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Get Strong Shoulders With These Awesome Workouts

Do you exercise? No? Well, your heart, lungs and muscles, must love you then! The best way to ensure that your vital organs don’t work well as you age; that your joints become stiff and brittle; and that you become flabby, but have no energy to do anything; is to not workout.


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Inactivity is a greater health risk than smoking, by the way! Before we tell you about some of the best bodyweight shoulder exercises, let us just run you through some of the benefits of exercising. Shall we?

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1. By exercising regularly, you can prevent diseases to a great extent

Believe it or not, our bodies crave workouts. By training on a regular basis, you can ensure physical fitness as well as good mental health. Working our everyday lowers high blood pressure, reduces risks of a heart disease, and delays the early signs of aging.

2. You can improve your stamina by working out

When we work out, our body needs energy. Aerobic movements are constituted of constant, but rhythmic physical motion that restore the heart beat rate to normal. This, in turn, enhances your stamina as it trains your body to use less energy and yet be more efficient in undertaking the same amount of load. Gradually, your conditioning level improves, and so does your heart rate, breathing etc. Also, you will need lesser resting time while carrying out strenuous and rigorous activities.

3. Training your body strengthens and tones your muscles

Using weights and performing resistance training by using your bodyweight can help you develop your bones, muscles as well as strengthen your ligaments. Not just do they help you become stronger, but also increase your endurance. Your posture is amended and you can expect your body to be firm and toned. And when you look better, you feel better, right?

4. Calisthenics helps enhance flexibility of the body

Bodyweight exercises help you enhance your posture by making you more flexible. They help keep the body lithe, and so, you can bend, twist, and twirl without a hitch. When your body is suppler due to exercise, the chances of getting injured is also lowered because your balance and coordination is improved greatly.

People who have stiff tension areas in their body, especially the hips and the shoulders, must perform exercises that involve stretching. These stretches will help you loosen up the muscles, which will automatically relax your body, and hence, the mind.

5. Circulation of blood improves

Exercise improves the circulation of blood through our system. The exercises which aim at relaxing our body, helps increase the flood of blood to our hands and feet. This, in turn, ensures more oxygen reaches our cells. As a result, our cells function better.

The twisting exercises of bodyweight work outs squeeze out the toxic poison from our cells and internal organs. Consequently, more oxygenated blood reaches our organs. The level of hemoglobin in our blood is also enhanced by exercise. It makes the platelets less sticky and lowers the amount of clot-causing proteins present in our blood. Blood clots can cause strokes, and so, training your body prevents such strokes and decreases risks of a cardiac arrest.

6. Workouts help build better coordination

Performing a bench press or a good barbell squat does require coordination, nobody is denying that; however, the amount of coordination a freestanding handstand needs is far greater, won’t you agree?

 A week of training can teach a novice weightlifter how to lift most barbells, but perfecting calisthenics moves can take years of practice. And during these years you learn body coordination like never before. Refining your technique will help you enhance your control over your body as well as coordinate your movements.

Doing a freestanding handstand, for instance, can be initially done by using a wall for support. Slowly you can lower the time you need to rest your feet on the wall and maintain balance. Before you know it, you will be performing a headstand fully on your hands with wonderful coordination of your body.

7. Exercising helps improve quality of life

When you begin exercising frequently, you will soon find reasons on why you should exercise, and one such reason is that it enhances your quality of life. You start treating your body as a temple. You eat only good things, things that will help your body be more energetic and active. You will discard the sedentary lifestyle because you will realize how harmful it is to your physical as well as mental health.

8. When you exercise regularly, you sleep better

According to a recent poll conducted by the American National Sleep Foundation, people who exercise regularly get far better (sounder) sleep than their peers who do not exercise or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sleep isn’t only necessary for providing your body the much-required rest, but it is also essential for learning. Research shows, during our sleep, our brain works really hard to optimally save up all fundamental memories from the day before. The brain, while we are catching our forty winks, distills the memories from the previous day, and then separates them into chunks that are comprehensible. This process goes on at different hours in the night.

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Bodyweight shoulder exercises

Here are some of the simplest, yet most effective body weight shoulder exercises.

1. Handstand Push Ups

The first bodyweight exercise you must try for stronger and more toned shoulders is the handstand push up. Don’t lose your head by difficult it sounds. The handstand involved in this workout does not have to be as accurate as the one performed by a gymnast. With regular practice, you will get there. For beginners, a very easy variant of this exercise can be designed by using a wall for support. Lean on the wall while doing the presses.

2. Pull Ups

You cannot have a list of bodyweight exercises for the shoulders and leave out pull-ups. You need a bar for this. Grab it with your hands, while keeping them at shoulder-width apart. Now slowly pull your chest toward the bar. Then, lower yourself while keeping the body in control, and come back to the start position.

Throughout the workout, try to keep your abs and glutes squeezed. Also, make sure, your shoulder blades are pulled back and your feet are below you. Do not give in to the temptation of swinging; it can wreak havoc on your wrists.

3. Plank triceps extension

Many call this a tough move, but you can slowly perfect the position with time. Remember this is not a competition; this is art. Getting into a perfect plank position where your body is flat, glutes squeezed tight and core engaged, can help you build a torso that many cannot even dream about. While performing the plank triceps extension make sure your elbows are tight throughout.

4. Pike Push Ups

For those of you who struggle with the handstand push up (the first exercise we just discussed), you can try a pike push up instead. This is an amazing alternative to the more challenging shoulder workout. In this, you can support your legs while performing the presses. In this exercise, there is more pressure on the core than on the shoulders.

5. Push-Back Push-Ups

Did you know that a push-up exercise that works on the chest specifically can be made into one that effectively tones the shoulder? Yes, the push-back push-up is a hybrid variation of push up workouts. The pressing action it performs mimics the one your body feels during an incline press.

6. Reverse Burpees

Next shoulder workout that you should try is the reverse burpees. This is a dynamic and definitely more challenging variant of the push-back push-up that we just discussed above.

7. Shoulder YTL Circuit

The shoulder YTL circuit is the best shoulder exercise that works on your rhomboids, middle trapezius, and lower trapezius effectively. The added advantage you have when you perform this bodyweight workout is that it also hits your deltoids.

This exercise ensures that your shoulders are strengthened. They also lower your chances of getting injured by improving upper body flexibility.

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That is all we have in today’s post that discussed the most effective bodyweight shoulder exercises. Did you find this useful? Do you have some specific query that the article didn’t address? You can ask that in the comment section below, and our experts will get back to you immediately.

Stay glued to this space for all fitness related news, tips and inspiration.

See you again soon!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Simple And Effective Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises for Men And Women
Here are some of the simplest, yet most effective bodyweight shoulder exercises.
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