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The Naked Truth About Why Our Generation Is A Victim To Relationship Hopping

Truth be told – I don’t get attached to people easily. I get attached to things. People think that I am materialistic or that I don’t have my priorities straight, but when I look around I see the same chaos in everyone’s life. We hop from one relationship to another way too soon and it is not just me, but our entire generation which is obsessed with the idea of living an unfulfilled life to please their peers and be a part of the ongoing buzz.

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We don’t value relationships anymore and love is one such word that carries true import only in books these days. People who have the most profound words and quotes tattooed on their body will find it hard to implement them in their life. We seek for perfection in someone else’s life and relationship hopping is something which is considered the new cool.  People like to be the queen and kings of hearts and wear the damage that they have caused to others proudly like a badge. We indulge in a relationship not because we feel a strong sense of passion or love for the other person, but because everyone around us is getting hooked. It is a rat race and we have to make our presence count by posting the most provocative photographs on Instagram and writing the boldest of taglines to go with them to let the world know how “cool” we can be.


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But is it worth it? We all are a bunch of relationship hoppers, changing our meaning of love on the go and slipping from one relationship to another without slowing down in between. We don’t know where we are going. We have no destination. We are just running blind, causing endless damage on our way.

We all are afraid of commitment. Every relationship demands us to slow down, to make an effort, and to compromise. We don’t like to change the way we are and instead of settling down, we choose to be free. Commitment scares the sh*t out of us and after a while, we simply get used to having our share of temporary happiness. Relationship hopping seems like the best plan. We come out of it easily because we never really get emotionally involved in any relationship.


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It’s all superficial. We like to call it a “relationship” because that is what everyone else is doing. We like to label it all because we are a part of a generation that likes to put a label on everything – my bae, my rights, my time, my space, and everything else in between. From strangers to friends, friends to lovers, and lovers to strangers – we all are caught up in this vicious cycle that has no end or beginning.

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We dispose people like things and get attached to the next best thing we are able to find. We give away the precious old to experience the thrill and excitement of the new, only to regret our decision for the rest of our lives. Relationship hopping has never been so easy. We get involved with someone and the minute we realize that we are not getting what we want, we block them from our life. Social media and technology have made it easier for us to erase people from our lives on the go.

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We jump into a relationship quickly, as soon as the other person excites us. But we also come out of it even faster to try something better, something soon, something way more exciting – only to realize that it was never worth it in the first place. The idea is not to spend your life with as many people as you want, but it is all about finding your one true love and spending the rest of your time with that one precious soul.

Try to believe in your happily ever after and stop hopping from one relationship to another only because your significant other is flawed. Embrace their imprecation and try to be vulnerable as well. Give it a try. Trust me, it will be worth it!

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Relationship Hopping: The Naked Truth About Why Our Generation Is Its Victim
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