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The Best Is Yet To Come: Why I Look Forward To Growing Old With You, Wifey

They say that time can qualify everything in this world and yet, sometimes, we can’t explain the “when” or “why” part of things. As I look at you, I can’t remember what my life was like before you and cannot even begin to fathom what it’d be like without you. In this moment, my truth is that I have loved you, a moment apiece, until I knew there wasn’t a moment I wanted to live NOT loving you.

That’s when I knew I’d say ‘I do’ even before the priest would ask.

marriage proposal

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Our matrimony was bound to happen, as we were particles of the same universe that were destined to meet here in this beautiful place. We were always the pieces of stardust come to this land with a purpose of uniting with each other. People often call it the union of two soulmates, but you are so much more to me than that. You are the reason of my existence and the rhythm to which my soul dances. You are the moment in which my life swings to happy, staying on the tip of salvation.

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It seems like I have been dreaming of meeting you years before our bodies collided like meteors. Our beautiful collision was bound to happen, imparting a new life to the two of us. In that moment as in all the ones before, I knew I couldn’t wait to LIVE it with you.

I want to travel with you to the luxe corners of the world and leave an imprint of our love everywhere. I want to climb the snow covered mountains with you to lay our love atop the fluffy swathes of cloud over the panoramic expanse. I want to be with you in the middle of deserts to prove to you that my love is unafraid of anything that may come our way. I want to let the entire world know how lucky I am to have YOU in my life.

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I want to wake every morning to your sweet fragrance and plant a warm kiss on your lips so it can melt into a smile. I want to come back to your embrace that is my home and drown my tiredness in your words and smiles. I want to make tender love to you, talking about when we’d want to breathe life into our unison. I want to kiss you when you say ‘now’ and prove to you that I love nothing and nobody better. I want to pick you up in my arms when you announce that you are carrying a li’l version of us in you and love you through all the months when those b*tchy hemorrhoids and swollen feet plague you. I want to cook your favorite pasta for you when you crave for it and hold up your hair when the bouts of morning sickness strike. I want to hold your hand as you birth our love into this world and tell you that ‘I love you.’

father and baby

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I want to live the moments that involve battling it out with projectile vomit sessions and the irresistible urge to snooze during diaper-changing orientation! I want to drop our princess to school and call you to let you know I’ll be there for the parent-teacher meet too. I want to grow up into a dad who cannot help interrogating every boyfriend she brings home like the FBI and I want to make sure that I give her hand away to a man who loves her just the way I love you.

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I want our lifetime to be rolled up in every moment- ticking by as the clock reads LOVE o’ clock, forever!

older couple dating_New_Love_Times

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And as the time swirls by, I can imagine it– you and I, sitting on the porch, while sipping our favourite wine. Our hair turned grey from growing old in love and our children running after their own kids in the yard! Looking out on the LOVE we have lived and spread, I shall lean in and kiss you to taste a piece of forever in that moment. Can’t you imagine it too?

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Why I Look Forward To Growing Old With You, Wifey
Because growing old in love with you is the sweetest LIFE I can LIVE!
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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