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Toned Arms Is A Dream, Right? Not Anymore! Try These Exercises Today

Hi folks! In today’s post, we will be taking you through some easy yet effective body weight arm exercises that give you the strong and toned arms that you so badly want. We have divided the post into two part: One section on bicep body weight arm exercises, and another on the triceps bodyweight workouts. All the seven exercises taken together form a savage arm training that will give you the arms of your dreams. We promise!

Exercise has physical benefits that most of us are aware of, but did you know, by working out regularly, you can lighten your mood, and decrease feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Exercise works on the parts of our brain that regulates our response to stressful and anxiety-inducing situations. It also increases the sensitivity of the brain to serotonin and norepinephrine, hormones that give relief from feelings of dejection.

In addition to all of this, by working out you can increase the synthesis of endorphins that produce positive feelings. They also reduce the perception of pain and agony. Not only does exercise help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, it also allows people become more aware of their mental state and practice distraction from fears.

Exercise improves your sleep cycle, and sleep isn’t only necessary for providing your body the much-required rest, but it is also essential for learning. Research shows, during our sleep, our brain works real hard to optimally save up all fundamental memories from the day before. The brain, while we are catching our forty winks, distills the memories from the previous day, and then separates them into chunks that are comprehensible. This process goes on at different hours in the night.

When we cut down on our sleep, we tend to learn less. We are also more susceptible to making tons of errors. We are less bright, make horrible decisions, dent our true cerebral potential, and our productivity levels hit rock bottom.

Now that we have covered the benefits of regular exercise, let us have a look at the best bodyweight arm exercises that you can perform at home.

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Best body weight arm exercises

Bicep workouts

1. Chin-up

Much like pull-ups, the chin-up is a great exercise for the back. However, since in chin-ups your palms are either facing each other or facing you, there is more work done on the bicep muscles.

Chin-ups do a greater job on working out the biceps than say curls, because the entire bodyweight is lifted by your arms as opposed to the weight of a dumbbell or a barbell. Also, during a chin-up the arms have to go through an entire range of motions.

This exercise can be a little difficult for beginners, and so, they can try modifications.

To perform the exercise, grab the bar with your palms toward each other or facing you. The grip should be closer than the width of your shoulder.  Now try form a straight line with your body by squeezing the glutes and abs. Pulling the chest closer to the bar using your core and arm strength, push the shoulder blades back and downward. Hold the posture for 3 seconds and then lower yourself back down. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

2. Inverted row

Inverted row is a terrific back exercise, you must already know. But it is also amazing for the bicep muscles.

In a barbell row, you need a barbell, which you pick and then bend over at the waist. Then, using the core strength, you pull the weight toward your chest. This is a very good exercise, but only when done correctly; if not properly then it can result in ruining your posture and even might end up hurting you.

To solve this problem, perform an inverted row instead of a barbell row. It is not very difficult at the beginner level. You can slowly increase the level of toughness with time so that you do not injure yourself.

This exercise works not only on the back and the bicep muscles, but also strengthens your core.

For an inverted row, you need to lie on the floor. Keep a table or a bar above you. It should be at a distance where you can reach for it while lying on the ground. Now grab the bar or if you are using the table, then the edge of the table, in an overhand grip. Your palms should be facing away from you. Now tighten the core and form a straight line with your body. Pull your body towards the bar until your chest touches it. Hold the position for a second or two, and then come to the starting position.

Repeat the movement 15 times.

3. Resistance band/curl

The last bicep exercise in this list is the resistance band or curl. This is an isolation exercise (like a triceps extension), and an amazing way to complete a bicep training. If you regularly perform the chin-ups and the inverted rows discussed above, this exercise will seem easy-peasy to you.

You can perform this bicep workout by using resistance bands or TRX.

Using resistance bands

Grasp the ends of the resistance band. For an anchor, position the center of the band under your feet. Your arms should hang by the hips. Keeping your chest tall, bend your elbows, and slowly raise your hands toward your shoulders. The resistance band will stretch and work effectively on your bicep muscles. Slowly lower your arms and come to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Using a TRX

To perform a bicep curl using a TRX, you need to first find an anchor point. Now holding the handles with extended arms, lean backward; the more you lean, the more effective the exercise will be. However, don’t overdo yourself or you might get injured. Now bending your elbows bring your hands at the sides of your head. Make sure your palms are facing toward you. Hold the position for a couple of seconds, and then return to the initial position. Perform 15 such curls.

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Triceps workouts

1. Modified narrow-grip pushups

The first exercise on our list today is a plyometric narrow-grip pushup, also called, modified narrow-grip pushups. For this, get into the pushup position while keeping the elbows tight to your sides. Slowly lower your body to the ground, and hold the posture for three to five secs. Now lift your hands off the ground and explode up. Quickly come back to a narrow-grip pushup position. Perform 5 reps of this, slowly increasing the duration as your triceps get stronger.

2. Bench dips

Bench dips look pretty simple, but they work your triceps like no other exercise. For this, sit on the bench (you can even go for a sturdy and stable chair). Now start with the elbows and the core tight. Your hands should point forward. Grip the end of the chair or the bench, and slowly lower your body down. Your elbows need to move backward until they form a 90-degree angle with the bench. Lower your body as much as you can, and then hold that posture for 3 seconds. With time you need to increase the duration of the posture. Slowly, lift yourself up, and repeat the exercise.

3. Press ups

Get into a cobra position. In case you don’t know what that is, here is what you need to do: sleep on your stomach and hands. Keep your hips down, screwed to the floor. Drive your hands into the floor and straighten your arms. Slowly raise your upper body. The tension in the triceps must be maintained, so do not straighten them completely. Return to the start position and repeat the exercise.

4. Diamond pushups

Get into a pushup position. Your hands need to be in a diamond position under your chest. Keep your elbows tight to your sides. Slowly lower your body to the floor. As your lift your body back using your triceps and your core, try screwing your hands firmly on the floor. The elbows should not flare out, though. So please be careful.

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That is all we have on today’s post that discussed best bodyweight arm exercises for you. Did you find this useful? Do you have some specific query that the article didn’t address? You can ask that in the comment section below, and our experts will get back to you immediately.

Stay glued to this space for all fitness related news, tips and inspiration.

See you again soon!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Super Simple Body Weight Arm Exercises For Strong, Toned Arms 
In today’s post, we will be taking you through some easy yet effective body weight arm exercises that give you the strong and toned arms that you so badly want.
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