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A letter to my future husband – things I’d always do to keep you happy

Dear (future) Hubby,

I love you. I love you because I do. I love you because I cannot not love you.

I love you because something, somewhere directs my soul to you. It is your soul calling out to mine. You might not even hear it now or maybe you do, I don’t know. All I know is I was yours before I knew and you have always been mine too.

i love you

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We haven’t met yet and I am already crazy about you. I know I am risking coming off as another kind of crazy altogether, but hey, I don’t have to worry about it with you – coz you know me all too well. You love the eternal romantic-me who talks to the moon about you when you’re away as much as you love the woman in me who challenges your interpretation of Plato’s Republic during one of our late night talks. You love the woman in me who exhorts you to be better every day whilst you shower all your love on the ME who’s taking that next big step in her own journey of self-improvement. You love me when I get a tad bit irrational and you love me for my perspicacity. You love me when I get mad for far longer than I should and you love me when I sometimes end fights with the answers we need instead of those we want. You love me for me, completely and that is all that matters. All I want to say, umm … repeat is I love you too. I love you, fiercely and madly and deeply – with a love that has no beginning and no end. I love you without any fear and without any expectations – because you are the only prayer I need answered. And I believe it would be.

Until then, I need you to know that I am here – waiting for you. I know that whenever it is that we meet, I’d feel a single flashing, throbbing eternity in the moment our hearts beat in unison. I’d try to remember you from the times I have known you, in other lifetimes, other ages, from the numberless times I have loved you, in numberless forms and countless ways – while our souls whisper innumerable hints in our ears. I know that we might not pick all the cues and that it’d perhaps take an entire lifetime to know each other, in ways that we have only imagined until now. I know it’d take time to grow into the understanding that we have only dreamt of and I am ready to live it out with you.

couple laughing1

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I want to know who your favorite authors are and what kind of music you love. I want to know whether you’re a tea or coffee person. I want to know if we can paint and sing together. I want to know what your favorite meals are, so I can surprise you some day with my ‘ohh-not-so-perfect-but-learning-for-you-with-lots-of-love’ cooking skills. I want to know if you’d always be patient with me or I can drive you over the edge by pushing the ‘wrong’ buttons, and more importantly, what those buttons are. I want to know of things you love and the things that make your eyes smile. I want to know if you’d smile and kiss me when I burn dinner or back the car into the garage door. I want to know whether you like pancakes and your favorite ice cream flavor. I want to know all of this and more. Coz there are so many things I don’t yet know.

But what I do know is I will always love you and do everything I can to keep you happy. Your happiness is my happiness, and I shall do my best to keep you happy for every moment that we spend together. Regardless of what happens and who we become, I’d never cease on the path. Even when we have found the wholesome bliss we are meant to live, I’ll keep surprising you. And though there’s no way I can list out all that I want to do and would love to do for you (some that are better kept secret for now), there are a few things that you must know I shall never lapse on. By no means, an exhaustive list, here are a few things I want to tell my future husband, a few things that I’d love to do for you, a few things that I need to tell my dear husband NOW, and a few things that I can’t wait to live out with my future hubby:

I promise to love you, for real. The kind of love that stays, no matter what. And no matter what really means no matter what, really.

couple hugging

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I promise to tell you that I do, and show it too. Always.

I promise to never ever take you for granted or forget to appreciate everything you do for me.

I promise to remember that staying in love is a choice and I promise to choose to stay in love with you, every day, forever.

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I promise to work hard to keep the spark in our relationship alive, even if we fall into a familiar routine of wake-work-and-sleep. I promise to work for it to feel the same when I hold your hand at the ripe young age of 80, look into your eyes while you lean in to kiss me.

I promise to build you up, always. I promise to celebrate you whilst we celebrate your achievements and hold you tight when you fail at something. I promise to always be proud of you for putting in your best, and I shall always remind you of how much you are capable of and how much you have to offer.

man kissing a woman's skin

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I promise to be your partner, through thick and thin. Time may change a lot of things, but I will strive to make certain that we are growing, alongside each other – enriching each other while loving each other.

I promise to be your home. I will fulfill your needs, wipe off your fears, kiss away your tears, and ease your losses. I shall help you overcome your obstacles by showing you that you can. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck or need to get away, you will always find me right beside you.

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I promise to always listen. When you want to share things you cannot share with another soul or vent about what got on your nerves or even when you aren’t really speaking, I promise to listen, always.

I promise to try to accept differences without grousing about it. I shall never keep score. And I know that we both love each other far too much to tug harder at our ends of the rope when we know there’s no meaning to a win that is the other’s loss.

I promise to forgive, a lot. And not just you, but myself too. As I hope you would too when I forget to text when I am getting off late from work or spill some cream cheese on your favorite sweatshirt!

woman kissing man's forehead

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I promise to be on your team, always. I shall defend you to others, even when you are wrong and tell you about it later.

I promise to plant seeds of love all along the path, and never shy away from shoveling the manure and tilling the land either. Of course, I’d need your help and when we set about harvesting the fruits, I’d kiss you like you were air.

You have all of me, my love and you don’t even know it.

But someday you will … with all the love I have (yet) to give,

Your (future) wify

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P.S. There’s an endless list of other things I’d love to promise – like derriere grabs in public places (I am sorry, that’s so hard to resist), lots of kisses in the rain, lots of kisses without the rain too, to take your idiotic TV and movie choices, albeit after a fight over the remote which ends in cuddling and a love coupon, playing games with you that I just have to win, doing stuff that neither of us wants to do if you don’t want to do it more than I don’t, and much more. But you know what – you have to marry me to know more! 😉 :*

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Things I want to tell my future husband
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