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A letter to my future husband – things I’d love for you to do

Dear (future) Husband,

A 3:00 am conversation with the moon brings me to you again. I throw my voice up into the stars, hoping the cold wind that parts those dark clouds shall carry them unto you, whispering them in your ears, making you smile in your sleep. Tonight is one of those not-so-patiently-waiting-for-you nights and I am feeling a li’l crazy. You are allowed to say that’s nothing new, coz it’d make me smile. <blush> Since the moon has grown weary of listening to me rambling on about how much I love you, I am telling him of things I want my future husband to know. I know I haven’t even met you yet and it is somewhat crazy to have built a whole life with you already, but don’t worry, I am mature enough to come into your life with expectations that are realistic and I shall levy some discounts on the list that is about to follow. 😉 Plus, I know you love me, with the crazy and without … so … I am taking the leeway to tell you of all the things I would like to let my future husband know. Okay, maybe not all (coz that’d be making it definite and I am not going to do THAT) but here’s a little snippet:

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Make me feel loved and adored – at all times. Whether I’m mad at you for missing that doctor’s appointment or yelling at you for leaving that wet towel on the pillow, whether I’m cooking a lavish meal for your mom and ask you to chop veggies or plan a huge surprise for you on no particular occasion, I love you and I want you to tell me you love me too. Show me that ‘love’ means me to you, coz ‘you’ mean ‘love’ to me. I do not need to be your everything, but I need to be a part of everything in your life.

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Share your life with me and listen to me ramble on about mine. Taste my dreams and ambitions as you offer me sips from yours. Tell me all about your favorite vacations with your grandparents and listen to my best stories, over and over again. In the midst of all of this, remember to build new ones with me as we become each other’s best friend and partners for a lifetime.

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Look at me like I’m magic, from the moment you set your eyes upon me until forever. Hold me close and look into my eyes to tell me you feel blessed to have me in your life, for I would love to feel like I am the answered prayer you kept repeating for, all these years.

Ask my dad for my hand in marriage. I know this should have been the first one on the list, but I am incoherent like that and I know you will bear with me. So, ask my dad if he’d give his princess’ hand to you. I bet he’d say ‘yes’ coz there’s nobody in this world more perfect for me than ‘you.’

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Listen to me vent when I am feeling a bit off, know what pushes me over the edge and hear me out when I am over-communicating about everything. Yes, I am a writer and I tend to have this thing for words and they will keep pouring out until I feel light, so be by my side and listen. I know I’d ramble on for hours, but I trust you to listen. Even turn my frowns upside down.

I want you to love my quirks and craziness as much as I’d love yours. I’d like for you to know that I am fighting the urge to physically shake you up when your snoring shakes the walls as much as I am blaming the time when I didn’t add the exception clause for ‘farts under the sheets’ when we promised to ‘share everything.’ I’d like you to love me for the public butt grabs you tend to get all flushed scarlet for, but mentally love.

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I’d like for you to love me when I cry when I am reading a book or watching a movie, because I am journeying with the characters. I’d love for us to laugh hard when our children find out that Santa isn’t real and then, make up for it by tucking away several presents under their bedspread. No, not Diablo 3!! I’d love for you to love me for me, because I know you do. And you know what – I do too!

Never lose me amidst your wonky work hours. Promise to keep the spark alive because these blogs and magazines have freaked me enough about ‘losing the spark’ already, even when I haven’t even found it yet. Promise that you’d work to keep the magic alive, plan a date each week and chip in innumerable kisses and hugs each hour!

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Promise that you’d stand by my side, even when the whole world (and that may include your mom) is against me. Promise that you’d remember we are on the same team, will brief me about my mistakes (if any) when we are alone in our room, and most importantly, forgive me for them.

Promise to accept me with all the ‘luggage’ I come with. Yes, you read that right. I am a strong, self-made woman who knows that the baggage is best left outside the door, but luggage – not so much. So, please be as caring of my 67 pairs of shoes, 15 sets of mani-pedi kits, countless nail paint bottles, and well, yeah numberless lipsticks. God forbid if you misplace one of them, you’d have to replace it and more!!

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Promise that we’d laugh and live together all the forgettable Fridays, wonky Wednesdays, and terrible Thursdays there are in our lifetime of togetherness. Promise to me that we’d never tire of the 3786th dinner we eat at our table or grow weary of the 78th vacation we take to the Bahamas. Please keep the ‘laughter’ in our lives alive, coz I believe that a couple who laughs together, stays together.

Promise to live and relive a thousand eternities with me, coz I want to.

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Prove to me that you’d keep my heart safe, because somewhere along the road, I have already given it away to you.

Coz my soul had known yours lifetimes ago and they have been making love ever since to birth ‘our forever.’

Forever yours,

Your (future) wify

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Things I want my future husband to know
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