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SPEX Dating Wants To See If You Have Specs Appeal To Date Someone Wearing Them!

Do you wear specs? Do you feel self-conscious wearing them outside your home? Do you think it takes away from your sex appeal? Do you think it hinders you in the dating game?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, despair not anymore, for there is a new dating site that caters specifically to people wearing glasses, or those who have a thing for people who do. Yep, you read that right. With the punchline, ‘Putting the sex back into wearing specs,’ the dating site is called SPEX, and is for specs wearers and/or specs lovers. Go figure!

The brains behind this super-niche online dating service is Charly Lester, 33, of Richmond, who was inspired to creator her dating app SPEX as she was self-conscious about her own glasses while meeting new dates.

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Image source: SPEX

Speaking about why she felt compelled to start SPEX, Ms Lester said,

“I wear glasses, and when I go on a first date I usually wear contacts as I am a bit embarrassed about them. But I realized some people actually really like glasses and some people even say they find it their partner’s most attractive feature.”

“With so many specialist dating apps out there – including ones for those who voted Remain in the referendum or for those who like Pokemon Go – I realized there wasn’t one for glasses.”

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Similar to many of the dating apps available, SPEX asks its users to create a profile using Facebook, but the users have the option to edit it to only that information that they choose to. However, it requires all of its users to enter personal details like age, location, height, and whether they wear specs or like people who do.

If a user wears specs, they need to describe how their look wearing glasses by completing this sentence: “I think my glasses make me look…” using just five words. A user, once signed up, can browse through the profiles, or even message those they find interesting, on the app as well as the site, for free. However, to unlock premium features, users need to shell out £4.80 a month.

Ms Lester is also the blogger who got famous for her blog 30 Dates. She said,

“Wearing glasses is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you wear them to look more intelligent, for geeky chic, or simply because you’re too lazy to use contact lenses, I think your specs look sexy and I know other people do too. We want to put the sex back in to wearing specs.”

Launched in October 2016, SPEX was created by the same team behind Bristlr, a dating app for those who love beards and those who love to stroke them. Right now, the app isn’t yet functional, with just the site available, called

What do you think of this super-niche dating service? Do you think there will be enough people willing to try a new dating service? Sound off in the comments below!

Featured image source: SPEX

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SPEX Dating Wants To See If You Have Specs Appeal To Date Someone Wearing Them!
Do you wear glasses? Do you think you have the specs appeal to sign up for SPEX? ;)
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