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Here Are The Top Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Know that constant sound made by a cluster of pigeons? While it may sound extremely relaxing to someone who is taking a leisurely stroll beside the Gateway and wishes to sit and look out on the vast blue expanse afterward, someone who is constantly subject to this ‘gootar-goo’ (forgive my Bollywood misgivings :P) can vouch for their extremely high irritation quotients. Not only do these beautiful creatures overstay their welcome, they also feel free to shed their feathers, poop all over and ruin cars, homes and other property. The more worrisome aspect of these creatures hovering around is the number of vermin they attract as well as the bevy of disease-inducing parasites they carry. Pigeons can cause infections, lice and worm infestations and Coccidia. You can spot infected birds or carriers by seeing birds that show evident signs of weight loss, ruffled feathers, diarrhea and a loss of appetite. The diseases caused by parasites carried by pigeons can evoke symptoms ranging from skin rashes and irritation to stomach pain and breathing irregularities.

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Pigeons can be attracted by a variety of causes. A hospitable environment- such as a dry, perchable place during the rains or a cooler habitat during the hot, sweltering heat can invite them in. The ancestry is a major reason for pigeons to bear an affinity to any place that resembles the homes of their predecessors. The landscape plays a crucial role in inviting pigeons in as well- especially those that carry the promise of food, like a vegetable garden patio plant. Balconies, parapets and ventilator spaces are most often used by pigeons to build their nests and breed. If you have been doling out food crumbs (intentionally or unintentionally), pigeons might frequent the spot to find food. As such, you may want to turn to home remedies to get rid of pigeons (for ‘shooing’ them away is well, only so effective).

So, if you are tired of the ‘noise,’ wish to ward off the ‘evil’ and ‘disease’ for good and hope to see a cleaner and better clime around with these ‘winged’ things flying about only onscreen, here are a few home remedies to get rid of pigeons:

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Trash Free House – If you leave food items or scraps or leftover lying about, you are handing out a free invite for pigeons to come traipsing in. Ensure that your trash cans are covered and you aren’t throwing out food leftovers or any such item that can bring in the pigeons. Monitor your trash and monitor your wastage- and you may end up making some healthy lifestyle changes alongside of warding off pigeons.

Homemade Deterrents – Spices, black pepper and chili powder are considered to be the most effective organic deterrents for pigeons- so go ahead, and spray a generous dose of these around the vents, on balconies and patios and terraces to display a ‘pigeon-free’ sign without having to come across as the twad who hates such ‘harmless’ beautiful creatures. Because, hey, what do they know?

Install spikes – If the roof-top noise gets to your head (obviously), installing bird spikes may prove to be a handy and effective home hack for keeping pigeons away.

Repellents – Using organic bird repellants such as black pepper, chili powder and spices on your window sills can help to ward off pigeons.

Barrier – Installing barriers can prove to be an efficacious method in controlling pigeons from entering the gaps and crevices in your property. Put up barriers at entry points, such as, in the vents, in the ventilator, on the parapet or on the ceiling of the balcony, to restrict the movement of pigeons in your house. Block any gaps that might prove to be a habitable space for these noisy birds.

Monitor Gaps – If installing barriers or spikes proves to be too much of a hassle, simply monitor the gaps and entry points in your house at all times. Clean them regularly and keep placing naphthalene balls inside at intermittent intervals to keep the pigeons at bay.

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Ultrasonic Devices – Commonly used in commercial spaces and agricultural farms to ward off pigeons, the use of ultrasonic sound to scare off pigeons is now being adopted in many high-rise apartments in urban areas owing to its high effectivity and hassle-free nature.

Hang CDs or Wind Chimes – Hanging CDs or wind chimes in your balcony allows the objects to sway with the wind and the sunrays to create intermittent glare that can keep the pigeons scared and away. Not only do these reflective objects create the illusion of some mechanism that’s being operated by a human but the sound (from wind chimes) also keeps the pigeons baffled and at a distance. Once the pigeons are wary of the place, they may not return as frequently.

Clean Water – If you like to keep out a bowl of water for thirsty birds on hot summer days, make sure you clean the bowl and refill it with fresh water regularly in order to alleviate the risk of infection. Avoid contracting any infection by using gloves and also, make sure you do not allow birds to deposit waste or defecate in the pot.

Sprinkle Honey Solution – One of the most common home remedies to get rid of pigeons,  this one works owing to the stickiness caused by honey solution. The sticky coating is enough to keep the birds away.

Use Water Hose – Using a water hose or spray guns to scare off the pigeons might be a good idea to get rid of them. However, make sure that the jet isn’t too strong and you do not harm the birds in any way.

Rice – Cooked rice can make the pigeons’ stomachs bloat. So, spray a lavish oat out on your porch or terrace and watch the pigeons fly off, to never return here again (hopefully).

Get a Pet – But of course- a pigeon would never visit a place with a cat or dog on its trail.

Rubber or Plastic Snakes – Scattering some rubber snakes or toys that look like animals can prove to be effective in scaring pigeons.

Use Perfumes or Incense – Pigeons are generally repelled by distinct odors- so you can use some organic perfumes or burn incense to create an inhospitable environment for pigeons.

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Use Bird Nets – Easily available, bird nets are the best way to ward off birds. So, buy one and spread it out to get rid of pigeons today.

Avoid Feeding Them – Habitual by nature, pigeons are going to return to a place that has lured them in with the promise of food and/or a hospitable environment. So, if you do that- you have only got yourself to blame. You can reverse the situation, though, by avoiding feeding them and using repellants to scare them off.

Remove The Nest – If the pigeons have made a nest already, clear it out and make your property an inhospitable environment for them. They shall never return if they are scared off once and sense a threat to their safety.

If you know of any other home remedies to get rid of pigeons, tell us in the comments below.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Here Are The Top Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pigeons
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