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Acne Problems? Here’s What Your Breakout Means (And What You Can Do To Fix It)

It’s bad enough that all of us are nearing the age where we are starting to fret about fine lines and wrinkles but the fact that acne is still on the to-worry-about-and-TRY-to-fix list (yes, they were lying about acne being a teenage thing, screw the lying schmucks, screw’em all- except if they are battling acne too) is just soul-crushing. However, you’d be surprised to learn that breakout isn’t just a hormonal or stress-related issue. Yep, they were all lying about that as well. GULP.

Granted, hormones and stress have a LOT to do with breakout- but acne is a much larger game, with more veteran players at the strike than you’d have imagined. Where you breakout and when, has a lot to say about your acne problems, what’s causing it and what you can do to fix it. Don’t fret, we’ve got everything you need to know about acne under one roof. With the help of face-mapping (a technique used in ancient Chinese medicine to decipher the cause of flareout, depending on the location of your skin problem), we have broken down your acne problems, their underlying causes and drawn up a list of potential fixes.


Here’s your acne face map breakdown:

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While it may take a seasoned dermatologist to divulge the real cause behind a forehead breakout, there can be several reasons for acne to pop in the region. From digestive problems to liver and intestine issues, high stress levels to inconsistent circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycles), irregular sleeping patterns and poor diets to even extreme reaction to hair products, forehead breakouts can be telling you multiple things at once. The location of acne can cause a more precise causation to be deciphered. It is recommended that one resorts to seven hours of sleep, ample hydration, and a balanced diet to combat forehead breakout. Checking to see of any facial or hair products contain irritants and avoiding sugary foods and drinks can come in handy too.

Temples/Eyebrows/Between brows

Acne in and around the region can be caused due to poor blood circulation, gallbladder problems, diets rich in fat, processed foods or alcohol. Keeping a tab on one’s diet and alcohol consumption is a must to combat temple acne. Ample water intake is key and meditation and yoga can help as well.


Acne on the nose is a result of poor dietary habits, constipation, bloating, gastrointestinal imbalance, indigestion or poor blood circulation. Cleaning the T-zone and consuming less seasoned foods, a varied diet of seasonal veggies and fruits and Vitamin B can help. Flushing out toxins by ensuring your system is well hydrated shall come in handy too.


The cheeks can face breakout owing to lung and liver issues, overeating, stomach issues, stress, dirty cell phones and makeup brushes, dirty pillow covers and pollution. Keeping your skin and its environment clean is a must-do to combat cheek acne. Wipe the screens of your phone clean, change pillow covers regularly, keep your stress levels on an all-time low and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Mouth/Lip region

Acne in this region can be caused due to constipation, an excessive consumption of spicy/fried foods and/or reaction to toothpastes or mouth products. Amping the intake of fiber, fruits and vegetables can help ward off the acne in this region.


Acne on the chin can be caused by hormonal problems, gynecological issues, kidney imbalance, frequent dirty hand contact and/or toothpaste reaction. Amping the intake of water, fluids and omega-3s can help maintain the hormonal balance in the body. Also, maintaining proper hygiene and keeping your hands and face clean at all times is a great help.

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The ears are closely related to the kidneys. If kidneys are not functioning properly or receiving enough nutrients and water, big and recurring pimples can pop on the ear surface. To combat this, the body must receive sufficient quantities of water and excessive caffeine and salt should be avoided at all costs.

C’mon- give us a smile now. Yes, a wide one, don’t worry about fine lines- we are coming up with a healthy, happy fix for that too! You are welcome! Grin :)

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Acne Problems? Here’s What Your Breakout Means (And What You Can Do To Fix It)
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