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8 Super Effective Home Remedies To Treat Mange In Dogs

Before finding out what are the 8 home remedies for mange in dogs, let us first find out more about the medical condition mange.

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What is Mange?

Mange is a skin disease that is usually found in animals. It is caused by mites that are parasitic. Though found mostly in dogs, mange is also seen on other animals, birds, reptiles as well as plants.

The most common symptoms of mange are loss of hair, severe itching and infection, and the formation of shells or abrasions on the skin of the animal or the plant.

The mange that occurs in dogs is called Sarcoptic mange. Many also call it canine scabies. This kind of mange is generally caused by oval light-colored parasites that can only be seen under the microscope.

According to petMD,

“Sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious skin disease found in dogs, caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. These mites will burrow through the skin causing intense itching and irritation. The scratching that results from mange is what causes the majority of the animal’s hair to fall out. This is a treatable medical condition, but is highly contagious for other animals and humans. Pet owners are advised to keep the dog quarantined while it is being treated for mange. The symptoms include  intense scratching, skin rash, crust formation in the affected area and hair loss (alopecia).”

There is also another kind of mange that we see in dogs, that is called demodectic mange. Dogs develop these early on in their lives while cuddling with their mothers. They live with the demodectic mange in concord, and do not suffer from any skin problems.

Therefore, in dogs we see two kinds of mange, one is demodectic, and the other is Sarcoptic. Due to the mange parasites, dogs might develop scaly patches or bald patches on their skin, and their skin might turn severely itchy.

Symptoms of Mange

The symptoms of mange in dogs hinges on the type of mites that are causing the mange. If the mange is caused by demodectic parasites, you are likely to see bald spot, sores, hair loss and scabs on the dog’s body. Demodectic parasites cause bacterial infections that are more painful, itchy and also uncomfortable for the dog.

However, if the mange is caused by sarcoptic parasites, then it is likely to cause itching that is intense and can even lead to anxiety and restlessness. Sarcoptic mange also cause hair loss, sores, redness of skin and scabs. These parasites mainly attack the dog’s face, legs, ears and their elbows. It then quickly spreads on the entire body.

Can Mange be transmitted to us humans?

While deodectic mange cannot be passed on to human beings, the sarcoptic kind can cause red bumps that resemble a mosquito bite. If you scratch too hard, then they might cause abrasions too.

Treat Mange in dogs at home. Here’s how:

The treatment that you want to give your dog to treat its mange depends mainly on the kind of mange they have developed. You can give the dog the medication in the form of dips, injections, orally or even as mange shampoos that help get rid of the parasitic mites that live in its skin.

While treating your dog’s mange, you need to keep a few things in mind. The first of those is finding out whether your dog has developed a demodectic mange or it has developed a sarcoptic mange. This is important, because the treatment for both vary, and you will want your dog to receive the right treatment so that its mange is cured quickly.

If your dog has developed a sarcoptic mange, it is necessary that you keep it in isolation during the period of its treatment. This way you will ensure that the mites do not spread from the dog to other pets or even humans. If you decide to show your dog’s condition to a vet, then the doctor is likely to prescribe a few anti-parasitic meds to get rid of the mites in your dog’s skin. This will ease its itching as well as the inflammation within a month’s time.

If your dog has developed demodectic mange instead of sarcoptic mage, then you need to not only give it medical help but also take steps to manage the dog’s physiological stress. You may want to give your infected dog some special treatments such as, shampoos that are medicated. This way you will make sure skin infections are cured once and for all.

When puppies and young dogs develop mange, they get fully recovered in most cases. For adult dogs however, controlling the disease will need a more long-term therapy. You need to couple the treatment with skin scraping that should be done every two weeks to ensure the skin scabs do not reappear.

After a month’s treatment with medicines, you can give your dog a final scrap and you are done!

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Home Remedies for Mange Mites on Dogs

Along with the medications prescribed by the vet, make use of the following home remedies on your dog or your puppy to give them instant relief from sore skin, itchiness and uneasiness caused by the mange mites.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax


Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

The first remedy on our list of treatments to cure mange in dogs is a mix of hydrogen peroxide and borax. For this remedy all you have got to do is mix 1 per cent of hydrogen peroxide in some borax powder. Now add some water to dilute the solution. This can work as a great remedy to treat your dog’s mange.

Once you have prepared the paste, apply it on your dog. Make sure you cover its affected area completely. Every once a week wash your dog with this solution. You need to make sure you wipe it completely dry. Or else, the dog is likely to develop infections and the condition might get worse.

This treatment should be repeated for two weeks to completely heal your dog of mange mites.

A word of caution: Make sure your dog does not ingest the borax as the powder can make it sick. You can use an E-collar while giving it a bath to prevent it from licking the borax.

2. Honey


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

The next remedy on our list is honey. This wonder drug can treat your dog’s mange mites in no time!

To use it as a remedy, you can apply the honey on your dog’s infected skin directly. However, before it sleeps at night, wipe the honey off. You do not want your dog’s skin to be bitten by ants, do you?

3. Yogurt

The next remedy on our list is yogurt. To use it as a treatment for mange, you need to apply two tablespoons of pure yogurt on the ears of your dog. This will quickly deal with both the crusting caused by the mange and also the puss-like discharge.

4. Cooking Oil 

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You can apply a few drops of cooking oil directly on your dog’s infected skin to relieve it from the soreness, itching and inflammation caused by the mange mites.

Cooking oil also helps get rid of the waxy deposits that develop on the skin of the dog when it is infected by mange. The oil will also help kill the mites.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar 

The fifth remedy on our list today is raw apple cider vinegar which is also called unpasteurized apple cider vinegar or ACV. This solution cures mange in no time when applied on the infected area.

6. Soapy Water 


While cleaning your dog, turn the water alkaline by using a mild soap solution. This will prevent the mange for spreading and will also kill the existing mange mites.

7. Yellow Dock, Aloe Vera or Calendula Tea

You can apply any of these herbs to get rid of mange mites. First you need to prepare a tea using any one of these herbs and then apply it on your pet’s skin. Since these herbs are therapeutic, they also heal the wound rapidly.

You can apply this remedy many times through the day.

8. Neem Oil

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The last remedy on our list today is neem oil. Apply the oil on your dog’s skin and then wash with lukewarm water. This can also be used as a preventive measure against different kinds of parasitic mites.

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Other preventive measures against mange

  • Give your dog a diet that is rich in vitamin C and A. It should also contain high dosage of lecithin, zinc, vitamin B complex and vitamin E.
  • Stop giving your dog canned products of any kind, whether it is food or milk.
  • Your dog’s bedding must be cleaned as frequently as is possible.
  • Regularly give your pert a bath to keep it clean and free of mites.
  • Brush your pet to get rid of mange mites that might have got transferred from another infected dog.

That is all we have on the home remedies for mange. Do you think this post was helpful? Do you have some suggestions for us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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See you again tomorrow with a new set of remedies for a general medical condition.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

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