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12 Types Of Body Shaming Behaviors That Need To End – NOW

Oh how we love to set unreasonable standards, and have unrealistic ideals and actually expect our peers to follow suit. It’s a natural human condition, and one that is deeply ingrained in society. One of the more notorious results of these unreasonable standards is body shaming, and there seems to be no stopping it. ‘Fat’ is an insult now, because that somehow isolates you from the rest of society. Body shaming is a toxic culture that objectifies women and needs to stop now.

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Here are 12 common types of body shaming behaviors prevalent in society today:

1. Diet vs. Nutrition: I’ve seen people starve themselves to decrease their calorie intake, which I’ve always found laughably stupid. Would you want to get thinner at the cost of becoming unhealthier and weaker? The choice is yours.

2. Asking women to get their “pre-baby body shape” back: Getting fit is one thing, and being forced to look ‘younger’ and ‘back when you were 18’ is just stupid. People assume it happens by the flick of a switch, and that it’s something absolutely obligatory.

3. Plastic surgery: We live in an age where men have such a ridiculous idea of ‘beauty’ that women go out of their way to live up to such unrealistic standards, and many would go further than that. Plastic humans lacking personality, we might as well have robots?

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4. ‘Boyish’: It’s annoying to see a girl with broad shoulders being called ‘boyish.’ Slow down with your stone-set age old ideas of sex and gender.

5. ‘Body types’: The notion of “you can’t do a particular exercise/take part in a particular sport” because your body has to be ‘fuller’ or ‘taller’ can be ridiculous.

6. Idolizing body types: Yes, Beyonce has what one might call ‘curves’. No, you’re not obligated to get curvy, and the media shouldn’t glorify a woman’s bust or her buttocks. You shouldn’t ‘idolize’ ANY body type; you should eat properly and make sure you stay healthy by exercising. Strike that fat to weight balance, you’ll live happier than someone starving themselves to feel more accepted.

7. Judging sexuality: Sexuality is someone’s own domain. Comments like “hey those are girly shoes” only makes you look ignorant. If you can’t broaden your ideas of gender fluidity, you won’t be welcome in liberal society.

8. Fat shaming: It’s almost laughable that this is still a pertinent issue, even though it’s not a laughing matter. Everyone doesn’t have to comply with your body image ideals.

9. Skinny shaming: This happens too, and is sometimes a result of body positivity activism gone awry (which might seem ironic).

10. Skin-tone shaming: What’s funny about skin-tone shaming is that people would repeatedly go out of their way to declare how they’re not racist, and it’s generally the same group doing the shaming.

11. Slut-shaming: It’s not uncommon for women to be slut-shamed for what they wear, because every aspect of a woman’s life is under rigorous scrutiny, of course.

12. A dislike/hatred/guilt/shame about your own body: It’s fairly common that many of us aren’t comfortable with looking at the mirror when we’re naked, because they don’t live up to our expectations. If you can’t love your body, nobody else will, and why should they?

There is nothing more annoying than people tell you what to do or not to do with your body, especially when their advices are so over the top. It’s as if they don’t want you to be comfortable with your body, no matter how bad you try. Be healthy, be body positive.

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12 Types Of Body Shaming Behaviors That Need To End
Body shaming is EVIL! Let's say NO NOW!
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