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Want To Work Those Triceps? Try These Bodyweight Exercises Now!

Before we get into the easiest bodyweight tricep exercises for men and women that will give your perfectly toned arms, let us tell you briefly, why you need to exercise. Yes, there are folks who still question the importance of physical activities! If you are not one of them, then you can skip to the next section where we list the tricep workouts.

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Importance of exercising regularly

1. It helps build your aerobic power

In case you are not aware, the aerobic capacity of a body is one’s power to work at their maximum capacity by making use of maximum oxygen from the air and transferring it to the body’s tissues.

On an average, people lose a per cent a year of their aerobic ability, which makes ten per cent every ten years. No wonder, old people huff and puff so much, right?

By exercising regularly, you can lower tis loss of aerobic capacity by half.

2. Exercise helps improve the circulation of blood

Exercise improves the circulation of blood through our system. The exercises which aim at relaxing our body, helps increase the flood of blood to our hands and feet. This, in turn, ensures more oxygen reaches our cells. As a result, our cells function better.

The twisting exercises of bodyweight work outs squeeze out the toxic poison from our cells and internal organs. Consequently, more oxygenated blood reaches our organs. The level of hemoglobin in our blood is also enhanced by exercise. It makes the platelets less sticky, and lowers the amount of clot-causing proteins present in our blood. Blood clots can cause strokes, and so, training your body prevents such strokes and decreases risks of a cardiac arrest. 

3. By working out you lower your blood pressure

Chronic hypertension is one of the primary reasons of cardiac diseases and disorders. Hypertension is usually caused by the blockage of arteries by the built-up fat and cholesterol. By exercising on a daily basis, you attack this plaque in the arteries, which in turn helps, regulate your blood pressure. The arteries are cleared of the blockage which improves their ability to pump the blood to your heart and the rest of the body.

4. Exercise helps lower the risk of type 2 diabetes

The type 2 diabetes has become a global public health crisis. Developing a type-2 diabetes is very risky for one’s physical well-being. However, by exercising daily you can lower this risk by improving your body’s ability to metabolize glucose, which is the best way of preventing this disease.

5. Strengthens your immune system

Our immune system is critical to ensuring that we don’t get sick or weak. It protects us from harmful toxins, bacteria and all kinds of diseases. The immune system also improves the body’s response to stress.

Exercising every day can lower the deleterious effects of aging on this regulatory system, which in turn, maintains your health and wellbeing.

6. Exercising helps improve breathing

As we grow older, the tissues of our lungs change in ways that exercise cannot alter or restore. Nonetheless, when you work out regularly, you help your lungs open up, which increases the flow of oxygen and expulsion of carbon dioxide from the body.

Exercise also enhances the efficiency with which oxygen permeates the cells of the body. This improves its aerobic capacity, which we just discussed.

7. Your energy levels are revved up

When you work out, your body works more efficiently. As a result, you have more oxygen to fuel your body’s cells. Also, there will be fewer occurrences of body pain, aches or signs of fatigue etc.

8. Exercise improves your sleep cycle

Sleeping longer won’t help you reap the advantages of a good sleep. Remember the days when you are successful at work or having a very fulfilling relationship, or were growing in your spiritual life. During these days, you will notice that you boomed in the adequate number of hours (8 for an adult). Oversleeping isn’t the solution but the problem. Often, when we are sad or stressed, we use sleep as a drug that shields us from the pain of reality. We just want to evade consciousness for as long as it is possible. Also, when you oversleep, you will notice that you don’t wake up all fresh and ready to take on the world. Rather, you are all groggy, uninspired and guess what, tired.

By exercising, you can improve your sleep cycle, so that you sleep better than longer!

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Easiest bodyweight tricep exercises for you

Here are 8 of the most effective bodyweight tricep exercises for both men and women.

1. Plyometric narrow-grip pushups or modified narrow-grip pushups

The first exercise on our list today is a plyometric narrow-grip pushup, also called, modified narrow-grip pushups. For this, get into the pushup position while keeping the elbows tight to your sides. Slowly lower your body to the ground, and hold the posture for three to five secs. Now lift your hands off the ground and explode up. Quickly come back to a narrow-grip pushup position. Perform 5 reps of this, slowly increasing the duration as your triceps get stronger.

2. Triceps Bodyweight Extension

For the triceps bodyweight extension, you need to use a racked barbell 4’ off the ground. Hold the bar overhand, and get your body into a plank position. Make sure your core is engaged. When your head moves under the bar, you need to push your body backward and get to the starting position. Straighten the elbows and let them relax for a second or two. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

3. Bench Dips

Bench dips look pretty simple, but they work your triceps like no other exercise. For this, sit on the bench (you can even go for a sturdy and stable chair). Now start with the elbows and the core tight. Your hands should point forward. Grip the end of the chair or the bench, and slowly lower your body down. Your elbows need to move backward until they form a 90-degree angle with the bench. Lower your body as much as you can, and then hold that posture for 3 seconds. With time you need to increase the duration of the posture. Slowly, lift yourself up, and repeat the exercise.

4. Diamond Pushups

Get into a pushup position. Your hands need to be in a diamond position under your chest. Keep your elbows tight to your sides. Slowly lower your body to the floor. As you lift your body back using your triceps and your core, try screwing your hands firmly on the floor. The elbows should not flare out, though. So please be careful.

5. Plank-to-Pushup

For this exercise, get into a plank position, placing your forearms under your shoulders. Slowly drive the forearms toward the ground, and using your triceps, get onto your palm. Drop back down on your forearms, and repeat the exercise.

6. Press Up

Get into a cobra position. In case you don’t know what that is, here is what you need to do: sleep on your stomach and hands. Keep your hips down, screwed to the floor. Drive your hands into the floor and straighten your arms. Slowly raise your upper body. The tension in the triceps must be maintained, so do not straighten them completely. Return to the start position and repeat the exercise.

7. Close-Grip Pushup

For a close-grip pushup, you need to get into a regular pushup position, while keeping your hands shoulder-width apart. Keeping the core tight, lower your body until the chest is just above the floor. Now push up to the starting position.

8. Handstand Pushup

For a handstand pushup, you need to find a straight wall that you can use as support. Now get into a handstand position, while leaning on the wall. Keep your heels screwed into the wall. Your face must be away from the wall. Keeping your arms closer (make sure they are closer than should-width), slowly bend your elbows. Ensure they don’t flare up. Now drive your hands into the floor, and slowly straighten your elbows. Repeat the workout five times, increasing the reps with time.

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That is all we have on today’s post that discussed best body weight leg exercises for you. Did you find this useful? Do you have some specific query that the article didn’t address? You can ask that in the comment section below, and our experts will get back to you immediately.

Stay glued to this space for all fitness related news, tips and inspiration.

See you again soon!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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8 Easy Bodyweight Tricep Exercises For Men And Women For Perfectly Toned Arms
From bench dips and plyo pushups to plank pushups and pressups, here are 8 of the most effective bodyweight tricep exercises for both men and women.
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