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The Most Effective Home Remedies For Taking Care Of A Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth can be the most harrowing of experiences. Not only does it leave the nerves exposed and susceptible to further damage, it floods just about every waking moment of the day (which is all of them, as you can’t sleep when you are in that much pain) with well, you guessed it, unendurable pain. Not only do you deal with excruciating pain from the cracked tooth but God forbid, it has happened on a visible tooth (which it usually does), your appearance takes a lethal blow too. Whether your cracked tooth has occurred owing to a fall, a dental cavity or decay, a tight teeth brace, extreme sensitivity, breakdown of enamel, infected gums, excessive teeth grinding, a broken filling, dental pulp swelling or chewing hard food items, there are some home remedies for cracked tooth that can rid you of the discomfort.

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If you are experiencing a sharp piercing pain or a throbbing gum sensation, you may want to keep an eye out for other warning signs of a cracked tooth. The symptoms could range from a visible crack to a mild fever, severe headache, bad breath, pus-filled deposits, oral discomfort and excruciating nerve pain. While we recommend a visit to the dentist to find the most optimal solution, there are a few home remedies for cracked tooth that can offer instantaneous relief:

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1. Salt water

One of the easiest home remedies for cracked tooth, a salt water solution can relieve your toothache in no time. All you need is to mix a spoonful of salt in a glass of hot water and gargle and rinse out- repeating the process for about 3-4 times in a day- to notice significant improvement. Not only shall the saline water ease the pain but also bring down soreness and/or other symptoms.

2. Tea bag

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Yes, this detox agent can also relieve toothache. After enjoying a hot cup of tea, turn to the teabag for instant pain relief. Place the used tea bag on the affected area so that the tannins can drain out the pain. The tea bag aids in numbing the neural exposure- so that you experience minimal pain. Take care not to tear the tea bag as you do not want that strong bitter aftertaste to linger in your mouth for hours afterward.

3. Ginger root

Remember how your grandma would ask you to chew on a piece of ginger to alleviate tooth pain- well, she was right! The brown fibrous root has a host of antibacterial benefits that help in weeding out germs, soothing your oral wounds and getting rid of the debilitating toothache. If you bite down a ginger root real hard, the squeezed out juice can numb your toothache for hours!

4. Alcohol

While one may argue against the tipple of death, it sure has its own merits when it comes to treating toothache. You may require to use brandy, whiskey or scotch as an anti-bacterial mouth rinse to ward off germs as well as alleviate toothache. It is quite a staple in regular mouthwashes and it is advisable to spit out the solution after you have rinsed your mouth with it. Also, you may want to steer clear of alcohol in case you’ve had a recent tooth extraction procedure.

5. Baking soda

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An ingredient that is known to rev up the pH quotient of saliva and normalize it, you can use the powder mixed with salt and apply it over a broken tooth or near the cheek with the help of a cotton swab. It shall reduce the swelling, bring down the soreness and alleviate the pain. Also, the normalization of saliva shall help to restore remineralization of the oral cavity and increase teeth resistance.

6. Onion

If a chipped tooth is giving you a hard time, slice an onion and use its freshly extracted juice on the affected area to get rid of the throbbing pain. Known for its antibiotic properties, an onion can fix toothaches and infections in no time.

7. Cucumber


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One of the most popular home remedies for cracked tooth, I have come to believe it is a favorite on the list because there’s no other ‘as cool as a cucumber’ in relieving toothache. You can test it yourself when the coolant properties of a cucumber are put to use by applying it to the affected region to eliminate the intolerable pain. You could use it along with salt to quicken the soothing process.

8. Spinach leaves

Spinach leaves, when dipped in saline solution, can act as a great fix for cracked tooth. Not only can it quicken the temporary surge of relieving relaxation from the agonizing pain but also bring down the swelling in the gums.

9. Garlic

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The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic helps in alleviating toothache as well as preventing any bacterial development on the affected region. While crushed garlic cloves can go a long way in relieving the patient from the throes of cracked tooth, many aren’t convinced about putting the strong-flavored, harsh-tasting cloves in their mouth. These patients, then, could opt to use garlic juice for getting rid of the pain.

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10. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is packed with anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties that facilitate in the reduction of swelling and overall pain sensation. All you need to do is prepare a hydrogen peroxide mixture by mixing 2tbsp of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of warm water. You need to use the mixture to gargle and rinse out so that any bacterial outgrowth is prevented. The gargling should be repeated near the affected area as often as possible for more effective treatment.

These home remedies for cracked tooth are recommended when professional help isn’t available and you need the pain to subside. You must visit a dentist at the earliest, to find a permanent solution for your ailment.

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The Most Effective Home Remedies For Cracked Tooth
Try these home remedies for cracked tooth that can rid you of the discomfort.
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