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Dear Women, Love Your Body EXACTLY As It Is

We’re all just skin and bones and fat, with some flesh to go along with it. We’re on this dull planet without much purpose, and we are desperate for distractions. Be it religion, or unrealistic ideas and ideals. We keep looking for things to fill up our empty lives; ultimately, we look to each other. We seek out desirable traits, and we elevate our ‘standards’. We subject people around us to those standards, and we make ourselves miserable. We’re cruel dictators of everyone’s lives, and our own. However, every once in awhile we must ask ourselves the question, does it have to be this way?

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We’re all turtles in our tiny shells, so insecure and vulnerable. We’ll try so hard to conform, and come back shivering into our shells when we fail. It’s not always easy, to stand up against the waves. Body-shaming has been comical retreat for too long, at the expense of people who are treated like second class citizens. It’s ‘fun’ at the expense of someone else’s life, and something that shouldn’t be glorified in modern society anymore.

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In these dire times, you need to learn to appreciate your own body, because not many people will. The most damaging idea that seems to poison our minds is attaching ‘happiness’ to body shape. The idea that you absolutely have to conform and starve yourself like your friends to make it into society. We see the weirdest and the most unnecessary plastic surgeries being performed these days, be it to ‘enhance’ your nose or your face or your breasts. Your body’s most of you, and you shouldn’t force yourself to dislike it.

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Walk up to the mirror, and pay close attention to the tiniest pimples and stretch marks. Don’t face away from it, this is you, and you’re beautiful. A stranger on the internet who has never seen you before just called you beautiful, how do you feel about it? Why do we feel so obligated to call everything beautiful, even though they might not be? Is physical ‘beauty’ what determines the worth of a person, or an absolutely compulsory trait? Do we absolutely have to have people think we’re physically attractive, can we not make do with that? This is an important first step, which can be difficult to get through for some of you.

Before expecting others to accept your body, you need to accept it yourself. Get rid of the marketable standards, you’re a human being not a branded product. Eat healthy, and diet if you absolutely want to get fit. If you think you’re overweight, and you genuinely want to get thin, you’ll have to work a fair deal. Ultimately sincere effort will pay off, but make sure you have the right motivation. If you’re doing this SOLELY for the purpose of maybe looking better in the future, you’ll never really learn to love your body. Everybody’s bodies are different in their own way, and we all need different honing. Pushing yourself to match someone else’s limits is not only stupid, but unhealthy. The bottom line is, you have to focus on accepting your body for what it is, and if you feel the need for it, try and care for it.

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This might sound like a mixed message, but it isn’t really. I’m not going to tell you being unhealthy is okay, and I have strong dislike for people who glorify unhealthy lifestyles for the sake of making it more appealing to people living such lifestyles and unfortunately being discriminated against. Besides accepting your body, you just can’t not treat your body as a priority. It doesn’t matter if you weigh 180 lbs as long as you’re healthy and your body isn’t hindering your day to day activities. You might just be healthier than someone with way less body fat, and maybe even happier.

Let’s trash the ideas of unlovable complexions or zits or even love handles- as long as you look into the mirror and smile back at someone who you love and who loves you back- with all she has! :)

Featured image source: thedoysseyonline

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Dear Women, Love Your Body Exactly As It Is
One simple message- love your body, as is. It's YOURS!
Siddhartha Bose

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