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10 Simple Ways To Love Your Wife

Only married couples understand how life changes after exchanging wedding vows with their partner. Before marriage, life does seem to be like rainbows and butterflies, what with enjoying and living every moment of the newfound love life and being full of expectations for the life that awaits you. However, when a few years have gone by, you know you still do love your wife, but life gets monotonous and you stop being as romantic and expressive as you used to.

You may have gotten busy with your career and don’t really feel the need to express your love every five minutes via text messages. But women do want their husbands to be as attached to them as they were before marriage. She might feel that something has gone wrong if you don’t express your love to her every now and then.

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There are a million ways to let your actions speak of your love for your wife. You will know how to show it only if you think about it properly and plan to revive your old romance in little ways. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Keep your anger to yourself

couple disagreement

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It is understandable that work gives you a lot of pressure that makes you all irritated and worked up when you get home. In these circumstances, you may be tempted to vent to your wife, letting all your anger affect her. But she might have an equally challenging job, which, combined with the pressure of household activities only adds to her worries. It’s not very fair of you, her husband, to unload all of your frustrations on her, is it? After all, she hardly is the cause of your frustration.

This is a very familiar household scenario that ends up diminishing a woman’s love for her husband. Of course, men and women are different from one another. Men tend to be tough and have a rougher disposition than women, but that does not mean that a man can be insensitive to his wife. One of the most important ways to love your wife is to keep your harsh side away when spending time with her. It is through what you do that you can show your wife your love for her, so be kind through your actions.

2. Get rid of the hero complex

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It is easy for men think that their role in their wives’ lives is that of a problem solver who will give golden solutions to all her problems. Trust us on this one, your wife is not a china doll. She is a strong, independent woman who very well knows how to take care of herself.

Of course, you must help her out in the best way possible if she does seek your help, but do not offer unsolicited advice on things, whatever it may be. On the other hand, your constant interference and feeling of superiority may ultimately irk her. She should feel that you do not consider her as someone inferior. If you let her work things out in her way, she will enjoy the freedom that you give her.

3. Don’t take her for granted

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It sucks when a man is inconsiderate of his wife’s actions, just enjoying all that she does for him without a single word of gratitude. An inconsiderate husband makes a woman feel frustrated, unappreciated, and unloved. After all, all the little things she does for you are her way of telling you she loves you.

Make it a point to thank her for having done the laundry or making the bed. Appreciate her cooking and the effort she had to put in. This will simply mean that you love and respect her and value her hard work in return.

4. Participate and help


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Whenever you get the chance, help your wife out in her work. You should make it a point to share her responsibility – after all, you are also a member of the family, with duties to fulfill. If possible, do the dishes or take out the trash regularly. All this will mean that you respect your wife and are treating her as an equal to share your life with.

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5. Give her your undivided attention


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Isn’t the fact that she is your wife a good enough reason for you to shower her with all your love? After all, she works hard for the family and does all she can to make you smile. She is as concerned about you and the family as you are. She is the mother of your children.

Of all the people in the world, it is your wife who deserves your undivided attention. When she wants to have a conversation with you, just sit down with her and listen to what she has to say – don’t let TV episodes or phone calls interrupt your conversation. She would appreciate your gesture and express her love for you in turn.

6. Love your wife the way you used to when she was your girlfriend

couple cycling

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This is the number one activity that will prove your love to your wife. On weekends or during vacations, you can do things that you used to do when you two used to date. If you relive those days from time to time, the romance will never fade from your marriage.

For starters, you could take her for bike riding like you did when you were young, or plan to take long walks in the evening. You could even plan a picnic during the sunset with your car loaded with food. You could also revisit the location of your honeymoon and live a few days like you had when you were newlyweds.

7. Brag about your wife

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Your wife will truly feel loved if you show people that you are proud of her. It will mean that you have given her the value that she deserves, and you think that without her you would just collapse.

Whenever you get the opportunity, brag to your friends at a party or gathering about anything that you think she excels at – for example, her great taste in clothes. Tell them how you think that without her help, your wardrobe would be a complete mess. Tell them that she cooks very well and specifically mention her specialty dishes. You have no idea how great this will make your wife feel.

8. Make your wife your best friend


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You know you love your wife, but in the long run, you should also make her your closest friend whom you will be spending your entire life with – someone who is more important and intimate than anyone else to you. Best friends spend quality time together, have easy conversations, and enjoy each other’s company. In the long run, you will love it when your wife is the one with whom you can genuinely share your last days on earth with.

Sacrifice your own priorities and make her priorities your own. Share every detail and every possession with her. When you have reached the stage where you become best friends, you will have a happy married life.

9. Love her like you love yourself

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This is the simplest thing, and yet we are too selfish to think past our own needs to care about the welfare of our partners. Try not to be an inconsiderate being who thinks only of his own self in his day-to-day. Married life is a life of partnership. Happiness of one cannot be attained without the happiness of the other.

Do not always think of your own personal comfort – sometimes you will have to make essential sacrifices for the sake of your beloved wife. It can be as simple as leaving that last piece of apple pie that you had for dessert so that she can enjoy it too. Do not take the best for yourself. On the contrary, a self-serving attitude will lower your position in the eyes of your wife.

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10. Be faithful, in every sense of the word

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Do not let anything distract you from your marriage. Take your wedding vows seriously. Every day, find new things to appreciate in your wife.

Infidelity is extremely destructive to you, your wife, and your marriage together, so stay away from flirting with other women, or women who are flirtatious. If anyone approaches you, just hold up your hand and flash that wedding ring. You know you love your wife, and you need none of these distractions that could shatter your perfect married life.

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10 Simple Ways To Love Your Wife
A few years into the marriage, most husbands forget to express their love for their wives. If you're one such husband, here are 10 ways to love your wife.
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