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Our 30-Day Challenge For All The Single Ladies In The House

A 30 day challenge for single ladies coming from a guy might sound extremely dubious, but bear with me.

Try not to skip any of the days, it’ll be a blow to your psyche.

  • Get Snapchat (if you haven’t already). Snapchat will do wonders for your self-esteem, and it’s fun to send creepily edited pictures of yourself to your friends, just for laughs.
  • Stop thinking about prospective dates, for now. Start digging into new recipes and make yourself something good. You deserve a treat.
  • Or just go out and dine at some fancy restaurant, if you’re feeling rich enough.
  • Go for a run, in the early mornings or the evening. Take note, this isn’t just constrained to Day-4.
  • Again, try not to think about dating just yet. Focus on building yourself emotionally, all the while working towards a better lifestyle. Take up Yoga or Pilates; try and make time for either.

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  • Screw around on Omegle. Yes, Omegle is a cesspool of lonely and sexually frustrated 13 year olds and 40 year olds, but it shouldn’t stop you from fooling around and having fun.
  • Now comes the slightly more ‘hands on’ dating experience. Download any online dating app, and give it a try (at least once, despite how tacky it might seem at first).
  • Go out, and expand your list of ‘friends’, and try and talk to more people (preferably ones who are particularly fun and share interests with you, seek them out).

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Now for the more ‘challenging’ tasks,

  • Ring up a trustworthy friend, take him/her out, and get ridiculously drunk (because why not). If your friend is willing to do it, make sure they stay sober. Someone has to get you home.
  • Ask your friend to set up a blind date for you. No, there’s no trick to this, except this shall be an opportunity for you to jot down what you want or don’t want in a partner. This is crucial, and try not to be just swayed by emotions; this will decide the quality of your relationships later in life.
  • Go out, and look for attractive guys. When you find one, make eye contact and smile/smirk (the choice is yours). Now this is important, walk away like nothing happened.
  • Send your number to a random cute guy you know from Facebook or Tinder or any other social media forum, and don’t text back. Cruel, but fun.
  • Make a list of guys you dislike, and go to their Facebook profiles to like every single profile picture. Proceed to unfriend them. They’ll have one mystery to solve in their dull lives (and a fun one, at that), and you don’t need negativity in your life anyway.
  • Set aside a chunk of money, keeping in mind your financial situation (not really lol), and go on a shopping spree for a day. Shopping helps release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin (just a fancy way to say it makes you happy).

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Now onto the last 15 days,

  • Enter a Karaoke bar with your friend and sing some Ke$ha (because why not).
  • Start a blog, and write a minimum of 10 articles of your choice. Who knows, you might like writing enough to continue it after day 16.
  • Get a skateboard, and try your non-existent Tony Hawk skills for at least an hour (Yes, you’re a girl, so what?)
  • Finish the first 13 volumes of the Berserk manga. 13 is an ominous number, and it’s quite appropriate in this case. You’ll be emotionally scarred, so it’s quite a challenge.
  • Watch the first 10 seasons of South Park. If Berserk made you cry, this should be a decent neutralizer (watch out for the extremely crass satirical humor).
  • This day is solely for introspection. Think about everything you want from life, from your current aspirations to how long you want to live. Make a neat little list out of it; believe me, if you try to stick to this, you’ll never feel lost ever again.
  • Set this day aside for painting. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Picasso. Just give it your all, and make sure you have the right gear up and ready for this day. You don’t want to sully your painting experience with cheap synthetic brushes.
  • This should be fun, and is mostly dependent on whether you’re looking forward to get into a serious relationship in the near future. Write a letter to your future partner, detailing your life so far, and the kind of person you are. Keep it somewhere safe, might come in handy later.
  • Try making ‘The Perfect Burger’ (Get the recipe online). Don’t worry, you won’t be making it for the patriarchy. You get to devour all of it on your own!
  • Listen to any 10 songs by Death Grips. Be sure not to go insane by the end of it.

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  • Listen to any 3 Pink Floyd albums (on repeat, if you want), to compensate for the psychological trauma.
  • Are ‘video games’ only for guys and children? Pfft. Begin playing Dark Souls, and try not to rip your hair out, at least not for the first hour. Play it for 2 hours and treat yourself with some drinks later (you’ll know that you’ve earned it).
  • Make a list of all the people who’ve stuck by you through thick and thin. Gift them something they might like. Don’t worry if you have no such people, buy yourself something instead. You’ve got many more miles to walk.
  • If you live in the city, there are plenty of places you’ve never visited. Try, and get lost. How long you can go on without asking a passerby or consulting Google Maps is ultimately up to you. The motive shouldn’t be to try and find a way back home, at least not initially.
  • Go for a swim. This is especially challenging if you’re scared of water. Use this as an opportunity to get over any deep-set fears. This is probably the hardest on the list, depending on the reader.
  • Accept that life is average. This is probably very challenging for most people, because we all love to think we’re unique snowflakes with a carefully written destiny. Accept realism, and steer clear of either optimism or pessimism. This could very much decide whether at a later stage you’re satisfied with your life or not. However, don’t let it stomp on any high expectations you have for yourself. Just remember, unrealistic goals require unrealistic effort and determination. You are ENOUGH. GOOD ENOUGH!

There, done and dusted. Have fun! 😀

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Our 30-Day Challenge For All The Single Ladies In The House
Because single ladies do not have to conform to the 'live it up' rule- they just have to LIVE!
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