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How To Get Toned Abs Like Taylor Swift And Rock Crop Tops

Being a celebrity role model is not an easy job. They are being watched every second and being judged for every little move they make. The way they talk, carry themselves, their lifestyle, their clothes, and even their exercise regimen is being followed by not only their fans, but also the media who will latch to every little thing they do as a celebrity and create news pieces out of it.

taylor swift

Taylor Swift

Image source: Youtube

Well to your benefit, these news pieces can help you figure out the intricate details of their lifestyles – from the quantity of food on their plate to the type of crop tops they prefer. For most people, adapting the diet and exercise plan of a celeb is a major transformation. This transformation stage requires a lot of determination and hard-work. Here are a few exercise tips you can begin with to help you adapt the Taylor Swift diet and exercise plan.

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1. Burpees combo

burpeesImage source: GetKristenFit

This is a fun way to work out and transform your body to get those ‘Taylor Swift’ abs. You should take proper precautions when exercising, but these burpee combos can be done while watching television at home. There are many variations in each type of exercise for each body type, but this one is how celebrities like to quickly tone up for an award night over the weekend.

For a burpees combo, you need to keep a 1-foot distance between your feet. Squat with some weights and jump, then regain your position. Now do one round of push ups and jump back up to your position. A set of 20 should do the trick.

2. Spinal twist lunges

spinal twist lunges

Image source: kamloopsyogabootcamp

Lunges are fairly a simple way to get that perfect behind. When you work on your mid-region, you should concentrate on your entire torso, especially your stomach, to get that lean look.. You should add spinal twist lunges to your routine to help the effect spread across multiple areas. A spinal twist lunge is the same as a basic lunge, wherein you have to first stretch your one leg curved in front and the other stretched behind, with the knee touching the floor. The twist occurs when you curve yourself to either side. This works brilliantly well when combined with weights.

3. Cycling Russian twist

woman bicycling

Image source: Shutterstock

This is the best exercise to lose those love handles in order to wear that sexy crop top. You can try the Russian Twist for some great results. Lie on the floor and slightly lift yourself up with your hands behind your neck. When you feel slight  pressure in the area under your chest, start making a cycling motion in the air. The Russian twist comes when you shift from side to side while ‘cycling’ to feel a pull on the sides of your stomach. This is a great way to get the crop ready body within weeks along with the help of following the rest of the Taylor Swift diet and exercise plan.

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4. The 60 second superman

60 second superman

Image source: homebodyfit

This is more of a stretch and relaxation exercise. You can do this in between your heavier exercises. Just as Superman takes position to fly high, you do this to attain great abs for that sexy crop top or a body like Taylor Swift’s. To do this exercise, simply lie on your stomach and stretch your hands straight up with your face down. Now try to lift your body in a concave form with your hands and feet stretched while still lying on your stomach. When you feel the stretch in your spine, start counting for a minute and maintain normal breathing. This will help your stomach muscles gain the best shape.

5. Flutter kicks

flutter kicks

Image source: DawnaStone

If you religiously follow the Taylor Swift diet and exercise plan, you will see results quickly. Another exercise that she does to look great in her crop top is a flutter kick. Just like the name indicates, this exercise consists of kicks in the air in a fluttering or fast motion. You need to quickly kick in the air while lying down on your back with your hands straight on your sides to give you a stable position. These kicks work brilliantly to tone your thighs and lower stomach area. A set of 20 at least 3 times should do the trick.

6. Side plank

side planks

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Following a Taylor Swift-inspired workout routine will help you achieve a stronger and leaner body. The side plank  is a must for women who want to maintain their beautiful curves while looking lean. To do a side plank, lie on your sides and raise your body against gravity. Here, you take the support of your hand rest your body weight on your elbow and heels. Now, slowly raise your leg in the air and repeat at least 10 times. Now, change to the other side and repeat. This exercise will surely help you flaunt your curves in a crop top.

The Taylor Swift diet

taylor swift shopping at whole foods

Taylor Swift shopping at Whole Foods

Image source: HawtCelebs

Apart from a list of exercises that you ought to do, your diet also needs to be constantly in check. Gone are the days of ruthless indulgence with that exotic cheesecake or blueberry tea time muffin. You will have to stick to a plan where you can consume all that delights your soul – but in limited quantities.  Celebrities do not just work out like maniacs, but also follow a raw food diet. If you want to follow the Taylor Swift workout routine, make sure you eat like her too for best results.

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To gain a beautiful body, you also need a beautiful mind. Pairing these exercises with Yoga and Meditation will help you look and feel great both from the inside out. By following this Taylor Swift diet and exercise plan, you will look and feel better within days. This will not only leave your friends and family astonished, but also help you gain better confidence and great mental health to face any situation in life.

Featured image source: Youtube

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Follow Taylor Swift Diet And Exercise Plan To Get Toned Abs
Crop tops are one of Taylor Swift's favorite clothing items, and you can rock them too by following this Taylor Swift diet and exercise routine.
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