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Are You Unconsciously Rejecting Love?

I recently watched the commencement speech given by Jim Carrey at Maharishi University’s 2014 graduation. Carrey told the tale of success through the thought processes of a superstar – a rare opportunity for insight. After watching his speech, I thought to myself, “Celebrities are really just like us!”

Carrey spoke about his father, who took a safe job instead of following his dream to be a comedian. Well, the safe job didn’t work out well for his father. It was unstable and stressful and he watched his father suffer at times. Carrey’s life-altering takeaway from watching his father is that you can fail at what you don’t want to do, so why not try to do what it is that you truly want?

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He urged the graduates to choose to operate out of love, not fear, because if you operate out of fear, you will approach life feeling like you’re never quite enough.

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Carrey asked the students of the graduating class to risk being seen in all of their glory, explaining that we are only the light that shines through to others; that your ego will keep you trapped in the multiplex of the mind, and it will block the light that wants to shine through.

Just like in dating, relating, and love, if you are trapped in your head, encompassed with worry, doubt, and the thoughts of limitation, you dampen your ability to connect with others, inspire strong attraction, and to shine.

Just as Carrey asked the graduates, I ask you to relax and dream up a good life. Let the universe know what you want while working toward it. Let what you want to happen, come to pass. Open the door in your mind, and when the doors in life open, walk through them.

If we have faith in good things happening to us, the doors of life will continue to open.

Carrey says, “You have two choices – Love or Fear. Choose Love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against yourself. Keep your heart and mind wonderful and playful.”

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I hear from too many amazing women that they do not feel that they will find a partner to love and share their life with. I know how this feels because I remember having all of those same fears.

Here are some signs that you may be allowing fear to stand between you and your ideal love relationship:

  1. You feel embarrassed about being single. You hate the idea of online dating; when you have tried it, you have quickly given up.
  2. You find a way to sabotage a budding relationship before it can get deeper. You may act out dramatically when triggered, you may not call back or do something you said you wouldn’t do, you may try to make the other person jealous by bringing up exes or other dates.
  3. You think all men are jerks, that you’ve met them all, that all the good ones are taken. You don’t think you are the marrying kind, and that love may not be for you.
  4. You subconsciously think that there is something about you which is unlovable. You did not receive complete love or admiration from a parent, leaving you with false lingering beliefs that you are not lovable.
  5. There is something about you, your past, your health, your family, which you feel would be unbearable to share, and so you simply do not share it or get close to another individual romantically.
  6. You date unavailable men. Men who are involved with someone else or perhaps far away from where you live, repeatedly.
  7. You don’t like a man who likes you back but you obsess over men who have already rejected you or won’t give you their all.

The key to success here is mainly to recognize that fears are coming up for you and push yourself to get toward your desired goal.

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I ask you to have the faith that you will find someone. I ask you to dream up a happy partnership and go for it. YOU ARE ENOUGH to be loved by a wonderful partner and to be a wonderful partner to the right person. Allow yourself to walk through the fear and be loved by a person who wants to love you.

I ask you to keep moving through the open doors that life brings to you, and I ask you not to give up.

When you truly believe, the doors will open.

When we operate out of fear, our individual starlight is blocked from shining through to others.

Let your light shine so that you can be seen in all of your glory.

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Love Or Fear: Which One Are You Letting Dominate Your Life And Relationships?
Which do you let dominate your life - love or fear? Beware, you may be unconsciously rejecting love due to fear.
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Megan Weks

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