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8 telltale signs she is your soul mate

“Hey, you know what, I think I found my soul mate.” Hearing this from a friend, I was curious to know, how. Because, I always had difficulty in grading the progress in a relationship. When does it transform from two people knowing each other, dating each other, to the next step of committing themselves to a long term relationship? He seemed to have some answers. When I met him, of course, he initially told me that I would always get to know when the time is right. Not one to let go easily, I found out that, indeed, over time, there are telltale signs that would tell us for sure if she is your soul mate.

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These can be bucketed broadly into the following:

1. Words cease to matter

couple on their honeymoon

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In the initial days of a relationship, a lot of talking and explaining is required. With time though, especially if she is your soul mate, you would not hurry to fill in the gaps that arise in a conversation. When words cease to flow, silences become a medium of communication. The romantic that I am, to me, the picture of a perfect relationship is a couple walking along a beach, holding hands, saying nothing but able to convey a whole lot of something with just their gazes.

2. She knows when you need to be with yourself

lonely man

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When you need your space and time alone, you don’t experience an intrusion that is unwelcome. Instead, you feel a silence that is reassuring. She knows that you would come back to her to share her tender loving care. It’s just that, once in a while, you need to be with your inner self, to take stock and to declutter. To me, this is the definition of soul mate – this inherent understanding of when to keep you company and when to leave you alone.

3. She is patient and kind

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She understands intuitively, that all relationships go through their own unique ups and downs, and she is beside you through it all. She is patient with your moods, accommodating with her encompassing kindness. Even when both of you are angry which may result in a fight, she doesn’t let loose words without thinking them through. Sticking it out through thick and thin, and riding the crests and troughs that live throws at you with your soul mate beside you is the ultimate relationship high.

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4. She is confident and knows her self-worth

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She is independent, free, and doesn’t depend on you for all her needs and decisions. She knows that you acknowledge and adore her for her free spirit. At the same time, she clearly lets you know when she finds herself in a spot of bother and needs your guidance and direction. The sort of soul mate connection that happens in such a relationship is to be cherished.

5. Life is baggage-free with her by your side

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We weigh ourselves down with too many emotions and memories that we are sometimes better off letting go. In relationships, arguments can often become a reference point later sparking big fights over minor disagreements. But she knows that moving on and letting go is better than brooding and clinging to the past.

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6. She is like a clear mirror

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She says it as-it-is when you need honest feedback. She doesn’t embellish with sweet-sounding flattery and mislead you when you are looking for a sincere assessment. She knows when to play a true friend, and when you are in need of an affectionate lover. Your soul mate is the one who wouldn’t hesitate to let you know when something is wrong. She knows that if it is allowed to fester, then the whole relationship might be jeoparidized.

7. You like sharing mundane details

couple cuddling

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She listens to you patiently and makes you feel heard when you talk about what happened at the workplace or about your colleagues, or even something that is bothering you. With her, you look forward to sharing even the most mundane of details. In a relationship, conversations about everyday life perhaps take up the most time. She knows that it is in these seemingly insignificant conversations you discover each other best. If this isn’t a soul mate connection, I don’t know what is.

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8. You can show your vulnerabilities

With her, you don’t always have to be the strong alpha male. You can be a perfectly normal, sensitive, empathetic human being, and she will love you for who you are, without trying to change you.

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8 Telltale Soul Mate Signs
A soul mate is your other half, and only few people are fortunate enough to find them. Here are 8 telltale signs to know for sure if she is yours.
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