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20 Failsafe Tips On How To Keep Your Man Happy

Do you want to be the perfect gal for your man? Well, you need to find out everything about what your man really desires from you, to know how to keep your man happy! Here are 20 practical tips that can come in handy!

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A happy relationship is difficult to share, but it is totally worth it! You and your partner may already be a part of the perfect romantic relationship. But, there are times when it takes more than mere loving gestures to keep him pleased and interested!

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Love is an experience shared by two people, and your behavior towards one another can impact your minds and the happiness & health of your relationship.

Your man may have, by this time, proclaimed that you are a great lover. But are you a great companion too? Because, without that a couple cannot enjoy the romantic pleasures of the bond they share!

How to keep your man happy

First things first, being unconditional in your love and support towards your lover should go without saying! In addition to that, if you use these 20 practical tips, and yet, your man’s behavior is border-line selfish and ungrateful, you will have to confront him about the same, and re-evaluate your relationship, for your own happiness!

Just follow these tips on how to keep your man happy, and you will definitely be doing your part in preserving the bliss of your relationship, to the tee!

1. Admire and applaud him in front of your friends and his


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When you, being the woman of his dreams, show gratitude towards him, in front of people he and you are close to, he is sure to reciprocate the thankfulness. He will be gladder than he is right now, to have someone like you in his life; someone who supports him and understands him.

2. You will have to make him feel secure

See, men have enormous egos. Plus, they are awfully delicate when it comes to the woman they love! They can be easily threatened if they are pushed into their insecure shells. So, darling, you have to stop making him feel that way, if you want to keep him happy! Make him feel he is the only one who you will ever kiss good night, and he is all yours!

3. When in bed, take the lead

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How about trying it out once? Experimenting and willing to try different things in the bedroom is another tip to help you keep your lover happy. The biggest reason, okay one of them, why couples start drifting apart is because things start getting very boring in the bedroom. Monotony and boredom don’t fascinate anyone! So, keep things sexy, and he is sure to be awe-struck by you, forever and always!

4. Inspire him in his undertakings

Picking flaws in a man, yours or someone else’s, is easy. But, forging a happy relationship is anything but easy! Don’t oppose your lover’s ideas for the pleasure of opposing. If you really feel that what he is doing, or planning to do, is not good, give him a rational judgement. This way you will bring out the best in him. Motivate him to achieve his destiny.

5. Keep him surprised


Surprise him now and then by buying him things he really loves. When shopping alone, shop for him too, not just what you would want him to have, but also what he would love to possess! These little, thoughtful gifts go a long way in keeping a relationship healthy and happy.

6. Try to cook him what he loves

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And if you cannot cook, order the dish! It’s a cliché, yes, but that is the way to your man’s heart! When he gets a gastronomical orgasm, you will be benefitted by it, soon(est)!

7. Through your actions, remind him that he is lucky to have you

Baby, be a charmer. Be your graceful self, who is the centre of everybody’s attention! Awe him wherever you are. He will soon realize that he is one fortunate fellow to have a woman like you by his side! Take the air out of any room you set foot in!

Essentially, be yourself!

8. Shower him with special gestures

That too, out of the blue! If you really want to find out what makes a man happy, the secret is: Special gestures shouldn’t be made a routine! Be super nice, now and then! The male folks have a tendency to take their women for granted. So, don’t make the mistake of turning your gestures into routine.

9. Don’t let go of the child in you

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Yes, you are a grown up, so what?! One should never forget the happy, fun-loving, baby within them. Most women, after entering a relationship, tap into their motherly instincts, and totally put a full-stop on the child in them. Instead of yelling at your man for being child-like, join him in the fun!

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10. Make him feel needed

Yes, you are an independent gal, who doesn’t need no one! But men are inborn protectors, and even if you can take care of yourself, make him feel like you couldn’t have made it without him by your side. Once he realizes that you need him so, he will cling on to you, coz it makes him feel good from within!

11. Give him space

Like you need yours, so does he. Understand that, and respect it. Like Gibran rightly said,

“Stand together, yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

Give each other space, and see how your love blossoms into something magical!

12. Instead of criticizing him, support him when he is down

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The “I told you, didn’t I?” attitude has to go! That is ego shattering, and extremely unhealthy in any relationship, romantic and otherwise. When your man feels like he has lost, don’t kick him in the wrong places!! This is not the time to make him feel worse for the decisions he has taken, but the time for you to hold him tight, and tell him that everything’s going to be okay. Don’t make him hate himself!

13. Ask for his help, from time to time

All men, barring some exceptions, think of themselves as intellectuals with almost divine problem-solving abilities. As long as you are all ears to what he has got to say about the situation, he will swell with joy and love!

14. When hurt, be all helpless in his arms

Had a bad day at work? Was someone rude to you at the subway? When anything like that happens, go to your man, and hold him tight. He will be overwhelmed with love for you. It will give him elated happiness to know that he is the only person who can make you feel better.

15. Look worth a million bucks when around him

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And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be all dressed up like you are invited to some party, all the time! You can be sexy by the way you do things, and the way you talk to him! I call that “looking sexy without trying!”

16. Compliment him

Men may pretend as if they don’t care two pennies about compliments, but my lady, they are suckers for them! Compliment your lover for his physique, for the way he does things, for his intellect, blah, blah! He will be elated to know that you notice how great he is!

17. Don’t undermine this man of yours

Shriveling your man’s ego by making him feel less of a person, is something awful a woman can do! Don’t yell at him in public. Don’t put his decisions down just for the sake of disapproving. If you keep doing this to him, he will end the relationship or look for someone else who respects hm.

It’s simple: Treat him the way you want him to treat you!

18. Hitting him below the belt, is not allowed unless it becomes necessary

Don’t keep bugging him about the ex, or his mother, or how lousy his job is! Don’t do this even when you are trying to hurt him coz he hurt you first! That’s just stupid! Fight fair in your relationship, if you have to.

19. Stand up for this guy whenever he needs you to

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If your man is feeling helpless, he will not tell you! Whenever he is cornered, you need to step into the warzone, and battle it out for him. Be his queen in shining armor! You will be surprised to see tears in your man’s eyes for finding a lady as remarkable as you!

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20. Respect your man

All of us crave for respect more than love. You may talk stupid with your man, and put him down in jest. However, be careful where you draw the line! Avoid ridiculing him in public. He will soon realize that you respect him, and he is sure to reciprocate the same, and that’s the recipe for a perfect relationship!

So if you are really interested in keeping your man happy, you have to make a conscious effort and work on these tips, to fill your relationship with joy and love.

That’s a wrap for now. For more on love, life, ad relationships, sign up for our newsletter today! Ciao!

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20 Practical Tips On How To Keep Your Man Happy
Do you wish to be the perfect gal for your man? Here are 20 practical tips that can come in handy when you want to know how to keep your man happy!
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