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10 dating turn-offs that you didn’t know you possessed

More often than not you realize that after going out for a couple of times, the cute girl or guy that you had gone out with, has suddenly stopped contacting you without citing any specific reason. Heartbreaking as this may feel, you have to get over the feeling of rejection and figure out what had made them behave that way. There are some basic turn offs that people find to be pretty unbearable, and for all you know, you might have gotten rejected because of something that you did without even realizing it.

1. Talking about your ex: People just don’t like it when their love interest goes on and on about their ex. You can even make it worse by speaking about more than one ex.

talking about an ex

Your current significant other might assume that you are still stuck in the past, and will hesitate from planning any kind of future with you. So refrain from digging up the past, and focus and make the most of the present.

2. Be an individual: You have to show the person you are dating that you have a personality of your own and that your life does not revolve around the relationship that you are presently in.

be an individual

They must see that you are an independent being who loves himself/herself as much as you love them. By doing this you will also make them love you for what you are.

3. Keep the mystery alive: Don’t blabber too much in front of your date. People like being with someone that they find enigmatic and full of surprises. This is a tip that you must keep in mind when you are just beginning to date someone.

keeping the mystery alive

If you tell them practically every little thing about your past and present, then there won’t be anything to look forward to in the long run. Speak about things that are absolutely essential and let your lover discover you bit by bit.

4. Going crazy with the perfume bottle: This is a turn off that might seem insignificant but can be actually unbearable for the person in your company. Often, you might want to use perfume to smell nice for your beloved, but may unknowingly overdo it. Too much perfume is a major turn off for most people; no one would want to be in the presence of someone who smells like she is doused in a bucketful of artificial scent. A small amount is fine, as long as the odor is not too strong, and it matches with the occasion and your dress.

being smelly

On a related note, make sure that you don’t have an odious body odor either. Just as too much perfume is a turn-off, unpleasant body odor isn’t a picnic either.

5. Keep a perfect balance: Another important pointer, mostly for girls, is that she should check how she is behaving in front of her date and not seem like she is too easy. Simultaneously, she should also not play too hard to get.

perfect balance

Drawing a balance between the two is important, as an extreme of either will frustrate and discourage your boyfriend. Boys like being romantic, and hence you should give them the chance to do their part and woo you.

6. Never be rude: A guy or a girl should never behave rudely. Swearing, cursing, and having no control over your temper can be major turn offs.

don't be rude

If your loved one sees you behaving nicely to everyone around you, they will automatically get attracted to your manners and congeniality.

7. Don’t over-imbibe: Smoking or drinking excessively will automatically discourage your love interest from taking you seriously.

don't overimbibe

If you don’t develop good habits and get rid of bad ones, you can’t really expect them to respect or love you earnestly.

8. Avoid too much make-up: Excessive make up looks phony. It is your natural beauty that you would want your boyfriend to truly appreciate.

wearing too much make up

A decent amount of makeup is always soothing to the eye, but when you overdo it, it becomes a turn off. Especially if this is done on a regular basis.

9. Cell phones are a no-no: Keep your cell phone away from you when you are on a date. A date is a personal and intimate affair, where both of you have specifically taken time out for each other.

talking on the phone

You wouldn’t really want your significant other to feel less important by yapping away incessantly on the phone with other people, do you?

10. Under-appreciation: Not appreciating your lover’s efforts to put a smile on your face can also be a turn off. Although you might not genuinely like what they are is doing, smile and show your gratitude so they won’t feel that their effort was in vain.

under appreciation

Sometimes all it takes is expressing how much your lover means to you as that alone can make your relationship work like magic.

Suraiya Islam

Suraiya Islam

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