a wide array of drugs and even wider range of surgical and micro-surgical procedures for help. However if one requires to go about the process naturally, there are plenty of home remedies for abortion that can both induce the curettage and dilation involved in surgical abortive procedures within the ambit of one’s home and ward off unwanted complications and side-effects.


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Home remedies for abortion should only be used if prescriptive or surgical procedures aren’t viable recourses and the mother is still in the early stages of pregnancy. Trying to opt for home remedies for abortion in advanced stages can offset complications that may require the hithertofore undesirable medical interjection to be called in for aid. If you are looking for natural and safe procedures to dodge the undesirable side-effects and inevitable health deterioration post-surgical abortion, you may do well to use these home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy:

1. Papaya


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Used for its abortive properties for centuries, papaya has been an effective abortive fruit owing to the presence of phytochemicals that inhibit progesterone activity. Known for its contraceptive nature, the consumption of papaya (rich in oxytocin and prostaglandin) triggers labor contractions that can dilate the cervix and pass out the fetus. The nutritive value of papayas is high- as the fruit is loaded with dietary fiber, vitamin E, C and E, folate, riboflavin, flavonoids, carotenes, magnesium, iron, and potassium and therefore, can avoid a downward spiral in health owing to blood loss after the induced abortion.

2. Cinnamon

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A popular spice known for its usage worldwide to induce uterine contractions right before delivery, cinnamon can induce abortion only when consumed in high doses. Since that isn’t always a feasible option, it is recommended that its consumption be used in conjunction with other home remedies to induce abortion. Ideally, raw cinnamon works best for abortive purposes but it can also cause allergies and sickness in some people. So, it is recommended that one consult a medical practitioner before consuming inordinate amounts of cinnamon.

3. Goji berries

More popularly known as wolfberries, these sweet and sour fruits used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine practice has been known to contain compounds that can trigger uterine contractions. Also, the high nutritional quotient of goji berries (18 amino acids, carotenoids, vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, omega-3, and omega 6 fatty acids, protein and 21 essential minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium, copper, germanium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and manganese, etc) furnish a bevy of health benefits while keeping bacterial, fungal infections and/or other allergies and reactions at bay. Not much conclusive evidence has been found for evincing the effectivity of goji berries in inducing abortion. However, it has been noted that betaine present in these berries may aggravate diabetic conditions or blood pressure in expecting mothers.

4. Intense exercise

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Everybody knows that intense full-body workouts are strictly off-limits for pregnant women. However, if your aim is to induce abortion, climbing a steep flight of stairs, running, heavy weight-lifting and/or skipping can provide an easy outlet. However, you may also end up causing irreversible muscle damage or unendurable pain in the process. So, be careful and heed caution before turning to a rigorous routine for such a delicate purpose.

5. Acupuncture

One of the most holistic practices for treating one’s ailments vis-à-vis optimal energy flow, acupuncture aims to eliminate the foreign elements from your body- thereby, freeing your energy cycles and providing instantaneous relief and healing. The hormones that help to maintain your pregnancy can be eliminated in an acupuncture session- so, if you are aiming for abortion, you can try opting for a session that regulates the energy flow in your body by decreasing this hormonal activity.

6. Evening primrose oil

Known to treat a variety of ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, leg pain, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, obesity, whooping cough, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Raynaud’s syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, high cholesterol,  ulcerative colitis, and peptic ulcer disease alongside a number of skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, and acne, evening primrose oil can also induce abortion. You need to massage a sufficient amount of evening primrose oil on the cervix as well as consume the same in pill-form. It is recommended that you seek medical counsel before self-medicating and opting for the massage.

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7. Hot shower

While it isn’t exactly a surefire way to abort, a hot shower can enable abortion in combination with any of the herbal remedies mentioned on this list. Not only will it dilate the cervix but shall also ease the accompanying pain.

8. Sesame seeds

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Consuming sesame seeds is one of the most preferred home remedies for abortion. You could soak a handful of sesame seeds overnight and strain the water and drink it the next morning. Alternatively, you could sauté or fry sesame seeds in honey and consume the mixture. You could even combine this with a lavish sprinkling of sesame seeds in your meal preparations. It shall help you to abort, safely and naturally.

9. Pineapples

Known to contain the proteolytic enzyme bromelain responsible for miscarriages, pineapple consumption can help to dilate the cervix and induce abortion. You could either consume the fruit in raw form or drink a glass of pineapple juice daily to trigger the process.

10. Angelica sinensis

Also known as dong quai, Angelica sinensis is an emmenagogue herb that can activate uterine contractions and trigger menstrual cycles. Therefore, the herb can act as a strong abortive agent. All you need to induce abortion with the help of the herb is prepare a mixture with the powder in warm water and consume it 3-4 times daily. It is recommended that you steer clear of ingesting root extracts or oils from the herb as they are not intended for internal consumption.

11. Ancient herbs

Black cohosh and blue cohosh, also known as Actaea racemosa and Caulophyllum thalictroides respectively, aid in abortion in their own ways. While the former readies the uterus for abortion in conjunction with red cohosh, the latter can trigger bleeding, enabling the safe passage of the fetus. The use of black cohosh is accompanied by some temporary side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and faintness although its use can significantly reduce one’s heart-rate as well. Therefore, its use is not advised in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

12. Vitamin C


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Consuming Vitamin C or ascorbic acid in high doses can inhibit the production of progesterone and bolster the production of estrogen- thereby, disrupting the maintenance procedure of the fetus in the uterine wall and allowing for the shedding of uterine lining via menstruation. For significant results, you must consume the vitamin as early as you conceive as the results take about 2-6 weeks for realization. You need to ensure that you are consuming the acid in pure form instead of rose hips or bioflavonoids. Ideally, 10-12 grams of consumption is recommended daily until the bleeding begins. But if you suffer from kidney stones, you should refrain from using Vitamin C as an abortive agent as it can worsen your condition.

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13. Parsley

Known to induce menstruation, parsley initiates contraction of uterine walls that leads to shedding. You could consume parsley leaves in raw form, extract its juice or prepare a herbal tea concoction to quicken the abortive process. Alternatively, you could also place parsley sprigs in your vagina- replacing them with fresh ones about 3-4 times each day to dilate your cervix and initiate uterine contraction.

14. Banana leaves and acacia

You need to mix unripe acacia pods with banana shoots in equal quantities and dry out the mixture. Add sugar to the dried mixture and grind it into a fine powder. Mix this powder with a glass of water each day until the bleeding begins.

Be safe!

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The Most Effective Home Remedies For Abortion In Early Pregnancy
Home remedies for abortion should only be used if prescriptive or surgical procedures aren’t viable recourse and the mother is still in the early stages of pregnancy.
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