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Urban Crush Dating App Connects Singles Based On Their Music Tastes

It was just a matter of time before someone came up with a dating app to match you with someone based on your music preferences. And it’s nought for nothing that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, ‘Music is the universal language of mankind.’ Taking this quote to heart, two ladies have created a dating app that connects urban singles based on their music preferences.

Urban Crush dating app was founded in 2014 by Natasha Nova and Sonya Kreizman, and is the first free mobile dating app for urban singles. Urban Crush is a location-based, free dating app where urban singles can locate, chat, and meet up with other urban singles who are geographically near them.

urban crush app home page

Urban Crush app home page

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Its USP is that it is based on research that suggests mobile dating is fruitful when a person’s music preferences are added into the mix, which helps as a uniting factor in bringing people closer together. The Urban Crush dating app has preferences in various music tastes from Hip Hop, R&B and Soul, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Country or Jazz.

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The app is mainly to connect African American singles with similar music interests with other African American singles or anyone who’s interested in connecting with urban singles. Co-founder Nova said of the app,

“Urban Crush celebrates African-American culture and identity, and we want to become a partner on this path toward helping others find true love. Our goal is to become the premier dating app for black millenials connecting them across the country.”

urban crush app page showing a user's profile

Urban Crush app page showing a user’s profile

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Much as you would sign up for Tinder, you’d need your Facebook account to sign up for Urban Crush. Then, you need to choose your musical preferences among the set list of options available along with setting your geographical location. Based on these two criteria, the Urban Crush dating app pops out matches to you. Then, as you would do on Tinder, you either hit ‘Crush’ for yes and ‘Nah’ for passing on the profile.

Another feature that Urban Crush has is the ‘Say What’s up’ feature. If you like someone, you can hit ‘Crush’ and ‘Say What’s up,’ without waiting for a mutual match. And if there is a mutual crush, Urban Crush dating app will connect those two via a private chat, from whence you can take it forward as you see fit.

urban crush app page showing a mutual 'crush'

Urban Crush app page showing a mutual ‘crush’

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CEO and co-founder Kreizman said,

“It was something we identified as lacking in the vibrant African-American singles community and something we hope adds to the overall dating experience.”

Urban Crush has high hopes of changing the way young, urban singles connect and start relationships. Let’s hope this ambitious dating app doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of all the big names and multi-million dollar funding receiving dating apps. Good luck, Urban Crush!

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Urban Crush Dating App Connects Based On Music Tastes
Urban Crush dating app has an interesting way of connecting two 'urban' singles based on their music preferences. Read on to know more about the app.
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