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#AstroSpeak Your Monthly Love Horoscope For July

As the planets Mercury and Venus move into glitzy Leo, and the Sun shines brightly on them, prepare to launch into a month filled with love! July will not be modest, and will not let you be too! It is all about being flamboyant this season, and wooing the person you have a crush on. Are you up for the challenge?


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Let us see what else this monthly love horoscope has in store for you!

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Aries love horoscope

This month, love will reclaim its rightful place. Conversation will be vital, and listening to what your significant other has to say, is a must. This will help you figure, what is necessary while what is not. It is time to take action, dear Aries. The monthly love horoscope for July, predicts that you will get an opportunity to enjoy your love life to the fullest, courtesy you put your irresistible charm to use. On the 14th of this month, Venus will be joined by Mercury, and this will bring a steep rise in your popularity. From the 22nd, the Sun will allow you to shine in all your glory, so that you can enchant anyone you may please! In the end of the month, expect to have some great company.

Taurus love horoscope

Jupiter will make certain that you channelize your enticing power of seduction. We believe you have already fallen prey to someone’s love, but this month it is you who will draw attention of your lover or would-be. You will know how to get your messages across to your partner tactfully, making a great impression on their minds and hearts. If you are looking for someone who is your soul mate, or yearning to reignite the passion that was between the two of you, you will know how to say the right things at the right time! Misunderstandings, however, could play the spoilsport. Steer clear of them if you can. This month, you will easily defend yourself by using a mix of power, strength, and a sense of humor that comes naturally to you.

Gemini love horoscope

Sorry Gemini, the monthly love horoscope predicts that love will not be your priority for this month. But that need not be bad news, right? You can rather focus on your talents and your potential so that you can attract the person you love in the months to come. Bring renewed vigor into your life. Despite your current situation, you should be more available to make and maintain new relationships.

You will have to take up the initiative when it comes to forging new bonds. Don’t worry, you will come across as a pleasant yet bold and ambitious person, which is always considered attractive! Don’t hesitate and reveal your true intentions to the person you have been eyeing for the past few days.

Cancer love horoscope

Prepare to be very pensive throughout this month. Avoid rushing into things, because you can never make things happen before its time! Try to get in touch with your inner self and your emotions. Now is the time that you learn from your experiences and try to analyze them. Saturn will be focusing more on emotional responsibilities, and flirting will not be the idea of love you will be endorsing. You will take small steps, trying to ponder over the consequences of the actions you take. Love is all about growing up for you; it is about maturing and becoming your better self. Take advantage of this evolution that your thinking has gone through. Let the light shine through you.

Leo love horoscope

This July, you will be yearning authenticity when it comes to love. You will not settle for something that is just romantic and utopian. You are tired of superficial relationships. You want something which is solid and true; which will stand the test of time. Venus will enter your love sector in the second week, after which you will break out of your shell and give yourself more freedom. However, you cannot take the plunge until and unless you search through your past and know what it is that you really want. Do not indulge in your natural impulsiveness.

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Virgo love horoscope

You are so done with stagnating that now you will want to put all your plans into action with your partner by your side. Count on Venus to bless you with an enthusiasm that is contagious and a charm that cannot be resisted. You will tag along anyone who is up for some adventure!

The month favors you and will help you create your reality with the one you want. You, however, will lack the time to concentrate on other ambitions. Try to embark on new endeavors with your partner’s hand in yours. Take time to reflect and think, but remember to think big.

Libra love horoscope

The monthly love horoscope for you Librans predicts that you will sparkle in all your splendor. Until the 12th, you will be showered with all the grace that there is; Venus will ensure that.

In your social life, you will make an impression on almost everyone. You will win hearts without putting in much effort. None of your intentions will go unnoticed. Make use of every chance to fulfil your desires. Ask that person out for a cup of coffee; meet the parents; pop the big question… Make it happen. Only thing to be wary of is gaudiness. Don’t show off or you will blow people away. Also, don’t instigate your partner, because they will not hesitate to show how displeased they are if you do set them off.

Scorpio love horoscope

To move the relationship forward, you will do whatever you can. You know that it is time to spice things up; to put your heart into it! Venus will ensure that you push the envelope on what is possible. You need to laud your imagination. Mercury and Sun, both will help you boost your ambition in love, and allow you to express yourself clearly, stating all your expectations.

On the 1st and the 7th, try to control the urges. However, don’t do it violently because that will startle your close ones, which will inevitably lead to misunderstandings. Also, keep a check on your impatience. Count on Jupiter to support all your desires.

Sagittarius love horoscope

Lukewarm love is a thing of the past. July will be all about passion and sensual energies. You will not just skim the surface, but quest for very strong feelings. You might get into an emotionally charged relationship this July. Don’t, however, put your and your S.O.’s feelings to test because that could be dangerous and not exactly innocent. You will try to add fuel and reinforce that erotic bond of yours. This summer will be real hot for the two of you.

To avoid turning your talks into a fight, try not to manipulate. You will enjoy the first fifteen days of the month. You will be sensually gratified. Try, however, to bring balance into your personal life.

Capricorn love horoscope

Dear Capricorn, you must stop worrying so much. You will be paying a lot of attention to your mate and also listen to their desires. Whether you are already taken or looking for your soul mate, you will boost your zeal. In the first week, you will have to take notice of your tendency to overreact and overthink. You will have to be on your toes when it comes to your love life.

You will be on your toes when it comes to love. You will work hard to reconcile your desires so that you can come closer to your partner and rekindle your flame. Your eagerness and ability to dream will help you come up with new fantasies for the bedroom. The good news is that your partner will more than willingly participate!

Aquarius love horoscope

This month, you will depend on the Sun to up your romance game. The stars will, however, become favorable only towards the end of the month. Even then, you should be wary of what you say. You must beware of your communication skills. It just takes a moment, a word, to turn relationships sour, and once you say something, you can never take it back, much like firing an arrow!

Take advantage of the mid weeks of July. Think of long-term partnership. Venus is surely going to be your ally. So there is nothing to worry about. Look at the future with your partner, fearlessly. Focus on your romance, and if you are single, on hunting your potential soul mate. You have yearned for a future. Now prepare for it!

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Pisces love horoscope

Love is the only thing on your agenda for this month! You will kick off July on a high note. You will use your determination to get what you want, and at the moment, the only thing you want is love! Everything, right now, seems like a possibility to you. Since Mercury is on your side, you want to manipulate everything to your favor, and you are likely to be very successful in doing that. The sky ahead of you is clear, mostly. Jupiter will allow creative interactions and happy unions. Avoid just one pitfall, and that is, being unaware of what you want. Only a clear awareness will help you enjoy all the possibilities and have a great time!

That is a wrap from us at New Love Times. See you again next month with a brand new love horoscope. Until then love and be loved!

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