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Get Rid Of Myopia With These Easy And Natural Home Remedies

It is scary to think that one in five people in the world suffer from myopia, which makes learning about the home remedies for myopia pretty relevant. Myopia is a condition which is also known as nearsightedness. It is when a person is unable to see things properly because of refractive defect in their eyes. In this case, the most common solution is to get contact lenses or glasses. However, few people think about improving their eyesight, as a means to cure their myopia.

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If you think that nearsightedness or myopia cannot be cured with home remedies, or any remedies for that matter, then you are wrong. Like most other physical problems, it is curable, and what’s more exciting is that you can use some of the most common ingredients lying around at home to improve your eyesight. Before we can learn about these home remedies, here are some of the most common causes of myopia:

  • Working in low light
  • Working with small, intricate objects on a regular basis
  • Staring at LED screens for too long
  • Excessive use of lenses
  • Hereditary and genetic factors
  • Type II Diabetes

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If you haven’t developed advanced myopia, then it is recommended that you stop doing all of the above things immediately, unless of course your condition is genetic. However, no matter what stage you are in, it helps to know about the home remedies for myopia, which can help you recover and get better while regaining better vision.

1. Spending time outdoors

 woman outdoors

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A lot of people are taken aback when they read about this particular home remedy, because it doesn’t make use of any direct ingredient or food product or DIY concoction. It is a simple exercise, which asks you to go outside in the lap of nature and expose your eyes to as much greenery as possible.

The color green has been proven to have a soothing and cooling effect on the eye which can provide relief to your eyes, and prevent it from taking on too much strain. It is also a welcome break for your eyes, which has become accustomed to screens and artificial light.

2. Dogwood

A popular herbal remedy for people who are myopic is the use of Dogwood. It is a herb which is predominantly found in East Europe, Jamaica and North America, and has been used by several ancient cultures to cure the problem of myopia. It not only strengthens the muscles of the eyes, but also provides relief from the symptoms, which include headaches and nausea.

You can make a tea out of dried and crushed dogwood leaves, which are boiled in water and strained.

3. Carrots

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Since childhood our parents have been trying to tell us how carrots are a magic vegetable which can give us super-human eyesight. However, there is a scientific logic behind it, which makes carrots and several other veggies like tomatoes, oranges, apples and bell peppers some of the best vegetables you can have for poor eyesight.

Carrots contain a number of Vitamins including Vitamins A, B, D and E, along with a compound called beta-carotene, which is especially good for the eyes.

You can either have these vegetables raw, or you can also press them into juices, which can give you better eyesight in a matter of months.

4. Eye exercises

Practicing exercises with your eyes is another effective and rather innocuous way of getting rid of myopia. You don’t even have to get out of your bed to give your eyes the exercise it needs to function as it should. Simply, rolling your eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise, moving them from side to side and up and down is enough to give your eyes the exercise they need,.

You are can also take a pencil, hold it at arm’s length and gradually bring it closer to your face, while staring at it constantly. Blinking rapidly is also a good exercise for your eyes.

These exercises help in strengthening the muscle in your eyes, and gradually improve your blurry vision, so that after 6 months, you might not need your glasses at all!

5.Grape-seed oil

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Grape-seed oil is a wonderful home remedy for problems regarding eyesight, because it has compounds which can heal the damaged nerves and muscles. These damaged nerves might be the root cause of your inability to see. You can use grape-seed oil as an effective eye drop to get rid of your problems of myopia.

Wash your eyes and the area around it with water in which a couple of drops of grape-seed oil has been infused. If you do this regularly, then you will see a drastic improvement in your condition within a couple of months.

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6. Acupuncture

If you want to heal your myopia or nearsightedness on a more long-term, basis, then you can resort to acupuncture, which is part of ancient Chinese treatment methods. It is a process by which the pressure points of the body are stimulated, so that the right hormones and enzymes are released. This appeals to your core energy and heals you from within.

There are several pressure points on the orbit of your eye, which can stimulate the muscles and help you see better. If your myopia is caused by liver problems, kidney disease or diabetes, then too acupuncture is a great way to heal without the use of artificial chemicals and medicines.

7. Chamomile

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Chamomile is also an effective natural eye drop, which you can use to heal your condition. In fact, most of the medicinal remedies that are available in drug stores make use of the essence of the chamomile flower to create their eye drops.

The natural herbal properties of chamomile help your eyes rest and get relief from the constant strain that it is exposed to. It is also a muscle relaxant and strengthens your eyesight, so that you can see better.

8. Bilberry

Bilberry, which resemble blueberries are also a great herbal remedy for problems light shortsightedness and myopia. It is a berry which is rich in antioxidants, and is recommended because it has the ability to protect your eyes from the harm which is caused by harmful radicals.

It is a natural remedy which has the potential to reduce macular degeneration, and is recommended by doctors because it has been scientifically proven to strengthen and improve your eyesight. Consuming bilberries can prevent your condition from causing any long term damage to your vision and eyesight.

You can eat a cup of fresh bilberries every day. You can also add bilberry extract to your tea or water and consume two to three cups of that on a daily basis.

9. Yoga

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Even though yoga might not be a topical treatment for your eyeballs, it is nonetheless an overall exercise which helps you keep your body in perfect shape, health-wise. Along with eye exercises, if you can practice yoga on a daily basis, then you core strength will increase, along with your core energy, which can help heal your eyesight.

There are also specific asanas which focus exclusively on your eyes, and can help you regain your vision if you have been a victim of cataract or myopia.

10. Licorice

A lot of people recommend licorice as an effective home remedy against problems like myopia. It contains compounds which strengthen the eye muscles and prevent it from getting damaged permanently because of the free radicals. Even though it is a common ingredient in a lot of candies, the medicinal properties of licorice make it an ideal remedy for problems like myopia and poor eyesight.

You make licorice paste and consume that with a little sugar and almond meal. Licorice candy is also not a bad idea when it comes to using this root as a home remedy.

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11. Almonds


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Like carrots, almonds are also some of the most widely used home remedies for nearsightedness and myopia. It is rich in Vitamin A, good fats and antioxidants, all of which render your eyes and the muscles around with good health, so that any damaged your condition might have caused is effectively healed. Not only do almonds help in improving your eyesight, but also helps improve cognitive functions and increase concentration.

Soak five to ten almonds in warm water overnight. Eat the softened almonds in the morning on an empty stomach. The daily consumption of almonds can prove to be highly beneficial for your eye condition.

Even though glasses and spectacles are the prescribed method of treating myopia and is effective, you can also check out some natural remedies. Knowing about the natural home remedies for myopia can help you heal faster and help you see well, if you maintain a regular routine.

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