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Why It Is Not Wrong To Hold Out For Fairytale Love In Real Life

You might have heard your friends laughing at the mere idea of love. You could have gotten your heart broken in the past, making you question the concept of “happily ever after-s” but deep within, you know that love is a beautiful emotion that you can’t really live without. We all need love in order to find some meaning in our lives. When we were kids, we all had an unadulterated idea of love. We used to believe in a fairytale ending and thought that love really lasts forever.

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It doesn’t matter what they could have told you or how many times you could have fallen in and out of love, but if you once believed in the idea of a fairytale love, then don’t let go of it. No matter how many times people tell you that you are not going to get your princess or that you will never meet your knight in shining armor, you need to believe that you are an exception. You will have a perfect love story and you got to believe in it to make it happen.

It isn’t wrong at all to crave for the kind of love that you saw only in Disney movies when you were a kid. They might be stories, but isn’t all fiction but a mirror to life? You could be someone’s Snow White or Rapunzel and your Prince Charming might be on his way to get you.

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When you believe in fairytale love, you escape from your reality – which is a good thing. You are not concerned with all the negative thoughts that push you away from realizing it. You start finding happiness in your one true love, which will change you for the good.

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You become a hero by believing that your story is unique. Every love story is different in its own way. It doesn’t matter how ordinary it might appear to someone else, but for you, it could be the most precious thing in the world. When you think of fairytale romance, you realize how important it is to hold on to your one true love. You stop playing a supporting cast and become a hero instead.

Your fairytale love story will make you believe in magic. You will soon realize that you would be able to do absolutely anything in this world to be with the one you love. Your significant other won’t even think twice to risk everything they have for you. This is how love is supposed to feel like. You might start to believe that you are a part of some enchanting tale, when in reality you would be just experiencing the purest form of magic – love.

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You fight even face the most dreadful villains and overcome the biggest obstacle when you believe that you have a fairytale romance for real. Somewhere, deep within, you know that you are going to win and all the villains will bow down to you in the end. This would inspire you to do the unthinkable as you face even the most awful circumstances to be with the one you love.

When you start believing that you are that one true exception, everything around you becomes different. You start believing in miracles because you are a part of one giant enchanting phenomenon in itself. You have the love of your life with you and you know you can do anything with them. You can slay dragons and capture the whole damn world. You can walk that extra mile without any regret for your love or can even break the most despicable spell with a true love kiss.

Because when you believe in your fairytale love, everything is possible.

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Why It's Not Wrong To Hold Out For Fairytale Love In Real Life
You believed in fairytale love as a kid, what's changed now?
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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