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Apart From Proper Medication For This Deadly Disease, Here Are The Home Remedies You Can Try

Amebiasis is not a condition that can be treated at home. If you think you are showing the symptoms of amebiasis, then you need to get yourself diagnosed by a doctor. In addition to the medication he or she provides, you can try these home remedies for amebiasis.

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Timely treatment of amebiasis is essential, otherwise you might end up damaging your intestines, liver and other vital organs.

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What is amebiasis?

Amoebiasis, entamobiasis and amebiasis is the name of a parasitic infection that affects our intestines. It is caused by the ameba entamoeba histolytica.

When we ingest E. histolyticain with contaminated food, water or even through direct contact with fetus, this single-celled protozoan enters our body. During colon irrigation or anal sex also, this parasite might be transmitted.

In tropical countries with poor sanitation practices and facilities, amebiasis is a common problem. Also, if you have a weak immune system, and are traveling to a place with poor sanitation facilities, then you are likely to contract this health condition.

The condition can even be fatal if you do not take immediate action against it. Every year, about 70,000-odd people around the globe die due to this disease.

After ingesting contaminated food or water or coming in direct contact with fetal products, it takes about a week for the symptoms to show. The most common symptoms that are also likely to occur the first, are loose stools and stomach cramping. The other symptoms that will show up soon are blood in stool, vomiting, nausea, fever, and soreness and pain in the upper right side of your torso. You might even become anemic due to heavy blood loss.

If you are noticing these symptoms, then you need to consult a doctor immediately. You need to get your condition diagnosed and treated properly. In addition to the treatment, you can try the following easy, simple, yet effective natural remedies for amebiasis.

Home remedies for amebiasis

Here are the top 10 natural remedies to treat amebiasis.

1. Increase Fluid Intake

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The most common symptoms associated with amebiasis is vomiting and loose stools. As a result, you are likely to feel very dehydrated. To prevent this, you need to drink plenty of fluids and liquids through the day.

Drinking a lot of fluids will also help you cleanse your system, killing the parasites that are causing this medical condition.

For the remedy, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water, every day. You need to ensure the water is treated. Apart from this, you can also drink buttermilk, herbal teas, black tea, green tea and tender coconut water to cleanse your system thoroughly.

Prepare some ORS or Oral Rehydration Solution at home. For this, mix half a teaspoon of salt in 4 cups of clean water. Now add 6 teaspoons of sugar to it. Mix well. You need to sip on the ORS at regular interval throughout the day.

People with kidney problem should consult their doctor or primary health care provider before taking fluids.

2. Coconut


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The next remedy on our list of natural treatments for amebiasis as it is a strong anti-parasitic agent. Also, the nut helps enhance the strength of the immune system, this helping it fight agents the pathogens. You can use both the fruit or the oil to treat amebiasis.

For the remedy, you can drink 3 glasses of tender coconut oil each day for at least 2 weeks. This will also help you atone for the dehydration caused by diarrhea and vomiting.

You can also eat a few tablespoons of coconut oil every day. Make sure the oil is extra-virgin and suitable for ingestion. The oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that help push out the parasites caused amebiasis from the body.

3. Garlic

Garlic is both antibiotic and anti-parasitic. As a result, it helps get rid of the pathogens and harmful parasites form our body. It also prevents their recurrence Garlic strengthens the immune system, thus speeding up the recovery process.

For the remedy, you need to eat about 3 cloves of fresh garlic every day on an empty stomach. Repeat this for at least a few weeks or until the symptoms of amebasis disappear.

You can even take garlic supplements. However, do consult a doctor first for the correct dosage.

4. Oregano

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Oregano treats amebiasis by fending off the harmful parasites that cause the condition. Since oregano is a rich source of antibiotic and antioxidant properties, it helps the body fight the infection. Also, oregano s antispasmodic. Thus, it helps ease stomach cramps and pain that is characteristic of amebiasis.

A study published in 2000 in the Phytotherapy Research journal showed that by using the oil of oregano one can inhibit enteric parasites.

 For the remedy, you need to squeeze a fresh lemon’s juice in a glass of water. Now add to this citric water, 2 to 3 drops of oil of oregano. Mix well, and drink it thrice, through the day until the symptoms associated with amebiasis begin to disappear.

You can also include dried oregano in your daily cooking. However, if you are pregnant, then avoid this herb. Also, small children with amebiasis should not take oregano.

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5. Indian Lilac

Neem, margosa or Indian lilac help treat amebiasis effectively since it is anti-parasitic as well as antibiotic. It not only kills the harmful parasites, but also removes the toxins in the body.

For the remedy, chew 6 to 7 tender leaves of Indian lilac every day on an empty stomach. You need to make sure the leaves are cleaned properly before you ingest them.

To treat yourself, you can also eat a teaspoon of neem juice every day for at least a few weeks. You can also take neem supplements, but before that do consult a doctor.

Pregnant women or those breastfeeding should not take neem.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

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To treat amebiasis effectively, you can take apple cider vinegar. The solution balances the acid-base levels of the body, and thus makes the environment unsuitable for parasites to breed in.

Since apple cider vinegar is rich in both vitamins as well as minerals, it helps strengthen the immune system, thus speeding up the recovery process.

For the remedy, you need to dilute the apple cider vinegar. For this, add 2 tablespoons of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. Now add half a teaspoon of honey and squeeze in some lemon juice into the diluted solution of apple cider vinegar.

You need to drink the solution two times a day to fight infection. It will also help improve your overall health.

7. Pumpkin

To treat amebiasis try pumpkin pulp. You can also use seeds of pumpkin to treat the condition. It helps get rid of the parasites and its pestering eggs.

Pumpkin is anti-inflammatory, and so, protects the inner lining of your intestine against the damage caused by the protozoan.

Since pumpkin is easily digestible, it will not strain your gastrointestinal system.

For the remedy, you need to chew about 2 teaspoon of pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach for at least 2 weeks. To improve digestion, follow up with a glass of water.

8. Turmeric

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The last remedy on our list is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, turmeric. It will help you get rid of the parasites in your body and the eggs that are left behind. Turmeric protects the tissues of the intestine, thus protecting the intestine from tearing. The weakened immune system is also strengthened by turmeric.

Prepare a teaspoon of turmeric juice and add a pinch of salt to it. You need to take this on an empty stomach once every day for 2 weeks.

Also use turmeric in your daily cooking. You can also take turmeric supplements, but do consult a doctor for the correct dosage.

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Additional tips for amebiasis

Here are some extra tips that will help you recover quicker or prevent further occurrences of the disease.

  • To prevent amebiasis, you need to ensure proper sanitation. Wash your hands with soap through the day, especially after a meal or after you have used a bathroom.
  • Before eating, wash the raw fruits and veggies properly.
  • If you are travelling to or living in tropical regions, then you need to ensure proper sanitation. You should always stick to bottled water. Don’t drink local, untreated water.
  • When at home, drink boiled water. Tap water should be completely avoided.
  • Avoid street food.
  • Do not eat cheese, unpasteurized dairy products and milk when suffering from amebasis.
  • Eat at least two cups of probiotic curd every day.
  • Clean your bathroom regularly to ensure there is no parasite lingering on in the toilet.

That is all we have on today’s post on home remedies for amebiasis. Was this helpful? Will you be recommending it to others too? If you have some remedies that you would like to share with us, then please do so in the comment section below.

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See you again tomorrow!

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Best Home Remedies for Amebiasis
If you think you have amebiasis, then you need to get yourself diagnosed by a doctor. In addition to the medication, try these home remedies for amebiasis.
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