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7 simple ways to make your vacation romantic

A vacation with your partner will definitely refresh you both and rekindles the romance in your relationship. It will also help you reconnect with each other. Wherever you go and whatever adventures you have planned, a little romance in all of it will only make your trip more awesome!

1. The Honeymoon Suite

honeymoon suite

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These are now even available in tree house versions, so you don’t have an excuse! Book one of the honeymoon suites, even if your plan is to be out of the room for most of the time. But when you are back to get some rest, the lovely ambience will have you cuddled up with each other in no time!

2. No crowding please

Ask your tour guide or research a bit about a less-crowded place nearby your holiday destination. Then pack some lunch and set out to explore it together, walking hand-in-hand. The thrill of an unknown place, along with an impromptu picnic with the one you love, is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

3. Surprise, surprise!

couple having dinner

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The managers at any hotel are really nothing short of magicians; that is, if you treat them well! Seek their help to organize a surprise ‘dinner by the fire, watching sunset’ or ‘a couple’s massage’ with your partner. You can also get gifts delivered to the sightseeing site.

4. Go Chilly!

The most romantic thing about a vacation is the location itself. If you choose to go to a place that is cold, you can enjoy hot showers, hot tubs, Jacuzzi, a wonderful fireplace, nice strong drinks, hot chocolate, and cuddling under those sheets to keep warm. Need I say more?

5. Tandem Activity


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You can have some rocking time with your partner with an activity that requires you to work together – very, very closely! Baking, making pottery, or if you are a bit adventurous, scuba diving, bungee jumping or skydiving are the things to try. While the artsy-type activities will be soothe your senses, the adventurous ones will hit you with an adrenaline rush, but both will result in same thing – a night filled with love!

6. Stargazing


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

When both of you have planned to stay in for the night after a relaxing day, bring up the idea of stargazing with your partner. Remember to pick out an appropriate place beforehand. You can simply go out to the grounds surrounding your hotel, and lie down on the grass. Just enjoying each other’s company in companionable silence or talking to each other while watching the twinkling stars above – the night cannot get any better. Or wait, it could!

7. Only You

couple on their honeymoon

Image source: Shutterstock

Make the entire trip just about you and your partner. Avoid talking about things that may cause disagreements like work or family. Reminiscing about the early days of your relationship will bring up memories of why you choose to be together, reinforcing the fact that it’s worth it.

Here are a few other things that you can do:

  • Explore the nearby locations and local shops, walking hand-in-hand
  • Enjoy a sunset or a sunrise, wherever you can
  • Have a candlelit dinner with your favorite foods and drinks
  • Write romantic notes / poems to each other using the hotel stationery
  • Take a lot of pictures to cherish your memories of the vacation
  • Above all else, be romantic!!

Yes, do everything with love, and you will enjoy the vacation to the fullest. Use this time well to rejuvenate your relationship. And travel safe.

Featured image source: Shutterstock

Article Name
7 simple ways to make your vacation romantic
A vacation is the perfect way to get away from the mundane and bring back some much needed romance into your relationship. Here are some things you can do to make it romantic.
Surobhi Banerjee

Surobhi Banerjee

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