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They Say Love Is Blind, But Does It Have To Be?

According to Greek mythology, when Cupid fell in love with Psyche; she accidentally spilled hot oil in his eyes and made him blind. Ever since that day, he blindly hits his arrows on people, often missing his target or forgetting the other person altogether!


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Cupid, being the angel of love had to do his job, but in the most flawed manner. Ironically, this is what love is all about – being imperfect. But when we are blinded by love, are we really able to see a sense of imperfection in the one we love? We are simply struck by Cupid and gradually start thinking beyond any laws of time and space to be with the one we love.

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We are ready to give everything we have in order to be with them and are willing to make even the biggest sacrifice of our life. But is it worth it?

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When the hurricane that was making a chaos in you is subsided and the flames of passion are exhausted by the hands of mundane, you realize that two broken and flawed souls only remain to repair the damage that was caused by your blind love for each other.

When you are blinded by love, you only think of the present. You want to be with the one you love by any means and in that process, you start losing things. You lose your sanity; you lose some of the best people in your life. Sometimes, you even lose yourself. Love is blind because it doesn’t consider any other reason. It doesn’t think of a future and is against a planned move. It demands attention and too often, it gives you the kind of high that often destroys your entire life.

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I have been blinded in love – more than once, and it never really resulted into something fruitful. Don’t get me wrong! I have nothing against love. I love love! But I don’t really enjoy how thoughtless it makes me feel sometimes. I have lost so much to be happy and be in love.

I always knew that love is blind, but it was only when I fell in love with someone, I truly understood what it meant. I realized that love could be the most dreadful drug in this world and even before I could understand what was happening with me, I knew I was addicted to it. I was attached to that one person and let my passion drive every major decision in my life, which of course, let to a road full of regrets.

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When you fall in love with someone blindly, it might look like the easiest thing. It is effortless and too often, we can’t stop it. But that is exactly when you need to remind yourself of the consequences. Test the water before you take the dive. Love is blind and a little reckless too. Don’t let the adrenaline rush to alter your mind. Don’t make the biggest mistake of your life and take a few steps back to know the difference between the right and the wrong.

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People find themselves in love, but it didn’t really happen to me. I fell in love with someone so passionately that I forgot who I was in the process of loving her and that one thing that still haunts me.

I am a little wiser now. The wounds are almost healed and only the scars remain to remind me of the mistakes that I once committed. Now, I fall in love, not when I want to, but when I think I am ready. My voice is heavier and I have removed the blindfold. I don’t fall in love with my eyes closed anymore. I don’t fall in love the way your fairytale hero does. Instead, I love the people around me, the way any human should – and that is enough for me.

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They Say Love Is Blind, But Does It Have To Be?
Is the 'love is blind' dictum slowly slipping into the territory of excuses to slip up?
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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