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The Many Benefits Of Almond Oil For Your Skin, Hair, And Health

Almonds taste utterly delicious when eaten raw, smoked, or roasted, and they are a healthy nut that dieticians encourage us to eat as part of a rich and balanced diet. Almond oil can also be used for various purposes. The oil that these nutritious almonds yield can be made into almond milk or even almond butter.


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Here are some popular uses of almond oil that makes it such a popular choice for every health-conscious individual:

1. The almond milk is used to make several sweet dishes.

2. Almond oil is a fantastic source of vitamin E.

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3. Though the fat content of almond oil is pretty high, reaching up to 49%, it is the kind of fat that is essential for good health and is not overly fatty. Almond oil has monounsaturated fat, or oleic acid, which is the good variety of fat and gives you energy and stamina.

4. In some woodwind instruments, like the clarinet or oboe, almond oil is used to condition the wood. The use of almond oil as a wood conditioner is gradually increasing.

5. Massage therapists use almond oil regularly in order to lubricate skin while giving a massage. Almond oil is an excellent emollient.

Almond oil is also used to make specific beautifying products. The surprising fact about it is that it was started to be used in beauty products much earlier than the scientific benefits of almond oil were discovered. Almond trees were originally cultivated in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean region, and are extremely popular in these areas. Almond kernels and the oil that was extracted from these almonds were discovered to be really helpful in order to improve skin and heart health. The various benefits of almond oil became more widely known and more commonly used all over the world. Through scientific research, it was discovered that almond oil is rich in proteins, zinc, potassium, fatty acids, and other minerals and vitamins, making it very good for hair, skin, and even the heart. Almond oil has two popular variations. This oil comes in bitter form and also in sweet form.

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Now, let’s take a look at all the benefits of almond oil for your skin, hair, and health.

1. It gives you flawless and smooth skin

Did you know that almond oil is hypoallergenic and very mild, making it suitable to use even on a toddler’s skin? If you rub the oil on your skin after your bath, you will be surprised to see how easily it gets absorbed in your skin. For even better results, you can warm up the oil a bit before you directly apply it on your skin.

2. Almond oil cures dark circles

If you gently rub in some almond oil regularly around your eyes, then the oil will lighten dark circles in very little time.

3. Almond oil can also heal rashes

When you are suffering from rashes, then just rub some almond oil over the affected area and the rashes will be cured in no time.

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4. Almond oil can drastically improve your memory

Are you looking for ways and means to improve the overall function of your memory? The traditional practice in many Asian countries is to soak a few almonds overnight and then eat the almonds along with the water first thing the next day. They believe that doing this will help a person remember things better. Modern scientific research has also discovered that almond oil has similar benefits, and upon consuming almond oil, the power of the brain also improves a lot. The good fats, minerals, vitamins, and the proteins found in these nuts really help in improving your memory.

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5. Almonds are really good for the heart

Almonds have a lot of substances that are good for heart health. Those who are suffering from heart issues are advised to eat almonds on a regular basis. The oleic acid that is present in almond oil is considered to be even more helpful for the heart because it is a kind of monounsaturated fatty acid that is beneficial for the human heart. If you want to reduce your blood pressure and also increase your HDL cholesterol then you must opt for almond oil, as it has a lot of omega 9 fatty acids. If you use a little almond oil regularly in your salad dressing, then you will be able to naturally improve the health of your heart.

6. Almond makes your nails look healthier

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Almond oil is a good method for maintaining the perfect glossy look of your nails. So if you think that your nails are looking thin and if they are chipping off very easily, then you should know that this means that you are suffering from a major deficiency of the right kind of minerals. Pamper your nails with the right kind of almond oil nail treatment and you will see your nails become healthier in no time. To give yourself that nail treatment, just warm some almond oil and rub it all over your cuticles. For best results, you need to do this every day, but if you don’t have the time, then repeat this process at least every week. You will eventually see that your nails are becoming thicker and smoother, not to mention healthier.

7. Almond oil prevents hair loss

Are you suffering from excessive hair loss? If that is the case, then almond oil can easily cure the problem. Losing almost a hundred hairs every day is a natural phenomenon. Such hair loss shouldn’t alarm you as hair continuously regrows to make up for the losses. However, unnatural hair loss is caused by the lack of certain nutrients in your diet. Not having enough magnesium, zinc, and most importantly, calcium, leads to such drastic hair loss. To make up for this deficiency, you should use almond oil on your hair by warming it up and rubbing it all over your scalp every night before going to bed. To enjoy the benefits of almond oil through consumption, you can add a few drops while having smoothies or salad.

8. Almond oil adds luster to your hair

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Sometimes your hair becomes dull and loses its shine. To get shinier hair, just massage some almond oil on a weekly basis and you will find that your hair has regained its shine and luster.

9. Almond oil also helps with dandruff

Almond oil not only helps your hair stay healthy, beautiful, and long, but also has properties that prevent and cure dandruff. So if you are looking for a remedy that keeps dandruff at bay, then almond oil should definitely be your choice.

10. Almond oil is an extremely effective laxative

This is indeed one of the most valuable properties of almond oil. It helps to cure constipation and promotes easy bowel movement.

11. Almond oil can really relax your muscles

Who said almond oil is only good for your skin and hair? A thorough massage with almond oil can relax and sooth muscles that are sore and/or stressed.

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12. Almond oil is anti-hepatotoxic

Research has discovered that almond oil can help eliminate toxins from the liver. So if you are suffering from liver problems, then go ahead and use some almond oil.

13. Almond oil is anti-inflammatory

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Almond oil can drastically reduce inflammation when used topically and it can also serve the same purpose when it is consumed.

These are just a few of the many uses for almond oil. To reap the endless benefits of almond oil, start using it on your hair and skin, along with adding it to your diet whenever you can.

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