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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Need To Avoid – Now!

The very thought of cancer turns the entire world upside down. It is among the most dangerous diseases that a human being can battle in a lifetime. With the exponential growth of cancer fatalities, it should motivate us to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, reasons for cancer development vary from person to person. Nonetheless, one of the scariest causes is the food that you consume every day. Yes, you heard it right!

Unknowingly, we consume foods items that have cancer-causing elements. These elements, over a period of time, accumulate within the body and develop the bacteria responsible for the growth of cancer. However, it is possible to avoid the development of cancer by learning about the types of foods that are responsible for the increase in cancer.

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Read ahead to know the 15 cancer causing foods that you have to avoid at any cost!

1. Hydrogenated oils

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Like the vegetable oils, the hydrogenated oils contain trans fat. Trans fat is the worst fat that a human being could have and among all the fat variants existing in the food chain. Trans fat is responsible for causing problems in the immune system, heart disease, and cancer. There are no safe values prescribed for consumption for trans fat. Even the FDA made a preliminary determination that trans fat is not safe for consumption, despite previously being considered as safe for consumption. Avoid hydrogenated oils! A better way to lead a healthy lifestyle is by choosing palm, olive or coconut oil. You can even settle for organic butter, which has the good “fat” content.

2. Fries

Potato chips and French fries use the above said hydrogenated oil and heavy salt. You have already read the bad influence of the hydrogenated oil on your health. The heavy use of salt for taste in the fries is an alarming concern. It causes heart ailments and is the reason for the increase in your blood pressure. Apart from that, certain foods emit acrylamide acids when they reach high temperature for cooking. The National Cancer Institute confirmed that acrylamide is also present in foods, cigarette smoke, and in building materials. A study carried out by the Institute confirmed that both potato chips and French fries have a high content of acrylamide, which has a significant impact on cancer-causing bacteria. Additionally, potatoes belong to the “Dirty Dozen” group – a group that has high residues of pesticides among all the vegetables and fruits.

3. Popcorn

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Popcorn is the all-time favorite snack. However, the favorite microwave popcorn has a lot more than just kernels. Microwave oven-prepared popcorn has PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), a carcinogen which is a dangerous substituent that causes cancer! Additionally, microwaved popcorn that uses artificial butter has a hazardous chemical, which causes lung diseases when inhaled!!! A man even received US $7.2 million for acquiring “popcorn lung” due to excessive inhaling of microwave popcorn. You may not be so lucky. A better way to enjoy your popcorn is air popping the popcorn, and adding your flavoring agents.

4. Soda

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The next time you drink your favorite soda, remember that you are consuming empty calories and cancer-causing ingredients. In fact, regular consumption of soda leads to the development of gastroesophageal reflux diseases, insulin resistance, and promotes inflammation. The artificial agent used in the making of sodas, the Derivative 4-Methylimidazole, is directly related to cancer through many studies over the years.

5. Processed meats

The University of Hawaii carried out an extensive research that brought out some interesting facts about lunchmeat, sausages, bacon, hot dogs, and other processed meat. The study showed that processed meat is responsible for pancreatic cancer! Additionally, statistics shared by Organic Consumer’s Associated reveal that hot dogs contain sodium nitrite, the known cancer-causing element that the USDA has been trying to ban since the early 1970s. You want more?! The increasing consumption of hot dogs raised the number of people suffering from leukemia by over 700%!!! Reduce the intake of processed meats and look for the sodium nitrite content when you purchase meat products.

6. Farmed salmon


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Around 60% of the total population in the USA consumes farmed salmon. It being one of the most popular fish, is also the cause of cancer. The reason being the diet that the farming culture adopts. The diet contains antibiotics, chemical additives, pesticides, and known carcinogens. The use of these chemicals is to offer the consumer pinkish and appealing meat. Remember that just because something looks good, does not mean that it is healthy. Additionally, farmed salmons have mercury and cancer-causing dioxins, which are sure to cause cancer with regular consumption.

7. Fruits

Yes, fruits! They are now dangerous and have all the pesticides and chemical agents responsible for causing cancer. Fruits, which are rich sources of essential nutrients, are now a threat to health. The growing unnatural farming methods are increasing the risk of potential cancer-causing agents to prevail inside and outside the fruits. A better way to enjoy fresh fruits is by choosing organic farming fruits, which are equally becoming popular across the US.

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8. Processed white flour

If you have not heard the news, here it is – processed white flour is dangerous to health. For everyone, the refining and milling process kills all the essential nutrients present in white flour. Moreover, instead of allowing the flour to turn white naturally over a period, mills are now adopting speedy procedures by using chemicals. The processed flour is high on the glycemic index, meaning that it is directly responsible for diabetes, and promotes the growth of cells that spread and develop cancer.

9. Glyphosate

The genetically modified organisms (GMO) are now widespread across every ready-to-eat food. GMO foods have glyphosate, or engineered to kill germs and bugs by having high toxin content. Glyphosate, which is a common pesticide used for GM crops and 200 other crops, is directly linked to birth defects, death, intestinal discomfort, and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The only way to overcome such a menace is by choosing certified organic food items.

10. Smoked foods

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Image source: Youtube

Smoked foods such as meat, fish, nuts and more have unhealthy nitrates. Although there is no direct relation to cancer, transforming into N-nitroso is possible when the chemical is inside the body. Keep away from smoked foods, and choose a normal cooking procedure to protect your health.

11. Artificial sweeteners

It is a misconception that artificial sweeteners are good for health. In reality, it is entirely the opposite. It is difficult for the human system to deal with the blood sugar. Artificial sweeteners have a chemical called aspartame, which breaks down into a toxic known as DKP, which produces cancer-causing chemicals.

12. Canned tomatoes

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Be cautious if you are a keen purchaser of canned food products. Yes, canned products, especially canned tomatoes that are available in your local grocery store contain a highly toxic chemical lining in the cans – bisphenol-A. The chemical is responsible for the growth of cancer-causing cells in the body.

13. Alcohol

Alcohol has forever been known to create problems for the human body. The increased consumption of alcohol leads to cancer. It is second only to tobacco as the primary cause of cancer. Moderate consumption is acceptable and even good for health! However, excessive intake leads to cancer, making it a deadly substance that is readily available everywhere.

14. Diet foods

Foods labeled as diet or low fat contain aspartame, a dangerous substance, which is prone to aid development of cancer-causing cells. These foods are rich sources of artificial aromas and ingredients, which are also excessive in sodium and additives that become addictive within a short period. Avoiding such foods is an excellent way to stop damaging your health.

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15. Dairy products

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

According to Cancer Research UK, proteins available in the milk and milk products increase the chances of ovarian and prostate cancer. The reason behind this is because of the contamination and the use of dairy fats. The European Prospective Investigation in Cancer is working to discover the connection between cancer and nutrition, and may soon reveal the mystery behind milk.

Now that you have obtained knowledge about various cancer inducing foods, it is time for you to change your food habits. Ensure that the food products that you buy do not contain the elements that promote the growth of cancer cells. Rather than adopting a fast-paced life with junk food, select organic food produce that is rich in nutrients and essential vitamins.

Learning in detail about cancer causing foods will help you avoid the development of cancer and other ailments that degrade your overall health. Exercising alone will not help you lead a healthy lifestyle. It is also essential that you watch what you eat. Prepare good eating habits by following a program that will lead you to find organic produce after ditching cancer causing foods, which paves a path toward good health, prolonging your lifespan, and avoiding unwanted ailments at different stages of the life.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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15 Cancer Causing Foods You NEED To Avoid - NOW!
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