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14 Natural, Chemical-Free Home Remedies For ADHD

Recently, the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems has gained a lot of attention. This has reduced the pre-existing stigma around psychological problems and mental health considerably. More and more adults, as well as children have found the confidence to express their problems, leading to the proper, professional diagnosis of their condition. One such condition is ADHD, and you might be surprised to learn that there are several home remedies for ADHD and its various symptoms.

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ADHD, or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is a problem where the person is unable to concentrate and make definite decisions. People who suffer from ADHD may also develop learning disabilities, and slower cognitive developments. It may also distress the development of muscles.

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There are several reasons for ADHD. One might develop the condition because of heredity or genetics. It might also develop because of exposure to toxic substances and harmful chemicals through consumption or physical exposure. Diseases, injury or any other form of external trauma can also be a cause of ADHD. There are however, several home remedies for ADHD that you could apply to improve the condition, while simultaneously avoiding any harmful chemicals or artificial substances that may enter the body through ADHD medication.

1. Relaxation

For fear of sounding deceptively simple, the cure for hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder lies in relaxation and relaxing practices. Take out half an hour a day to simply relax your entire body. Get in touch with all your senses and everything that you feel around you. This relaxes the brain and sends you into a parasympathetic mode, which restores calm and focus into your body. It is best if you practice relaxation during the most hyper hours, such as after work, or before going to bed, when you feel your ADHD acting up.

2. Water

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Something as simple and easily accessible as water can be the solution to your ADHD. Water is one of the most neutral and nourishing elements in your diet, which can cure not only ADHD< but several other health problems in children and adults. Water, when consumed regularly can sooth your body, sooth your nerves and keep your hyperactivity under check. Instead of sodas and juices, which contain sugar which can aggravate the problem, drink water to get rid of the symptoms of ADHD.

3. Bacopa monnieri or Brahmi

Brahmi is a herb that has been used since ancient times as a cure for concentration and nerve problems. The herb, when absorbed by the body in the form of oil has multiple benefits, which is ideal for patients suffering from ADHD. It increases concentration power of the user, as well as cures a lot of cognitive disabilities. It renders clear thinking, which helps in calming the nerves and focused decision making. If consumed daily, or on a regular basis, the effects are long lasting.

4. Yoga

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If you are looking for a more regimented form of controlling your ADHD, then the best option is to practise yoga. It is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on specific parts of the mind and the body to heal you internally. It calls on your core energy, to ensure that any concentration or focus or functional problem that you might be having is significantly lesser, once you start practicing yoga on a regular basis. If you are unsure about how to proceed, enrol in classes till you get the hang of it, after which you can practice it on your own for half an hour every day.

5. Avoid allergens

One of the best ways of ensuring that the symptoms of ADHD do not act up is by avoiding food which might have allergens in them. You might or might not be directly allergic to the foods, but food items that are usually a source of allergies and irritation in the body are best avoided. It is also best to avoid processed food items like chocolate, potato chips, chewing gum, cereal, instant food products, dry mixes, etc.

6. Avoiding technology

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You might be surprised to find out how much technology results in health problems like ADHD. Therefore, home remedies for ADHD would obviously include the avoidance of technology. Ensure that for at least 2 hours a day, when you are awake, you actively avoid contact with technology. Staying plugged into computers and cell phones at all times exposes you to EMR or electromagnetic radiation, which contributes to attention-deficit disorders and can lead to fragmented thought-process because of possible distressors.

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7. Consumption of complex carbohydrate

Complex carbohydrates are known to act as relaxing agents, and can have a soothing effect on the entire nervous system in the body. Consumption of complex carbohydrates can also cure problems like restlessness, anxiety and depression. There are a number of fruits that are rich in complex carbs like oranges, kiwi, pineapple, lemons, grapefruit, etc.

8. Herbal tea

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One of the common symptoms of ADHD is insomnia, i.e.  the inability to sleep at night. This causes a lot of the stress, tension and anxiety one feels during the waking hours, when they are suffering from ADHD. Herbal tea is not only a great anti-oxidant, but it is also a natural sedative, without any of the side-effects. Consumption of herbal tea on a daily basis can help you overcome a lot of the problems that are typical of ADHD.

9. Grape seed extract

Grape seed is another great source of anti-oxidants, and in order to overcome ADHD< it is important to supply the body with enough anti-oxidants to cleanse the system. Grape-seed oil or dried and ground up grape seed can also help in protecting the brain from receiving toxic substances and harmful external chemicals, both of which can be serious causes of ADHD. Therefore, it serves preventive, as well as remedial functions.

10. Cold water fish

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Cold water fish like salmon, sardines, tuna and koi are rich in a compound called Omega 3, which is a kind of fatty acid, required by the body. Omega 3 can help solve any concentration problems that you might be having. It is also great for nervous problems and problems regarding cognitive development. Including it in your diet can act as an effective remedy for problems like ADHD.

11. Outdoor activities

Outdoors activities are a great way to let people suffering from ADHD feel free, and in control of their circumstances. Greenery, spending time with nature and exposure to fresh air can work wonders when dealing with problems of the immune system and psychological problems. It can help with learning disabilities, and it can also teach patients focus and concentration, when allowed to spend time and exercise outdoors. It is one of the best forms of tension relief.

12. Catnip

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Catnip is nature’s very own relaxant which can cure problems like hyperactivity, hysteria, insomnia, tension, stomach ache and other problems, which are all common side effects of having ADHD as an over arching problem. Catnip can be used to provide relief in more than one way, when mixed with herbal tea and green tea and consumed on a daily basis.

13. Hops

Hops is a kind of flower that is known for its calming and healing properties. It is one of the best relaxants, which can help keep problems like restlessness and tension in control. It is also a great cure for insomnia. It treats all these symptoms effectively, thereby reducing the problem of ADHD once and for all from the body and the mind. Hops can either be consumed in the form of a tea, or the pillows on which you sleep can be stuffed with the flowers to start seeing effects within a month.

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14. Breakfast


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Breakfast might sound like a weird home remedy for ADHD, but it is nonetheless, one of the most effective. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it is consumed first thing in the morning, therefore, it is responsible for controlling the metabolism of the body throughout the rest of the day. It also stabilizes the level of blood sugar in the body, and controls hormonal fluctuations. In order to have the right amount of effect on your ADHD problem, ensure that your breakfast contains at least 20g of protein, or protein supplements.

Apart from these home remedies for ADHD that you can actively use to see significant reduction in your problem, you also have to avoid certain things to make sure that while you are trying to heal; your problem doesn’t get aggravated. Things to avoid include-

  • Caffeine, in coffee or anything else
  • Processed food, especially those that contain food coloring and artificial preservatives
  • Sugars
  • Simple carbohydrates
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical medication (as much as possible)

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14 Fool-Proof Natural Home Remedies For ADHD
Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is a common problem that affects adults and children alike. Learn about some effective, natural home remedies for ADHD to cure the condition at home.
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