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Yes, I Am Grinning: 17 BIG And Small Things That Make Us Stupidly Happy

“Happiness is a choice.”

Oh, you bet it is.

Not giving a damn to those long brooding nights spent hugging your pillow in your oversized tee on insomniac nights, there are so many things that make us happy. Some big, some small, some rational and some not quite.


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Here are 17 (in)sane things that make you happy, stupidly so, because big happiness often lies in small things:

1. Love

Of course, LOVE tops the list. With so many impostors of love doing the rounds, spotting one true love makes us HAPPY. I bet, there are few things as happy as having Mr. Right by your side all the friggin time.

2. Free food

Hey, do I even need to explain, why? Om nom nom *devours food devilishly*

3. Shower songs

I don’t care how bloated my voice is, shower songs makes me peppy and super happy. I will sing because I can after all, isn’t life too short to do everything right?


Seriously! The sheer pleasure when you defeat the likes of Superman to save the drowning biscuit in the cup of tea! Bitch please, I am the HERO! Why is no one hailing my name!

5. The colder side of the pillow

Don’t we flash the 32 HappyDent teeth when you turn the pillow and damn the colder side greets you? It makes my sleeping time all the more worthwhile.

6. Leg in, leg out

Oh how do I forget the happiness when you get the quilt and the weather perfectly right! With one leg in, one leg out, you beat the quilt and the weather and then you snore like a boss!

7. A five dollar bill in an old pair of pants

A gift from me to me? You bet! This one never fails to rev the happiness meter up to the roof.

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8. Window seat

Doesn’t matter how old you are, window seats still make you go goofy with happiness!

9. No boss

Oh dear, imagine being to your office only to find your boss shipped safely on a surprise vacation – sheer happiness.

10. Extra holiday

Don’t we all love it when you get an unexpected holiday because extra sleep and palak ke pakodebaat ban jaye!

11. Perfect selfie

After hours of makeup and too many pouts, the happiness of having the perfect selfie – TOPS IT!

12. Secret admirer

Sigh! I never got the joy of this, but trust girls to revel in the glory of the secret admirer.

13. PJs

No matter how hot you look in the Armani outfit, the happiness in your PJS is pretty priceless.

14. SALE

Hey, how do you expect me to type the reason when there’s a sale ongoing? More stuff, less money. GO SHOP!

15. TGIF

Dude, I hate waking up on Fridays and knowing that it is just Tuesday. Fridays stand for fun and happiness always!

16. 5 more minutes

Ooh darling, the extra 4 to 5 minutes of sleep when you chant, “mummy some do” is what tops the happiness quotient of my day.

17. Pay day, of course

At the end, that message on the 1st of the month which lets you know that your salary has been credited – ah, the feeling is so top of the world!

Isn’t this the perfect 17 things that make you happy? We bet we are all simple, life just gets complicated!

Now, there you go –flash that big smile and take this heart of mine!

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17 BIG And Small Things That Make You Happy, Stupidly So
Are these the things that make you happy?
Shruti Fatehpuria

Shruti Fatehpuria

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